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Dag Einar Eilertsen (alto-trombone) and Marius Noss Gundersen (classical guitar) combine two musical worlds in an expression inspired by Nordic jazz traditions.

With its unique combination of instruments the duo now present their new project, "Nordic Landscape": original compositions characterized by long melodic lines, timbres, improvisations and Nordic atmospheres.

Eilertsen and Gundersen have played together for a number of years and have received excellent feedback on their musicianship and relaxed stage appearances. To experience Morild live has been said to be a unique musical journey through clear open sound, beautiful melodies and enjoyable dialog with the listeners.

Their audiences have expressed a heightened experience afforded from the unique combination of instruments in a live setting as this enhances both the delicate sound and the strong interactive dialogue between not only the musicians but between the players and the audience as well.

With "Nordic Landscape" they convey the playfulness of the improvisational elements in jazz
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MORILD Nordic landscapes album cover 3.50 | 3 ratings
Nordic landscapes
Post-Fusion Contemporary 2018
MORILD Brazilian Soundscapes album cover 3.50 | 1 ratings
Brazilian Soundscapes
Latin Jazz 2020

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MORILD Brazilian Soundscapes

Album · 2020 · Latin Jazz
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Morild is a somewhat unorthodox duo consisting of Dag Einar Eilertson on alto trombone and Marius Noss Gundersen on classical guitar. The alto trombone has a rich mellow tone somewhat similar to a flugelhorn, only a bit deeper and makes for an excellent soulful melodic voice which works well in their music which tends to emphasis melody over technical showmanship. Their first album, "Nordic Landscapes", reflected their Norwegian roots with somber tunes that fit well with warming oneself by a cozy fireplace. On their new one “Brazilian Soundscapes”, they head to much sunnier climes. Despite their north European roots, both of these artists are well versed in Latin jazz and have performed in that style together for over ten years. Gundersen’s solo work is usually in either a Brazilian or classical tradition.

A lot of us probably tend to associate Brazilian music with upbeat celebrations and sexy beach music, but Morild’s performance also reminds us that there is also a lot of sensitivity and delicate melodies in Brazilian music. A couple tracks on here can recall the more reflective nature of their first album, while other songs get into that characteristic upbeat samba rhythm. If you have any familiarity with Latin jazz you will recognize the composers represented on here, particularly Jobim and Gismonti. Fortunately there are no one note sambas, girls from Impanema, waves or any other wore out overplayed hits. The selected tunes all sound refreshing and still new, or nuevo.

There is a bit of horn double tracking here and there, which makes for interesting tone colors that this group could probably explore further. Six tracks feature added bass and percussion, which adds some depth and variety, I just wish that Luis Landa-Schreitt’s percussion had been mixed a little louder, particularly on the more up tempo numbers.

MORILD Nordic landscapes

Album · 2018 · Post-Fusion Contemporary
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Geographically speaking, jazz music has traveled a long ways since its birth in New Orleans long ago. As the jazz tradition moves throughout the globe it takes on different characteristics depending on the region that has adopted it next. There is no mistaking the distinct sounds of jazz from Cuba (Afro-Cuban), Brazil (bossa nova), Jamaica (ska) and England (acid jazz), which leads us to this new CD, “Nordic Landscapes”, by Morild, which features the contemporary sounds of Nordic jazz. As displayed by the music on this CD, Nordic jazz is a ‘cool’ jazz that emphasizes melody over technical solos and reflects the icy cold, yet beautiful windswept wide open landscapes and mountains of these two artists’ homelands. This is jazz for quiet reflection by the fireside, where the thoughtful melodies will help keep you warm through those long winter nights.

Morild is made up of two master musicians, Dag Einer Eilertsen on tenor trombone and Marius Noss Gundersen on classical guitar. Eilersten’s tenor trombone sounds a bit like a more mellow trumpet, which Dag plays with a breathy sound similar to Nils Petter Molvaer or 60s era Miles Davis. When Dag attaches a mute to the horn, it furthers the association with Miles in his cool mode. Gundersen is well versed in technical guitar skills as he is quite fluid in both classical music and bossa nova, but he keeps his technique in check on here as he supplies only what is needed to back up Dag’s plaintive melodies. As mentioned earlier, this is a music about inner reflection, not outward flash, Nordic soul music if you will.

All of the tunes on “Nordic Landscape” are originals, yet many carry a depth that would imply more history than just this year. Some standout tracks include “Voringsfassen”, which has a bit of Spanish heat to it, “Floyen” with its hint of bluesy jazz and “Molen”, which almost sounds like a familiar standard, but checking the credits, it is a Eilertsen original. This CD is highly recommended for fans of contemporary North European jazz, the melodic content you seek will be found in these musical tributes to the wide open landscapes of the far north.

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