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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Fusion 95 3.69
2 Avant-Garde Jazz 55 3.98
3 Hard Bop 47 3.85
4 Post Bop 39 4.13
5 World Fusion 37 3.66
6 Soul Jazz 36 3.36
7 Big Band 35 3.84
8 Eclectic Fusion 34 3.75
9 Jazz Related RnB 30 3.58
10 Jazz Related Rock 29 3.78
11 Bop 26 4.04
12 Funk Jazz 24 3.60
13 Nu Jazz 22 3.39
14 Progressive Big Band 21 4.10
15 Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk 20 2.75
16 Funk 20 3.92
17 Exotica 18 3.44
18 Jazz Related DJs/Electronica 16 3.25
19 Third Stream 15 3.87
20 Cool Jazz 12 3.75
21 Post-Fusion Contemporary 11 3.55
22 Dub/Ska 10 4.05
23 Vocal Jazz 9 3.78
24 Jazz Related Blues 9 3.72
25 Jazz Related Soundtracks 9 3.94
26 Latin Jazz 8 3.94
27 Swing 8 4.00
28 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 7 3.43
29 Latin Rock/Soul 6 3.75
30 21st Century Modern 6 4.33
31 Acid Jazz 4 3.50
32 Classic (1920s) Jazz 2 4.50
33 Jazz Education 1 3.50
34 Afro-Cuban Jazz 1 4.50
35 Dixieland 1 3.50
36 Bossa Nova 1 3.50

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Album · 2018 · Eclectic Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Duke Ellington’s musical allegory “A Drum is a Woman”, was a clever story that foretold jazz’s future as a musical style that would adapt to every culture on the globe, and even go to outer space, but no matter how far jazz may wander and change, its strength and substance comes from returning to the music of Africa. Drawing upon the rhythms of Africa, as well as African tendencies in hip-hop and Detroit techno, Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah continues to add new vitality to the world of jazz fusion with his latest album, “The Emancipation Procrastination“. Scott’s been on his hybrid style for a while now, so if you are familiar with his last couple albums, then you may know what to expect here, well composed melodies over abstract beats that combine Africa, hip-hop, drumnbass and techno all orchestrated with subtle and tasteful electronics and effects.

Along with Scott, another star soloist on here is flautist Elena Pinderhughes. Most of us probably don’t usually think of strength when describing a flute player, but Elena’s playing carries more strength than we would normally associate with the flute. Her solos and orchestrations are a big plus on “Ruler Rebel (re-mix)”, “Ashes of Our Forever” and “The Cypher”. Other notable sidemen include Braxton Cook on saxophone and Lawrence Fields on keyboards. A host of others help out on bass, guitar, drums, percussion and electronics. Much of the music on, “Emancipation” stays in the aforementioned styles that Scott has become known for, but towards the end of this album comes two lengthy tracks that get into more of a sweaty energetic freeform fusion work out. These two closing numbers make for a nice contrast given the length of the entire CD.

DIALETO Live with David Cross

Live album · 2018 · Jazz Related Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
My goodness, what got into these guys! Dialeto has always been a talented, mostly instrumental prog rock band, and David Cross, likewise, has always had a solid reputation, but put these two together and all of a sudden you get crazy fireworks in a sure case of the sum is greater than the parts. On the new, “Live with David Cross”, the three members of Dialeto run through songs from their previous album, “Bartok in Rock”, with Cross joining them for several, and then to cap off the concert, the four take on classic songs from Cross’ old alma mater, King Crimson. “Bartok in Rock” was an interesting record, but on this new live album, these same songs just bristle with kinetic energy, and when Cross joins them for “Bulgarian Rhythm I”, the band literally explodes in a Deep Purple ‘Made in Japan’ kind of way. David’s fiddling has certainly grown over the years, and at this point, his fiery solos just about make him the Jimi Hendrix of the violin. He uses a lot of electronic processing sometimes, to the point where it is hard to tell the difference between him and guitarist Nelson Coelho, and when they both start flailing away at the same time, it gets pretty intense to say the least.

The Bartok tracks are really the cream of the crop on this concert CD, but the re-visits to the Crimson court have their moments too, most notably when Cross takes the solo on “Starless” in a fireball of frenzied notes that should have the soloists on the original version of the song more than a bit jealous. Prog rock is not dead, and it doesn’t even ‘smell funny’ in the hands of these guys who realize a big part of the progressive rock equation is the R.O.C.K. Oh yes, there are also moments of introspective sensitivity on here too, but the best comes when these guys set their instruments ablaze.


Album · 1977 · World Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Recorded and released in 1977, “The Journey” is a different sort of album for Abdullah Ibrahim, who was still going by the name of Dollar Brand at this time. Ibrahim is usually known for his hypnotic African grooves, and you get a good bit of that on “The Journey”, but you also get a lengthy, less typical for him, free jazz excursion featuring some stars from NYC’s pioneering free jazz movement. Ibrahim had just moved to NYC from South Africa before he recorded this, and apparently he was immediately embraced by the avant-garde vanguard, including such renowned musicians such as Don Cherry and Hamiet Bluiett.

Side one opens with an energetic South African calypso that is relatively short and to the point. Abdullah leaves the piano alone for this one and instead gives us a fiery soprano saxophone solo. The lengthy “Jabulani” takes up the rest of this side and features the large ensemble in free jazz mode as they pass the solos around so that eventually everyone gets a free ride. This is that original form of free jazz that sounds like bebop gone berserk, so much more rhythmic and lively than often what passes for free jazz today. Side two is made up of the 20 minute plus “Hajj”, which is an absolute groove monster based around North African rhythms and melodies. Talib Rhynie’s ‘snake charmer’ oboe melodies are a real plus on this one, as is Bluiett’s clarinet solo as most of the musicians all get a turn to play with the oriental mode that comprises the main theme. Abdullah plays piano on this one as he provides a repeating rhythmic figure that is the backbone of the piece.

“The Journey”, with its free jazz excursion, is a somewhat different album for Ibrahim, but really all of this eclectic music comes together and makes total sense, thanks to the talent of the assembled crew here that is equally at home with in the groove playing, as well as going completely outside.

JOCELYN MICHELLE Live at Viva Cantina!

Live album · 2018 · Soul Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Jocelyn Michelle is an under-rated Hammond B3 player who performs mostly in Hawaii, and occasionally in the LA area too. “Live at Viva Cantina” is just her second album, and as the title would suggest, this record was recorded live at a Mexican restaurant and music venue in LA. Although this album is live, you will hear very little crowd noise and no clinking of glasses, and the production is quite clean, very much like a studio recording. For her choice of material, Jocelyn reprises some originals from here previous studio album, as well as some crowd pleasing covers too. This is a live restaurant gig, and the choice of tunes reflects that as they cover well known pop hits such as “One Note Samba”, The Pink Panther Theme”, “Groovin” and a few more in this vein. The real musical substance on here though can be found in Jocelyn’s originals, which are all excellent, and really this would have been a better album if they had leaned more in that direction.

Michelle has a rather large band assembled here with two saxophones and two trumpets in addition to a guitar, bass and drums rhythm section. The top soloist is probably Jocelyn herself, who provides punchy rhythmic riffs that stay tight in the pocket, somewhat similar to Jimmy McGriff, Jack McDuff and Brian Auger. All the other soloists are good as well, with both saxophone players shining through with virtuoso RnB/jazz rides that can recall Grover Washington and Stanley Turrentine. This is a great CD for fans of current soul jazz, as well as people looking for a jazz album with more of an extroverted party vibe to it. With a fair amount of well known pop tunes on here, even non-jazz fans are apt to feel the groove.

As mentioned earlier, the preponderance of pop covers on here is understandable given that this is a live gig and Jocelyn and crew set out on purpose to record a ‘party’ album, but still, it would be great if Jocelyn would make an album of mostly originals, she is an excellent writer and really should think about utilizing those talents more.


Album · 2018 · Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
At first glance its fairly obvious that Meshell Ndegeocello’s new album “Ventriloquism”, is a set of cover tunes, but these versions are far more than mere copies, instead, Meshell and her quartet transform each of these songs into something much more than what they were originally. The 80s are often maligned as a musically plastic decade, and there is some truth to that, but listening to how Meshell has taken a handful of mostly lackluster 80s corporate pop tunes and turned them into something deep reveals that there is some gold hidden within this seemingly musical muck. This is an excellent album anyway you look at it, but when you consider what this material sounded like before Ndegeocello transformed everything, it makes “Ventriloquism” into something truly inspired. These pop/RnB songs were the soundtrack of Meshell’s youth, which helps explain why these are the songs she would choose to work with in the first place.

Apparently Meshell’s band spent some time listening to Neil Young’s lonesome and world weary “Harvest” while recording this, and that lowdown country flavor comes through as many of the tracks open with simple finger picking folk/blues guitar, the complete opposite sound that these songs had back in the 80s. Once the tracks get rolling though, guitarist Chris Bruce and keyboardist Jebin Bruni start weaving layers of soft psychedelic sounds that give these songs a pleasant hallucinatory drift. The salient feature are the tempos, all of them quite slow in a very mesmerizing way. Kudos to Meshell that she didn’t break this mood with any ‘uptempo’ numbers, as such a move would have surely hurt the thorough integrity of this art pop masterpiece. Listening to the persistent down-tempo mood of this album may remind some of Roxy Music’s “Flesh and Blood”, on which they also took hot blooded hits like “In the Midnight Hour” and “Eight Miles High”, and turned them into sensual drifting dreams.

So many interesting transformations take place on “Ventriloquism”, but possibly the most surprising is George Clinton’s techno funk hit “Atomic Dog”, which somehow becomes a blissed out psychedelic folk number that early 70s Pink Floyd would have been proud of.

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