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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Avant-Garde Jazz 278 3.69
2 Fusion 90 3.55
3 Post Bop 85 3.57
4 Eclectic Fusion 52 3.70
5 Jazz Related Rock 34 3.29
6 Hard Bop 32 3.42
7 Nu Jazz 30 3.62
8 World Fusion 29 3.14
9 21st Century Modern 28 3.91
10 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 24 3.56
11 Post-Fusion Contemporary 16 3.22
12 Progressive Big Band 15 3.80
13 Third Stream 15 3.50
14 Jazz Related RnB 13 3.35
15 Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk 10 3.00
16 Vocal Jazz 9 3.22
17 Jazz Related DJs/Electronica/Rap 5 3.40
18 Jazz Related Soundtracks 4 3.25
19 Cool Jazz 3 3.67
20 Funk Jazz 3 3.50
21 Exotica 2 3.00
22 Acid Jazz 2 3.75
23 Big Band 2 2.75
24 Jazz Related Blues 2 3.00
25 Latin Jazz 2 3.50
26 Soul Jazz 1 3.50
27 Jump Blues 1 3.50
28 Afro-Cuban Jazz 1 3.50
29 Funk 1 3.50

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Album · 2019 · Eclectic Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
You don't need to speak Italian to understand what Both People album's opener is about. "La danza dell'elefante" composed by sax player Andrea Morelli and played with lot of enthusiasm by this Sardinian quintet will make dancing even elephants.

Three sax players (alto,soprano/tenor and baritone)plus muscular rhythm section consisting of electric bassist and rock-heavy drummer just released an excellent album covering some jazz epochs, from free-bop to eclectic crossover of avant-garde jazz and rock of nowadays.

Already mentioned above "Elephant Dance" is catchy tuneful song where three saxists playing unison push music ahead as if they are trying to bypass groovy rhythm section. Perfectly recorded,with crispy and spacey warm sound, this composition is a real hit and I am sure it will stay in your head for the rest of the day.

"Rhythm no changes" changes the intensity of sound towards more loose and relaxed modern free-bop where three saxes soloing against each other build beautiful and surprisingly accessible sound castles over anchoring bassist and drummer interplay.

"Playing is a little bit like fishing" sounds as partially dreamy (but way not sleepy) collective improvisation where is enough space not only for reedists' but for drummer and bassist soloing as well. Still it's a groovy bass which controls the music from being chaotic or loose. As a result we got quite a graceful composition of fragile beauty - really not very casual case speaking about free improvisations.

"Spring time" demonstrates more complex structure with regular rhythm changes and lot of sax free soloing, probably first albums song dedicated more to listener's head than his heart.

"Host ones" is a shortest album's composition and it fits well to be paired with the opener as "elephant ballet" second action's possible soundtrack.

Alto sax player Fabio Delvò another album's composition (after "Spring Time") - "Flying over the ocean" - is down tempo complex structure's one, with lot of space for soloing of each quintet member.

"Amazing (Sahel's crossing)" - a collective improvisation which closes the album - it's a down tempo composition with touch of sadness and North African scent from last few seconds soloing bass.It's understandable final - whole album is announced as "a recording project against the rampant racism of this historical period", and the Sahel is a transition zone between Sudan and Arabic Africa, former French colonies and one of the hot areas in Africa.

Add excellent sound recording and mix plus CD's box paper cover's high quality of printing, voilà - you have a great album, another good example of what is known as "best from Italy".

CHAKA KHAN Hello Happiness

EP · 2019 · Jazz Related RnB
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Queen of Funk" and 80s disco diva Chaka Khan returns with "Hello Happiness", her first new material release in 12 years. Seven songs/28 minutes-long EP for a very first days received lot of (predominantly) negative critics in America and some (mostly positive) press in UK. Still it looks "Hello Happiness" has small chance to win another Grammy for Chaka.

Me personally I really love this music. Produced in UK by clubbing music guru Switch, new Chaka's music just blows your minds. American press probably expected Rufus revival or "I'm Every Woman" kind disco mega-hit, and attacked album as being "over-produced","with lots of electronics" and "terrible processed Chaka's vocals". They are right - there are no organic r'n'b vibes here at all. Made in a fashion of London clubbing music, it differs from Chaka's old songs as Madonna's "Music" differs "Like A Virgin". "Like A Virgin" got it respectable place in a museum of American pop-music, and "Music" sounds modern till now.

First album's single "Hello Happiness" has been released as catchy and funny video still prior to EP's release. Groovy funky sound of highest energy with strong voice and catchy melodies - and modern enough arrangements are characteristic for the rest album's songs as well. "Isn't That Enough?" even contains so fashionable (at least in London) reggae rhythms.

True, there are no hip-hop, angry social street-wise recitatives,heavy psychedelic electronics or popular Afro-beat on this album. That's why despite of mostly positive media it will hardly become hit in UK as well. It's a pity - one rare great modern r'n'b work with touch of European elegance is worth of really better destiny.


Album · 2018 · Jazz Related RnB
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
My head was full of West African rhythms,Caribbean vibes and spiritual jazz (I'm heavily on new London jazz last months)when I received debut album from Australian multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Harrison,"Nomad".

From very first seconds it sounded like an alien in my room - very familiar and very different at the same time. From rainy London's Nothing Hill I've been catapulted right to American South's highway with groovy music aired by local FM radio. Silky delux sound of well-executed songs didn't fit well with grey sky and dirty melting snow behind the window, but surprisingly for myself I stayed listening "Nomad" again and again day after day.

Benjamin Harrison who plays saxophones,keyboards,bass guitar and percussion on this album spend almost a decade as Cirque du Soleil bandleader touring Europe, Americas and Australia.He started recording his debut album still in 2016 with musicians from different countries he had worked with. Finally recorded material has been finalized in 2018 by renowned studio engineer Simon Cotsworth (Incognito, George Benson, Brand New Heavies, Level 42, Seal, Santana).

For remotely recorded album, the music here sounds surprisingly lively and extremely well mixed, it could be easily mistakenly taken as studio recorded one. Rooted in US smooth jazz tradition it is groovy and funky according to most current trends. Every instrument's part is precisely played and the arrangements are tasty.For fans of more rockish sound there are catchy electric guitar solos and sax soloing is filling more lyrical parts.

From music I heard during last few years "Nomad" music recalls probably Tower Of Power (not so funky though) and Incognito (I saw them both playing live though what means their sound was more raw in both cases). Usually I am listening to quite different music but this album caught me his very own way - I just really enjoyed the beauty of the music and sound.

ALLISON MILLER Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom : Glitter Wolf

Album · 2019 · Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Perfectionist modern jazz album sounding as if it is a progressive rock one. First new(coming from 2019) release in my player with serious chance to win a place on year's top list.

Drummer Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom is a super-group of sort with varying line up and number of members but in all cases rooted around her,bassist Todd Sickafoose and violinist Jenny Scheinman. On different stages cellist Eric Friedlander and pianist Myra Melford were the members among others. "Glitter Wolf" is recorded by sextet improving core trio with pianist Myra Melford, cornetist Kirk Knuffke and clarinet player Ben Goldberg.

Tightly composed melodic and quite complex musical material is played by the band intensively gigging for two years - one can hear how perfectly they feel each other! Miller's drumming pushes well produced(under the hands of Ani DiFranco & Carly Simon producer Julie Wolf) songs ahead with muscular energy more common for rock albums. At the same time, all things happen under perfect control avoiding chaos or directionless development. There are no lyrics/vocals otherwise the album could be alternatively classified as excellent art-rock work. Each composition has it's own face, atmosphere and is precisely executed.

Differently from some modern jazz albums, "Glitter Wolf"(isn't the title sounding rockish?) successfully avoids sterile chamber/academic sound. It often sounds as your morning alternative music TV, all these young guys with beards singing their songs with guitars somewhere out of town at the sunrise...

It is jazz sounding as rock or just cross-genre music without formalism and repetitiveness, radiating positive energy - really rare thing our days. It must be heard!

MAKAYA MCCRAVEN Universal Beings

Album · 2018 · Eclectic Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Universal Beings", a massive double album and the result of four gigs recorded material, heavily reworked in a studio, is a genre-defying album of sort. Depending on starting point, the music here could be tagged as hip-hop with jazz elements or jazz- hip hop. French-born Chicago-based drummer Makaya McRaven himself calls it “organic beat music".

Four different bands played gigs in four world's large music centers (all-acoustic) and the resulting tapes have been digitally processed,looped and mixed in studio. Differently from more conventional clubbing music of this kind, original live material (with lot of improvisations) gives very new quality to the final sound - the music being quite flexible and liquid sounds surprisingly "lively".

New York side is recorded with harpist Brandee Younger, cellist Tomeka Reid, vibraphonist Joel Ross, and bassist Dezron Douglas. Strings-dominated band plays tuneful and quite soulful mid-tempo fusion with world elements and lot of ambient. Chicago side is radically different with London new jazz scene's leader tenor Shabaka Hutchings on forefront.More raw sound and lot of sax soloing in combination with characteristic Afro-beat and repetitive hip hop structures makes it sounding not much different from Hutchings own more organic projects as Sons Of Kemet or Shabaka and the Ancestors.Cellist Tomeka Reid who plays on New York side as well produces here some sound which could be mistakenly indicated as analog synth on the background in the moments.

London side is not much different from Chicago's.Probably the reason is another rising name from London scene's - tenor Nubia Garcia sounding often as Pharoah Sanders on his spiritual jazz albums. Los Angeles side contains dominating Jeff Parker guitars sound adding lot of blood to music (plus Josh Johnson on alto, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson on violin, Carlos Niño on percussion and very physical acoustic bassist Anna Butterss). Groovy fusion with exotic rhythms and some beautiful tunes.

All-together hour-and-half long album doesn't lasts long, always changing instrumentation,rhythms and arrangements make it one beautiful soundtrack to second decade of new century modern jazz scene's non-existing documentary. Newbies seeking for short but informative introduction to most modern jazz of today are in a right place choosing this album.

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