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DEXTER GORDON - Our Man in Paris Hard Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - A Love Supreme Post Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - My Favorite Things Hard Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Sahara Post Bop
ART BLAKEY - Free For All Hard Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Empyrean Isles Post Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - Giant Steps Hard Bop
ERIC DOLPHY - 'Out to Lunch!' Avant-Garde Jazz
ERIC DOLPHY - Out There Post Bop
ERIC DOLPHY - Last Date Avant-Garde Jazz
ERIC DOLPHY - Musical Prophet : The Expanded 1963 New York Studio Sessions Post Bop
ART BLAKEY - Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers (aka Moanin') Hard Bop
ART BLAKEY - Buhaina's Delight Hard Bop
ART BLAKEY - Kyoto Hard Bop
SONNY FORTUNE - Waves Of Dreams Post Bop
RICKY FORD - Loxodonta Africana Bop
CEDAR WALTON - Eastern Rebellion Hard Bop
CLIFFORD JORDAN - Glass Bead Games Post Bop
CLIFFORD JORDAN - Clifford Jordan And The Magic Triangle : The Highest Mountain Post Bop
CLIFFORD JORDAN - Clifford Jordan And The Magic Triangle ‎: Firm Roots Hard Bop

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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Hard Bop 208 4.15
2 Jazz Related Rock 173 3.75
3 Fusion 160 3.79
4 Post Bop 110 4.24
5 Nu Jazz 47 3.77
6 RnB 44 3.78
7 Avant-Garde Jazz 33 4.41
8 Post-Fusion Contemporary 29 3.62
9 Acid Jazz 26 3.62
10 Bop 25 4.14
11 Funk Jazz 23 3.50
12 Pop/Art Song/Folk 22 3.55
13 African Fusion 20 3.90
14 World Fusion 14 3.64
15 Blues 13 3.77
16 Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop 13 3.15
17 Vocal Jazz 11 3.91
18 Eclectic Fusion 10 3.30
19 Latin Rock/Soul 9 3.94
20 Third Stream 7 3.93
21 Latin Jazz 5 4.00
22 Progressive Big Band 5 4.20
23 Jazz Related Soundtracks 4 3.50
24 Soul Jazz 4 3.63
25 Cool Jazz 4 4.00
26 Big Band 3 4.17
27 Dub/Ska/Reggae 2 3.00
28 21st Century Modern 2 3.50
29 Funk 1 3.00
30 Jazz Related Gospel 1 5.00
31 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 1 3.00

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THE AWAKENING Hear, Sense And Feel

Album · 1972 · Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
The Awakening are an all-star collective, here with their first album on Gene Russell's indie-label Bkack Jazz, wich existed for only four years (1971-1975). The label focussed on consciousness and the advancement of African-American jazz-musicians.

Musically 'Hear, Sense and Feel' can be described as a hybrid of modal jazz, post-bop and jazzrock because of the electric piano and electric bass on a few tracks. You might even call this spiritual jazz, because it has some similarities to Lonnie Liston Smith.

Pianist Ken Chaney and trumpeteer Frank Gordon are co-leading this collective, and they all are related to the AACM.

The album features dome fine hornplaying, nice lush piano and some funky and here and there boppish rhythms, with sometimss a 'free' feel. But mostly the album is modal and soulful. A pleasant listening with great solos allover.

Right now all the Black Jazz albums are being reissued by Real Gone Music, wich is a treat.

THE COOKERS Time And Time Again

Album · 2014 · Post Bop
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I have to say; I really adore The Cookers. I like each member of this collective, I love the enthousiasm, the choice of songs (be it new or old songs) and I love the execution.

The Cookers are somewhat of a supergroup. All of the collective's members have a long list of albums as leaders and/or members of other bands or groups.

The music of The Cookers is somewhere between the hard-bop and post-bop, maybe closest to mid-sixties and early eighties Jazz Messengers, but The Cookers sound mostly as themselvers.

The heavy and sloppy drumming of Billy Hart, the growling saxophone of Billy Harper, the tight and bluesy piano of George Cables. All these ingredients make for an enjoyable almost old-school listening-experience.

On this album all songs are penned by the collective themselves, and I can't really remember if these songs were played before by the bandmembers on other albums, but at least 'Sir Galahad' appears on Capra Black from Billy Harper (released in 1973 on Strata East), aswell as 'Dance Eternal Spirits Dance' wich appears on Harper's Black Saint-album from 1975.

Slipping and Sliding seem to have been released before on an album by The Leaders (another supergroup featuring McBee and Arthur Blythe amongst others).

The two Cables-songs (Double or Nothing and Farewell Mulgrew) were released on trio-albums by Cables as a leader, wich have a more grand arrangement here.

All in all, the Cookers deliver another great post-bop album which soars and can be considered an essential album. Maybe it is kind of eclectic but because of the great production and the talent involved it is a very enjoyable listen. All of the Cookers' albums have a high standard, though.


Album · 1978 · Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
A peculiar band and a wondeful album. The Quebecois progressive rock-scene spawned some excellent jazzrock-bands in the mid- and late seventies like Maneige, Harmonium, L'Orchestre Sympathique etc. (too numerous to mention).

One of these bands is Solstice wich is quartet featuring drums, electric bass, guitar and clarinet, wich is unique. I know no other band in this format.

The music itself is farely straight-forward, almost comparable to Soft Machine, Bruford, Nucleus etc., but the sound is wonderful. It sounds light, warm and kind of cozy. Some great soloiing by all members. No heavy jazzrock-fusion like Return to Forever but more post-boppisch jazzrock, like Nucleus.

This band and this album in particular blend the acoustic sounds of the clarinet and drums with the electric (amplified) sounds of the electric bass and electric guitar without sounding overblown or chaotic.

A real gem and a nice addition to a jazz-rock-collection for people who like jazzrock a bit more subdued and easy-going. Also a great listen for those who like clarinet as a lead-intrument.

MCCOY TYNER Passion Dance

Live album · 1979 · Post Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Great live-album of McCoy with two trio-pieces (Song of the New World and Moment's Notice) and three solo-pieces (Passion Dance, Search for Peace and The Promise). Two compositions are from Coltrane and three from Tyner himself.

The trio-pieces are loud, maybe because of Tony Williams, but because there are no horns or other instruments, it's not disturbing. I think it's the most powerful trio I can think of. The heavy piano-playing and the heavy drumming seem to engage in battle while Carter (on bass) is the glue holding it together.

One of the lesser known live-albums, but surely a fine addition to any jazz-collection. One of the finer late-seventies post-bop albums in a musical landscape ruled by fusion and funk/disco.

ERIC DOLPHY Quartet 1961 (aka Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise aka Complete Recordings aka Live In Germany aka Munich Jam Session December 1-1961,etc,etc)

Live album · 1981 · Hard Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
This archival live-album has three long songs (standards) on three sides. On vinyl it is tricky to have more than 20 minutes on each side, because it effects the soundquality.

As these recordings date from 1961, it in fact sounds surprisingly good. But don't expect too much, because it has its flaws. Still it is an enjoyable listen, once you are used to it.

The line-up is superb. Here Dolphy (on bass-clarinet only) has a strong line-up with McCoy Tyner (named Lalo Schifrin on the sleeve) on piano, who has some very long and outstanding solos. On bass no other than Reggie Workman (named Bob Cunningham on the sleeve) and on drums Mel Lewis.

My guess is that Reggie and McCoy used aliasses because of their contracts.

Dolphy was touring with Coltrane in Europe at this moment, and Reggie and McCoy joined Dolphy on this date. It would have been great if Elvin Jones would have participated aswell.

This livealbum is fantastic and a must-have for collectors of Dolphy, Tyner and a missing piece in the Coltrane-discography

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