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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Avant-Garde Jazz 273 3.68
2 Fusion 90 3.54
3 Post Bop 83 3.57
4 Eclectic Fusion 46 3.70
5 Jazz Related Rock 34 3.29
6 Hard Bop 32 3.42
7 Nu Jazz 30 3.62
8 21st Century Modern 28 3.93
9 World Fusion 27 3.06
10 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 23 3.59
11 Post-Fusion Contemporary 17 3.21
12 Third Stream 15 3.50
13 Progressive Big Band 13 3.77
14 Jazz Related RnB 11 3.27
15 Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk 10 3.00
16 Vocal Jazz 9 3.22
17 Jazz Related DJs/Electronica/Rap 5 3.40
18 Jazz Related Soundtracks 4 3.25
19 Cool Jazz 3 3.67
20 Funk Jazz 3 3.50
21 Exotica 2 3.00
22 Acid Jazz 2 3.75
23 Big Band 2 2.75
24 Latin Jazz 2 3.50
25 Soul Jazz 1 3.50
26 Afro-Cuban Jazz 1 3.50
27 Funk 1 3.50
28 Jump Blues 1 3.50
29 Jazz Related Blues 1 2.00

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ANDREW CYRILLE Andrew Cyrille/Wadada Leo Smith/Bill Frisell : Lebroba

Album · 2018 · 21st Century Modern
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Seasoned drummer Andrew Cyrille is better known by his collaboration with leading jazz musicians of different time periods starting from Cecil Taylor to Anthony Braxton to Oliver Lake among many others but he has released two dozen albums as leader as well."Lebroba" is his second album for prestigious German ECM label and here he leads a super trio containing living legends trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith and guitarist Bill Frisell.

Don't worry much about unimaginative album's title(Lebroba is a contraction of Leland, Brooklyn and Baltimore, birthplaces of trio's members), the music is really more impressive.

Frisell,who did his name playing with John Zorn's radical avant-garde projects and later moved solo towards trademark Americana-jazz, is in great form here and differently from his many solo works from last decades he plays more inventively and far not such safe. There are even some explosive guitar solos what wasn't heard from him possibly from 80s. Still everyone knowing his sound will easily recognize who's playing guitar here.

Wadada Leo Smith was one of AACM founders in early 70s and he experiences huge renaissance during last two decades after all these years.His trumpet is a main beauty of "Lebroba" music. On many pieces he sounds as early electric Miles but not pushing the music ahed with explosive soloing but slowing it down with aerial and quite dry sound.

Now the music - it is expected for those familiar with Smith's most current works, but still quite different. Low-to-mid tempo songs are well-composed and sound not meditative but dry-calculated, minimalist and contains some internal tension. The opener is renown Frisell song "Worried Woman" sounding here as if Frisell has invited Miles Davis to his small band.

"Turiya:Alice Coltrane Meditations and Dreams:Love" is written by Smith and lasts 17+ minutes."TGD" is written by all three members and last two songs are Cyrille's.

Minimalist, with anchoring drummer and airy guitar and trumpet interplay (what an usual format for a trio!)spiced with tasteful and live-full (and sometimes free) soloing this music is new, beautiful,quite accessible but trully creative.

It's almost unbelievable how jazz veterans (with youngest Bill Frisell(68))can take risks searching for new sounds and succeed doing it.

SATOKO FUJII Kira Kira : Bright Force

Live album · 2018 · Avant-Garde Jazz
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Pianist Satoko Fujii is one among best internationally known creative jazz artist from Japan leading numerous projects (usually incl. her husband trumpeter Natsuki Tamura). Smaller groups as rule have each own name so Fujii/Tamura quartet with French duo of Peter Orins(drums) and Christian Pruvost(trumpet) is known as Kaze,all-Japanese drum-less quartet with Yasuko Kaneko(trombone) and Kazuhiko Tsumura(guitar) is known as Gato Libre(Satoko plays accordion not a piano here).

Kira Kira is Satoko's newest project to date where usual pair of Fujii and Tamura is combined with renown Australian keyboardist Alister Spence and young Japanese drummer Ittetsu Takemura who is a regular member of Satoko's big bands.

"Bright Force", project's debut, contains two polar parts both coming from same concert recorded at Knuttel House in Tokyo in 2017. Because of problems with sound quality recorded material has been seriously edited, putting the gig's opener meditative micro-tonal three-part suite "Luna Lionfish" to the end of the album and bringing energetic "Because Of The Sun" and "Nat 4" at the beginning. Not like the recordings sound became better but loud explosive two first pieces with soloing trumpet on the front prepare the listener to easier acceptance of knotty but not so catchy suite's entry.

Main music's characteristic on whole album is still a tension, build by Tamura's freer trumpet solos and Spence's Rhodes passages. The drummer is a rock-heavy and Satoko's percussive piano work adds even more muscularity in a sound. Add lot of Spence's electronic effects for full picture.

Fujii,Tamura and Spence previously already played together as quartet(with The Necks drummer Tony Buck)so there is a feel of working band in Kira Kira music.

A bit more ascetic and more complex than usual Fujii's music renown from her American,European or Japanese Orchestras,"Bright Force" is another strong release of prolific Japanese pianist. Celebrating her 60 jubilee Satoko promised to release a new album every month during all 2018(Kira Kira's debut is one of them). Big part of her program is already released, mostly all of them contains an interesting music. Waiting for more to come.


Album · 2014 · World Fusion
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"Flamingo Sky" is the last to date studio album from Danish percussionist and composer Marilyn Mazur. Born in NYC to Polish and African-American parents and living in Denmark from she was a child, Marilyn played with some leading American jazz artists icluding Miles Davis late 80s band (never recorded though with him). On her solo albums Marilyn mixes world music,electronics and jazz in usually optimistic beautiful Neo-hippie brew.

"Flamingo Sky" is not an exemption, and even the cover art says it all. Small band consists of Mazur on percussion,occasional piano and singing, dreamy vocalist/percussionist Josefine Cronholm and guitarist/electronics wizard Krister Jonsson (plus electric bassist Klavs Hovman on two tracks). Based on Caribbean rhythms (steel pan or something what sounds as steel pan is dominating on many songs),album's music covers much wider territory than Latin jazz. Tasteful use of electronics makes music sounding more modern than let say Flora Purim works from seventies, groovy bass and true jazzy vocalize pushes it more towards acid jazz. Being very melodic with feel-able touch of psychedelia, songs quite surprisingly often recall some early 70s Allen Gong's compositions.

It happened to me seeing her playing live few years prior to the release of this album with bigger band on seaside open air Klaipeda jazz fest, similar music there sounded more arranged and orchestrated building shamanic show of sort. Studio album is less complex, a bit more lazy and easily radiates that almost euphoric atmosphere of late summer day somewhere in Latin America. Nice music somewhere between spiritual jazz and acid jazz, especially if you like lyrics about elephants using the phone and the butterflies.


Album · 2018 · Nu Jazz
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After eleven years of activities and seven successful albums London-based Phronesis were probably most respectable contemporary jazz trio in UK. Few years ago, when their music started sounding a bit too safe and predictable they did a double shot trying to improve the situation. First they recorded (at Abbey Road Studios in London) much more muscular album ("Parallax")then they ever did before. I saw them playing life with these new songs and they sounded as high-energy power trio, but from the bad side their new music lost part of their melodies putting them in danger to become "another fusion piano trio". An year after they released an excellent album of their known songs recorded with Frankfurt radio big band. What's next?

Just released their ninth album "We Are All" doesn't open radically different horizons, but it looks here they finally found their best ever balance between slightly melancholic chamber jazz and more modern and youthful power trio sound. Trio's songs are tightly composed and precisely executed again with bigger attention to melodies. They reduced high energy of "Parallax" till controlled groovy sound with complex interplay between virtuoso piano soloing and physical acoustic bass.

"We Are All" represents contemporary European jazz at its best - multilayered intellectual improvisational music sounds almost as accessible as pop and rock songs without loosing its quality. One critic called "Phronesis" "the best modern jazz piano trio since EST", with "We Are All" release they have serious evidence that he was right.

ANGLES Angles 3 : Parede

Live album · 2018 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Swedes Angles started a decade ago as sax player Martin Kuchen-led sextet playing modern mix of avant-garde jazz, Balkanica and electronic jazz. Very tuneful,emotionally colored and politically sharp songs made them one of most popular Nordic jazz band right after their debut in 2008 (on Portuguese Clean Feed label). They grew up from sextet to octet (Angles 8) for their third album and till nonet(Angles 9) for their fourth one (all - recorded live).

Band'sound became more orchestrated (possibly as the answer to success of their colleagues another Nordic super-group Fire! who grew up from power trio to progressive big band) and more sharp on Angles' two studio albums,recorded in 2014 and 2017. Being a classy band, their formula became a bit too predictable so the year 2018 gives their fans a radical change.

Angles' new album "Parede" (yes, live for sure) is recorded by Angles 3 - and they are really a trio now! Based predominantly on the compositions from their last studio album "Disappeared Behind The Sun", new Angles model is rooted on Albert Ayler free jazz tradition. Sax player Martin Kuchen with old drummer Kjell Nordeson and new Norwegian drummer Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (a member of The Thing power super-trio together with reedist Mats Gustafsson, the leader of above mentioned Fire!) instead of Angles' original Johan Berthling play bare-naked versions of of well-arranged Angles 9 originals.

The difference in music comparing with any previous Angles line-up is significant even if there still are some Balkan tunes, melodies snippets and soulful Kuchen sax soloing. Trio Angles play free jazz of old school, it radiates energy, emotions and live listeners participation is right in place here.

Probably, more Angles side-project than logical continuation, Angles 3 released truly unexpectable album at a moment when it looked they became too predictable. Not every "bigger" Angles fan will stay happy with this new music but I believe they will find some new listeners too with this step.

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  • Posted 5 days ago in Steely Dan: a guide to their best albums
    By Paul Elliott   East Coast brainiacs Donald Fagen and Walter Becker (Steely Dan) brought jazz smarts and lyrical sophistication to rock. But where to start? (Image: © Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images)Of all the smartasses that ever made a career out of rock’n’roll, such as Frank Zappa, Todd Rundgren and 10cc, none played it smarter than Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, the co-leaders of Steely Dan. To sell 40 million albums, as the Dan have, is no mean feat. But they did it with the most sophisticated and highbrow music ever recorded by a major rock group.The fact that their group were named after a dildo – as featured in William S. Burroughs’s 1959 novel The Naked Lunch – is typical of the subversive edge and sly humour that has always been a feature of Fagen and Becker’s art. All this is what made them, in the words of Rolling Stone magazine, “the perfect musical anti‑heroes of the 70s”.Fagen, from New Jersey, and Becker, from New York City, met in college on the East Coast and worked, unsuccessfully, as musicians and songwriters for hire before relocating to Los Angeles and forming Steely Dan in 1971. The original line-up featured Fagen (lead vocals and keyboards) and Becker (bass) plus guitarists Denny Dias and Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter, drummer Jim Hodder and a second lead singer, David Palmer, enlisted because Fagen was prone to stage fright, and the band’s label thought his voice didn’t cut it.However, after one album, 1972’s Can’t Buy A Thrill, Palmer was out. And over the next eight years, the personnel on Dan records was ever-changing, as Fagen and Becker used the finest talent available, including Toto drummer Jeff Porcaro, the Doobie Brothers’ singer Michael McDonald, and jazz musos, guitarist Larry Carlton and pianist Joe Sample.Steely Dan’s music is typically classified as ‘jazz rock’, but the genius of Fagen and Becker was to fuse these two elements with funk rhythms and a pop sensibility evident in the hits Do It Again, Reelin’ In The Years and Rikki Don’t Lose That Number. 1980’s Gaucho was the end of their golden run: they split a year later, and a whole decade passed before a reunion in 1993.Since then, there have been just two more albums. No matter. During their imperial phase, the Dan created something unique: a balance of slick West Coast groove and dry East Coast wit. As Time magazine put it: “Sensuous and sinister, like a lazing snake coiled under the sun. Probably poisonous too…” Essential - Steely Dan’s classic albums Can’t Buy A Thrill – ABC, 1972 From the get-go, the Dan were the coolest band in America. This much is evident in their debut album’s two hit singles: the first, Do It Again, with a Latin rhythm and a melodic glow at odds with its lyrics about a loser beaten down by life; the second, Reelin’ In The Years, a breezy rock’n’roll number with killer lead guitar from Elliott Randall. Absent from this album was the jazzy vibe that came to define the band in later years. But there were great songs throughout: from the deftly funky Midnight Cruiser to the soul ballad Dirty Work, the latter beautifully sung by the soon-to-be-axed David Palmer.  Aja – ABC, 1977 It seems apt that Ian Dury was a Steely Dan fan. He did, after all, have a song called There Ain’t Half Been Some Clever Bastards. But Dury didn’t just connect to Aja on a purely intellectual level. “It’s got a sound that lifts your heart up,” he said. For all the cynicism that was so much a part of Steely Dan – an extension of Fagen and Becker’s personalities – the group’s sixth album was pure feel-good music, a glittering synthesis of soft rock, jazz, funk and pop. Most uplifting of all was the US hit single Peg, with Doobie Brother Michael McDonald gilding the chorus. Fagen and Becker had always strived for perfection. In Aja, they found it. Superior - Reputation-cementing choices Pretzel Logic – ABC, 1974 It wasn’t just their first album to hit the US Top 10. In another key respect, Pretzel Logic was a game changer for Steely Dan. After their second album, Countdown To Ecstasy, flopped, Fagen and Becker upped the ante on this follow-up, bringing in top session musicians, including drummer Jim Gordon, who’d played with George Harrison and Eric Clapton. From this point, the Dan weren’t a band per se; it was all about Donald and Walter. A perfect pop song, Rikki Don’t Lose That Number became their biggest hit single. And the quality in this album ran deep, from the balmy Any Major Dude Will Tell You to the bluesy title track.  The Royal Scam – ABC, 1976 Donald Fagen apparently hated the artwork for The Royal Scam, originally commissioned for a Van Morrison record that was never released. But the music was right on the money. Kid Charlemagne has a silky melody and a mind-blowing guitar solo from jazz-fusion pioneer Larry Carlton, and The Fez is nonchalantly funky. But the album’s best song is the reggae-influenced Haitian Divorce, with its wonderfully evocative opening couplet: ‘Babs and Clean Willie were in love they said/So in love, the preacher’s face turned red.’ Haitian Divorce is the Dreadlock Holiday it’s okay to like, and The Royal Scam is classic Dan.  Gaucho – MCA, 1980 No Dan album has divided opinion like Gaucho. The New York Times called it “the best album of 1980”; Rolling Stone described it as “the kind of music that passes for jazz in Holiday Inn lounges”. The truth is somewhere in between. Gaucho is a monument to anal-retentive excess, recorded over two years, utilising 42 different musicians. Even so, it’s flawed: the bland Glamour Profession is style over substance. But there are great songs on Gaucho. The title track is mesmeric, and in the zinging Hey Nineteen, Fagen makes a sleazy come-on sound magical: ‘The Cuervo Gold/The fine Colombian/Make tonight a wonderful thing.’  The Nightfly – Warner Bros, 1982 Donald Fagen’s first solo album, released a year after the Dan split, was as smooth and swinging
  • Posted 7 days ago in What are You Listening II
    lucky you, my biggest success in this field is I saw Roscoe Mitchell Trio playing live in Sarajevo, Bosnia in 2004 in small Croatian Theater hall
  • Posted 7 days ago in What are You Listening II
    [QUOTE=Matt][QUOTE=snobb]^ what an unusual cover art - is it US edition?[/QUOTE] Yes Slava, it is on the label Prestige. I have seen the cd has a different cover.[/QUOTE] original French release looks like that and there are CD reissue with different cover art as well


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