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MILES DAVIS - Bitches Brew Classic Fusion
JAZZ Q PRAHA /JAZZ Q - Symbiosis Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
LYUBOMIR DENEV - Lyubomir Denev Jazz Trio And Petko Tomanov Classic Fusion | review permalink
SOFT MACHINE - Third Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
SOFT MACHINE - The Peel Sessions Classic Fusion | review permalink
KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA - Astigmatic Post Bop | review permalink
SOFT HEAP / SOFT HEAD - Rogue Element (as Soft Head) Classic Fusion | review permalink
ROBERT WYATT - Rock Bottom Pop Jazz/Crossover | review permalink
KAZUTOKI UMEZU - Eclecticism (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
JAN GARBAREK - Afric Pepperbird Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
DAVID TORN - Polytown Nu Jazz | review permalink
MASADA - 50⁴ (Electric Masada) (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
ANTHONY BRAXTON - Dortmund (Quartet) 1976 Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
MATANA ROBERTS - Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
FIRE! - Fire! Orchestra : Exit! Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
MAL WALDRON - Reminicent Suite (with Terumasa Hino) Post Bop | review permalink
JOE MCPHEE - Nation Time (Live at Vassar College) Classic Fusion | review permalink
WILDFLOWERS - Wildflowers 1: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
MAL WALDRON - What It Is Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
SEI MIGUEL - Salvation Modes Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink

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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Avant-Garde Jazz 181 3.67
2 Classic Fusion 63 3.45
3 Post Bop 41 3.57
4 (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion 34 3.68
5 Jazz Related Rock 32 3.28
6 Nu Jazz 26 3.56
7 World Fusion 22 3.09
8 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 21 3.57
9 Hard Bop 17 3.47
10 21st Century Modern 14 4.04
11 Third Stream 13 3.46
12 Progressive Big Band 12 3.79
13 Post-Fusion Contemporary 11 3.09
14 Vocal Jazz 9 3.11
15 Pop Jazz/Crossover 6 2.83
16 DJ/Electronica Jazz 5 3.40
17 Jazz Soundtracks 4 3.25
18 Funk Jazz 2 3.25
19 Latin Jazz 2 2.75
20 Acid Jazz 2 3.75
21 Big Band 2 2.75
22 Exotica 1 3.00
23 Jazz Related Blues 1 2.00
24 Jump Blues 1 3.50
25 Jazz Related RnB 1 1.00
26 Soul Jazz 1 3.50

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GERALD CLAYTON Tributary Tales

Album · 2017 · 21st Century Modern
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I never heard about Holland-born American pianist Gerald Clayton till one autumn night in 2010 when I saw him playing on his first European tour soon after the release of his debut album as leader. Leading muscular all-acoustic groovy trio,Clayton sounded as another "cat" playing quite mainstream jazz with rare freshness and without even a touch of sentimentality or nostalgia (both often destroy great artists music turning it to archival self-parody).

Only after I listened to his both debut and soon released second album, but saying true has been a bit disappointed. Somehow recorded music obviously missed that freshness and modernity which I found such attractive on Clayton live gig.

Now, after some years to come,I gave Clayton another chance and was really pleasantly surprised. Same acoustic trio has been improved with strong 3-piece reeds section (incl. Logan Richardson and Dayna Stephens on saxes and Ben Wendel on bassoon), two percussionists, two poets/spoken word artists and singer Sachal Vasandani. What is even more important - rooted in same neo post-bop,music here is tightly composed by Clayton himself, and he demonstrates non-nonsense composition abilities.

Leading quite a big combo, Clayton never overuse arrangements and as a result tuneful and complex music sounds tasteful if not minimalist. Spoken word pieces are as always an acquired taste, but at least here them don't destroy impression from album's music in whole. Band sounds best on instrumental compositions where post bop rhythmic structures organically interweave with modern composition without becoming too lifeless or frozen-formal as on some third steam recordings. Japanese edition contains Count Basie's "Blues For Stephanie" as bonus.

Serious step ahead and one great modern jazz album containing music attractive for listeners of different tastes.

JAMIE SAFT Loneliness Road (with Iggy Pop)

Album · 2017 · Post Bop
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Some months before the release of this album there were first info/samples presented - it was snippets of ballads, played by such unorthodox avant garde jazz artists as New York downtown keyboardist Jamie Saft and drummer Bobby Previte, plus Carla Bley's regular bassist Steve Swallow, but what was even more shocking - there was vocal on these tracks, and the voice was no one else but punk-rock veteran Iggy Pop's.

RareNoise Records, founded almost a decade ago in London by two Italians, has always been oriented towards listeners with rock background searching for something new in avant-garde jazz, free improvs and similar scenes. Then, releasing the album recorded by the aforementioned jazz trio (even if quite an unorthodox one) adding three Iggy's vocal songs doesn't sound as freaky step. It would hardly attract any mainstream jazz fan, but RareNoise are obviously interested in different followers.

The bigger surprise with the album after it was already released, is that that music here is generally modern mainstream jazz (taking away the three vocal numbers). Since Iggy was planned as release's main star, lets start from him first.

All three songs with Pop's singing are ballads, not sentimental bluesy ones, but more of popular sort of modern urban balladry, characteristic for singing poets. Placed as fourth, ninth and twelfth songs among the instrumental jazz pieces, these songs work on a manner of raisins in a cake, some likes cake with raisins, others like just raisins, and there are some who like both. One things for sure, the addition of such different songs made whole album less monotonous.

As everyone familiar with who Iggy Pop is can expect, he doesn't sing any jazz here. First ballad ("Don't Loose Yourself")is a tuneful one, slightly recalling Jack Bruce's (or late Bowie's) songs of similar genre. Jazz trio play mostly in a manner of rock band here, Iggy sounds convincing and even demonstrates some fire. I can imagine a whole Iggy Pop album of such quality, and it possibly wouldn't be any wrong. Two other ballads unfortunately are more sentimental, and I wouldn't say Iggy's voice is the best choice for such kind of music. For me those left a mixed feeling of sadness and/or sorrow (I really like Leonard Cohen's songs, but he's been doing it much, much better).

Now, the rest of the album is ten more songs, and they are mostly great, if not excellent. Jamie Saft plays piano and organ here, mostly straight but demonstrates enough virtuosity and muscular energy to stay attractive all album long. In a combination with his "rock-like" manner, well crafted melodic compositions have all chances to attract far wider audience than just regular jazz fans.

Biggest album surprise are rhythm section. Pairing of original jazz bassist Swallow with far not so conformist drummer Previte was probably a risky business (ok, they already played together on previous Saft trio album), but here it works well and ... unexpectedly. If Swallow's deep physical groovy bass is's such unusual, I can hardly remember Previte playing with such delicacy and almost tender.

At the end of the day, what sounded at the very beginning as possible bad joke turned out to be a really great album. It just confirms once again how unpredictable true jazz is and - we love it for that.

TCHANGODEI Tchangodei / Archie Shepp / Mal Waldron Trio : Three for Freedom. Volume 3

Album · 1987 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Tchangodei is a mystic figure on French jazz scene, self-taught pianist who was born in former French colony of Dahomey but moved to France in early age. Since that, he released more than fifteen albums as leader (predominantly on his own Volcanic label, established in 1981), became an owner of tiny jazz club in Lyon and established himself as painting artist.

Never an active member of French domestic jazz community, he collaborated mostly with brightest American ex-expatriates, based in France, including Archie Shepp, Steve Lacy, Mal Waldron, recorded with France-based Japanese trumpeter Itaru Oki.

"Three For Freedom" is one such album - recorded on Tchangodei's Volcanic label unorthodox trio of two pianists and sax player. Where second pianist's role takes Mal Waldron and the reedist is true - Archie Shepp. Five compositions are all bluesy and smokey, but differently from let say some Archie Shepp's recordings of that time, this album is hardly oriented on hard-bopish ballads fan.

Album's longest track (over ten minutes long) is "The Seagulls Of Kristiansund"(titled here "The Seagulls Of Kristian") - excellent Mal Waldron composition, recorded by him more than once. On original vinyl release it's placed on side B, but it smartly opens CD reissue edition. Tchangodei quite minimalist this song's version contains renown Waldron piano drones instead of regular bass/drums section, Tchangodei's lite dancing staccato melody and Shepp's rich smokey sax soloing all the way, bluesy but quite free (as for late 80s).

"Space Blues" is album's shortest composition, marching optimistic hymn with Archie filling all the space with his tenor."Africa Struggle" sounds quite as Waldron song, with Shepp's soloing going high octave. "Driftin' Blues", the standard, is played mid-tempo, with Shepp demonstrating so-rare distortion sax soloing.

"Ma Mission",album's closer is another hymn-like song,which opens with long piano duo and contains adding African vocalize just to turn on to two pianists fast and angular dueling on a second part. Shepp's sax is missed on this track.

In all -true obscurity, unorthodox trio's album is less conformist than both Waldron and Shepp own works of the time. Being bluesy and really accessible , it demonstrates that creative side of early free jazz which has been almost missed already in late 80s. Give it a chance if you'll find one.

PHRONESIS The Behemoth

Album · 2017 · Progressive Big Band
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During a decade of their activities, Nordic-British trio Phronesis built a strong reputation as leading UK-based jazz band of new generation. Led by charismatic Danish bassist Jasper Høiby, trio successfully combined renown Swedes EST-influenced contemporary chamber jazz with their own well-composed themes and energetic live performances. After some years of fame, trio members try to find out new destinations where their music could be developed. On "Parallax", their studio album released in 2016, Phronesis for the first time leave safe waters of comfortable and successful music of their early albums and switch to more muscular (and less tuneful/memorable) fusion sound - with mixed success. Seeing them playing live last autumn with program which contained both old (contemporary chamber jazz) and new (fusion) songs, was quite a controversial experience. Older compositions were all much more polished,tuneful and often just beautiful, new muscular songs radiated energy and groove but as rule were quite faceless and unmemorable.

Anyway, this spring Phronesis made another unexpected step - trio released album of their well-known songs recorded with German big band. This time it works without doubts - excellent Julian Arguelles arrangements with lots of horns soloing and perfect muscular big band sound help to show Phronesis compositions' potential in full. There are no tricks or gimmicks in orchestra's music at all - all album sounds as best Gil Evans or Charles Mingus big orchestra recordings. Music is full-bodied, well balanced, tasteful and played with lot of positive energy and enthusiasm.

Excellent generalization of Phronesis first decade of activities - with lot of optimism and looking ahead, not in a past. One of the best big orchestra release I heard for years.

EVAN PARKER Evan Parker & RGG : [email protected]

Live album · 2017 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
In a world of modern technologies one need just to have a wish and make few easy steps to establish a new jazz label. Music market is overloaded with releases, many of them are just a memorabilia for artists friends and families, but some contain really great music.

Polish young and ambitious label Fundacja Słuchaj! for some time releases (mostly) live recordings of Polish and world known advanced jazz musicians, many albums contain really impressive music. One of their very fresh releases presents quite unorthodox quartet, formed for one-night concert in probably Polish most renown jazz club Krakow's Alchemia.

British sax player Evan Parker needs no introduction. Being one of the living legend UK's free jazz, he plays and record really a lot, but mostly with avant-garde musicians. Polish contemporary jazz trio RGG are known and really popular collective in Poland playing music influenced by their great compatriot Tomasz Stanko and ECM-style European chamber jazz in general. Here on "[email protected]" Parker and RGG play four free improvised compositions and its works surprisingly well.

First of all, Evan Parker doesn't steal the show but plays as equal collaborator with trio and it saves the gig from being just another "Evan Parker plus supporting local band" night. From other hand, RGG staying melancholic tuneful typical Polish piano trio play freer and groovier than on their regular recordings. In fact, RGG build melodic and rhythmic basis for tasteful and surprisingly lyrical, but always energetic Parker's sax solo improvisations.

Album's music is perfectly recorded and well edited - one can find here that rare balance between accessibility and adventuress which saves any jazz release from being both far too "out" and boringly predictable. True label's success, bravo!

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