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FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - 13 Progressive Big Band
FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Isms Progressive Big Band
NIECHĘĆ - Śmierć w miękkim futerku (Death In A Soft Fur Coat) Nu Jazz
FORGAS BAND PHENOMENA - L'axe du fou / Axis of Madness Fusion
MIRIODOR - Rencontres Jazz Related Rock
MARIMBA PLUS - Marimba Plus Fusion
ASYLON TERRA - Blind Man Running Nu Jazz
GHOST RHYTHMS - Madeleine Eclectic Fusion
NIK BÄRTSCH - Holon Nu Jazz
SNAKE OIL - Uppercut Attitude Vol. 1 & 2 Fusion
OCTOBER EQUUS - Permafrost Jazz Related Rock
SOTOS - Sotos Jazz Related Rock
MARCUS MILLER - The Ozell Tapes: The Official Bootleg Funk Jazz
ÁNGEL ONTALVA - Ángel Ontalva & Vespero : Carta Marina Fusion
AVANT GARDEN - Maelstrom Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - Larks' Tongues In Aspic Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - Lizard Jazz Related Rock
YES - Close To The Edge Jazz Related Rock
YES - Tales From Topographic Oceans Jazz Related Rock
SNARKY PUPPY - We Like It Here Nu Jazz
TAL WILKENFELD - Transformation Fusion
OCTOBER EQUUS - Presagios Jazz Related Rock
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group ‎: Imaginary Day World Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group ‎: Travels Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quartet : Dream Of The Elders Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Points Of View Post-Fusion Contemporary
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quartet : Extensions Eclectic Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Prime Directive Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Not For Nothin' Post Bop
ANNE QUILLIER - Daybreak Nu Jazz
Ô-LIOSTÉRE - Circonflexe Fusion
LOVELY SOCIALITE - Toxic Consonance Eclectic Fusion
LAPIS LAZULI - Wrong Meeting Eclectic Fusion
COLLOCUTOR - Instead Nu Jazz
MISINTERPROTATO / TRICHOTOMY - Topology & Trichotomy : Healthy Third Stream
FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Cheer Me, Perverts Progressive Big Band
FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Psychoscout Progressive Big Band
UTOPIANISTI - Utopianisti II + Utopianisti meets Black Motor & Jon Ballantyne Jazz Related Rock
MATT ULERY - In the Ivory Third Stream
MATT ULERY - By a Little Light Post-Fusion Contemporary
OLA KVERNBERG - Ola Kvernberg & The Trondheim Soloists : The Mechanical Fair Third Stream
ARANIS - Made in Belgium Third Stream
ARANIS - RoqueForte Third Stream
ARANIS - Made in Belgium 2 Third Stream
DIALETO - Bartók In Rock Jazz Related Rock
TAXIDI - Dreamy Train World Fusion
B'SHNORKESTRA - Global Concertos World Fusion
FICTION - Loose Translation Jazz Related Rock
THE WRONG OBJECT - After The Exhibition Fusion
SLIVOVITZ - All You Can Eat Eclectic Fusion
SLIVOVITZ - Bani Ahead Jazz Related Rock
SLIVOVITZ - Hubris Jazz Related Rock
GUTBUCKET - A Modest Proposal Eclectic Fusion
MIRIODOR - Avanti! Jazz Related Rock
BÉLA FLECK - Little Worlds World Fusion
INNER EAR BRIGADE - Rainbro Jazz Related Rock
SHA'S BANRYU / SHA'S FECKEL - Feckel For Lovers Jazz Related Rock
MARIMBA PLUS - Charmed World Fusion
MARIMBA PLUS - Zebrano Fusion
DEAN WATSON - Fantasizer! Fusion
WANG WEI 4TET - Wang Wei 4tet 21st Century Modern
BLAST (FRANCE) - Madness Is The Emergency Exit Eclectic Fusion
FAT SPARROW - Riff City (get me outta) Eclectic Fusion
MARK WINGFIELD - Sleeper Street Post-Fusion Contemporary
TRONDHEIM JAZZ ORCHESTRA - Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Kristoffer Lo ‎: Savages Jazz Related Improv/Composition
TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE - Taylor's Universe with Karsten Vogel ‎: Experimental Health Jazz Related Rock
TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE - Taylor's Universe with Denner : Soundwall Jazz Related Rock
TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE - Kind Of Red Jazz Related Rock
TAYLOR'S UNIVERSE - Worn Out Jazz Related Rock
FINNEGANS WAKE - 4th Jazz Related Rock
FINNEGANS WAKE - Blue Jazz Related Rock
PIERROT LA LUNE QUARTET - Out of the Wood Nu Jazz
NICOTINA ES PRIMAVERA - Animal Cerámico Eclectic Fusion
ZEPTELAR - El Color De Las Cosas Latin Jazz
CHAWATA - Portuguese Shower Eclectic Fusion
CHAWATA - Sadovsky Masovitch Eclectic Fusion
X-LEGGED SALLY - Slow Up Eclectic Fusion
X-LEGGED SALLY - Eggs And Ashes Jazz Related Soundtracks
AKA MOON - Elohim Eclectic Fusion
GHOST RHYTHMS - Sept Cercles Eclectic Fusion
FROGG CAFE - Bateless Edge Jazz Related Rock
FRØY AAGRE - Cycle of Silence Nu Jazz
PHLOX - Keri Nu Jazz
HIDDEN ORCHESTRA - Dawn Chorus Nu Jazz
ENDLESS SEASON - Endless Season Fusion
QUANTUM TRIO - DUALITY: Particles & Waves Nu Jazz
ADAM BALDYCH - Brothers Post-Fusion Contemporary
DÉMODÉ - ISON Post-Fusion Contemporary
GRÉGORY SALLET - Le Mouvement Crée la Matière Fusion
MIKE STERN - Who Let The Cats Out? Fusion
JOSIAH WOODSON - Suite Elemental Fusion
PIERRICK PÉDRON - Cheerladers Eclectic Fusion
NIK BÄRTSCH - Llyria Nu Jazz
FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Flat Earth Society, David Bovée ‎: Boggamasta Eclectic Fusion
CHEER-ACCIDENT - Fear Draws Misfortune Pop/Art Song/Folk
THINKING PLAGUE - In This Life Jazz Related Improv/Composition
INHABITANTS - The Furniture Moves Underneath Nu Jazz
MATT ULERY - Themes and Scenes Post-Fusion Contemporary
BRET HIGGIN'S ATLAS REVOLT - Bret Higgins' Atlas Revolt Fusion
AIRTO MOREIRA - Killer Bees Fusion
JOHN PATTON - Minor Swing Soul Jazz
ACCORDO DEI CONTRARI - Kublai Jazz Related Rock
ANTOINE FAFARD - Proto Mundi Fusion
NINO KATAMADZE - Green Vocal Jazz
CHICK COREA - The Ultimate Adventure Fusion
CHICK COREA - My Spanish Heart Fusion
CHICK COREA - The Mad Hatter Fusion
CHICK COREA - Return to Forever Fusion
OLA KVERNBERG - Steamdome Fusion
SONAR - Black Light Jazz Related Rock
ÁNGEL ONTALVA - Ángel Ontalva, No Grooves ‎: Blood Moon Tonight Fusion
ÁNGEL ONTALVA - Tierra Quemada World Fusion
ÁNGEL ONTALVA - Mundo Flotante World Fusion
OCTOBER EQUUS - Saturnal Jazz Related Rock
OCTOBER EQUUS - Isla Purgatorio Jazz Related Rock
KAMI QUINTET / OCTET - Kami Quintet #2 ‎: Human Spirals Eclectic Fusion
LOGIC - One Tribe Fusion
LOGIC - The Hierarchy Fusion
JACOB FRED JAZZ ODYSSEY - Self Is Gone Eclectic Fusion
KARCIUS - Episodes Jazz Related Rock
PERIPHERAL VISION - More Songs About Error And Shame 21st Century Modern
PERIPHERAL VISION - Sheer Tyranny Of Will 21st Century Modern
JOÃO BARRADAS - Directions 21st Century Modern
CACA - Sketches of Pain Eclectic Fusion
BOBBY PREVITE - Rhapsody / Terminals Part II : In Transit Third Stream
BOBBY PREVITE - The Coalition of the Willing Eclectic Fusion
ILL CONSIDERED - Ill considered Nu Jazz
ILL CONSIDERED - Live At The Crypt Nu Jazz
THE MUFFINS - Manna/Mirage Fusion
L'OEIL DU SOURD - Un? Eclectic Fusion