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MILES DAVIS - Bitches Brew Classic Fusion
JAZZ Q PRAHA /JAZZ Q - Symbiosis Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
LYUBOMIR DENEV - Lyubomir Denev Jazz Trio And Petko Tomanov Classic Fusion | review permalink
SOFT MACHINE - Third Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
SOFT MACHINE - The Peel Sessions Classic Fusion | review permalink
KRZYSZTOF KOMEDA - Astigmatic Post Bop | review permalink
SOFT HEAP / SOFT HEAD - Rogue Element (as Soft Head) Classic Fusion | review permalink
ROBERT WYATT - Rock Bottom Pop Jazz/Crossover | review permalink
KAZUTOKI UMEZU - Eclecticism (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
DAVID TORN - Polytown Nu Jazz | review permalink
MASADA - 50⁴ (Electric Masada) (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
ANTHONY BRAXTON - Dortmund (Quartet) 1976 Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
MATANA ROBERTS - Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens De Couleur Libres Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
FIRE! - Fire! Orchestra : Exit! Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
MAL WALDRON - Reminicent Suite (with Terumasa Hino) Post Bop | review permalink
JOE MCPHEE - Nation Time (Live at Vassar College) Classic Fusion | review permalink
WILDFLOWERS - Wildflowers 1: The New York Loft Jazz Sessions Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
MAL WALDRON - What It Is Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
SEI MIGUEL - Salvation Modes Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
ROSCOE MITCHELL - Conversations I (with Craig Taborn & Kikanju Baku) Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink

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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Avant-Garde Jazz 171 3.69
2 Classic Fusion 76 3.46
3 Post Bop 43 3.52
4 (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion 39 3.63
5 Jazz Related Rock 32 3.28
6 Nu Jazz 26 3.56
7 World Fusion 25 3.10
8 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 21 3.55
9 Hard Bop 17 3.50
10 Third Stream 13 3.46
11 Post-Fusion Contemporary 11 3.09
12 Progressive Big Band 11 3.73
13 21st Century Modern 10 3.95
14 Vocal Jazz 9 3.11
15 Pop Jazz/Crossover 6 2.83
16 Jazz Soundtracks 4 3.25
17 DJ/Electronica Jazz 4 3.38
18 Acid Jazz 2 3.75
19 Big Band 2 2.75
20 Jazz Related RnB 2 1.75
21 Funk Jazz 2 3.25
22 Latin Jazz 2 2.75
23 Jump Blues 1 3.50
24 Exotica 1 3.00
25 Jazz Related Blues 1 2.00
26 Soul Jazz 1 3.50

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TCHANGODEI Tchangodei And Steve Lacy ‎: The Wasp (Duo Live)

Live album · 1984 · Jazz Related Improv/Composition
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Pianist Tchangodei is a mysterious figure on French jazz scene. Born in former French colony of Dahomey (now-Benin) in late 50s,he emigrated to France.Self-taught piano player for decades, he is almost totally ignored by domestic jazz community, but regularly played with France-based expatriates like Archie Shepp,Steve Lacy,Mal Waldron or Japanese trumpeter Itaru Oki.

His playing techniques is intuitive minimalism based on some repetitive drones (closest example could be a renown Waldron "drones") and fast short separate passages. Probably such ignorance of any roots (doesn't matter is it jazz techniques or so influential in Europe classic background) led to Tchangodei almost underground status in France - there are a very few local artists who ever played with him together (Louis Sclavis and Henry Texier are two names and I can hardly recall any more).

Tchangodei lived (and probably still lives) in Lyon where he ran small bar (where he played every night himself) and releasing his recorded music predominantly on his own Volcanic label. All obscurities,his albums contains piano solo music and Tchangodei collaborative musicianship with Louis Sclavis,Archie Shepp,Steve Lacy and Mal Waldron,among others.

"The Wasp" is one of such recordings - live recorded Tchangodei Steve Lacy (on soprano) duo playing behind small but enthusiastic auditory, most probably at Tchangodei's bar in Lyon. There are no credits, but most probably at least part of compositions are Lacy's. Generally music sounds as not much correlated gig of saxist and pianist. Lacy (less explosive and dynamic than usual) plays his trademark vibrato-less soprano solos without paying much attention on what happens around. Tchangodei piano is busy but produces mostly series of very short passages. Sometimes sax and piano sounds mystically click together, more often all music remind quite chaotic soloing of two musicians where each of them doesn't care much about what happens around. Still Lacy doesn't dominate here and altogether it works not so terrible as it looks on paper.At least even experienced listener can hardly remember if he ever heard such a strange duo.

Unfortunately many earlier Tchangodei recordings have been never reissued on CDs (and original vinyl versions are obscure) so it's not an easy job to find them to listen. Starting from mid 90's his new music is released on CDs,so as rule is more accessible. Not of star level, Tchangodei is an interesting example of "non-systemic" improvising pianist with his own musical face.

ÉMILE PARISIEN Émile Parisien Quintet feat. Joachim Kühn : Sfumato

Album · 2016 · 21st Century Modern
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Sax player Emile Parisien is probably brightest young French rising jazz musician. His international success begun two years ago with release of international debut album on respectable German ACT label. I saw his quartet playing live right after on European tour and to be honest wasn't too much impressed. Young French musicians had great communication (not surprisingly for active band,playing together for almost ten years),their music was well balanced containing tuneful elements and improvs,and being accessible,they didn't sound boring. Emile himself even did some show on stage, but at the end of the day I couldn't recall even small memorable moment of all gig.

Last week Parisien played in my hometown again - this time with another French rising star accordionist Vincent Peirani (who just released his album of duets with German star-pianist Michael Wollny). Parisien new album, just released on same ACT label, contains Peirani participation as guest as well. "Sfumato"(that's new album's title) already received rare five-star review in "The Guardian", so - is it really all that great?

First of all, Parisien after ten years of activities disbanded his original quartet and formed totally new band - a quintet with German piano veteran Joachim Kuhn (who lives in Paris for years). Fifth member (besides of Parisien quartet's classic sax-piano-drums-bass formula) is French electric guitarist Manu Codija, known by work with Henry Texier and Erik Truffaz among others.

Than, there are two guest stars participating on four of eleven compositions - French scene veteran Michel Portal on bass clarinet and already mentioned above accordionist Vincent Peirani.So - on his second ACT album Parisien plays with larger and technically much more potent band.

Musical changes are significant as well. From quite accessible but unmemorable and often loose compositions of former quartet,Parisien moved towards complex and more pre-composed material (new band plays his old trilogy "Le clown tueur de la fête foraine", two Joachim Kuhn songs and one Parisien-Kuhn collaborative composition as well). From French urban music influenced improvisational pieces with soloing sax on the front Parisien music made a visible step toward complex European modern jazz. Peirani accordion still adds that trade-mark French chanson -like feeling, but it works more like spices in sophisticated brew, than main accent. Kuhn's piano and Codija's rock-like guitar are excellent ingredients,making Parisien music more replete,complex and partially refined.

Still not a masterpiece but serious step forward, "Sfumato" is one great example of best modern European jazz.

RED TRIO Empire (with John Butcher)

Album · 2011 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Portuguese adventurous jazz scene during last decade demonstrated possibly biggest number of young and or new/newly discovered interesting musicians of all Europe. I can mention reedists Sei Miguel and Rodrigo Amado, or young generation sax player Susana Santos Silva among some others. But speaking about collectives,not individual artists, with no doubt first what comes to mind are Red Trio.

Debuted in 2010 with their self-titled album, the trio of double bassist Hernani Faustino,drummer/percussionist Gabriel Ferrandini and pianist Rodrigo Pinheiro are excellent example of true collective musicianship. There are no leader in a band, and not because of formal statement - their music is a result of equal participation when each member is right in place and it is impossible to imagine final music without his part.

Based more on Bill Dixon legacy,when the textures are not less important than structures and sounds, than on widely popular but obviously over-exploited way of noisy exalted free improvs or pseudo -intellectual structure-less noodling, Portuguese trio plays very modern post-jazz when elements of acoustic ambient, jazzy industrial/noise and more traditional acoustic jazz trio all are equal parts of aesthetically attractive musical picture.

On "Empire", band's second album (and first international release), trio collaborates with unorthodox British sax player John Butcher. Three compositions of vinyl-only release sounds fresh and demonstrates rare form of exploratory in modern jazz when searching of new forms doesn't separate music from listener. All album long open ears listener feels like he is participating in artists collaboration carefully and with high level of professionalism stepping ahead and even more - it looks like he goes with them this fragile and beauty way they are laying behind.

One great example of new millenium adventurous jazz, unfortunately out of press vinyl release only.


Live album · 2016 · (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Russian inventor of French descent Léon Theremin (who invented one of a very early electro-acoustic musical device known as Termenvox, beloved instrument of French electronic music artist Jean-Michel Jarre till now) once said on Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin: "Stalin wasn't bad. . . . It was mostly other people did all the killing."

American band which chose this citation as their name must have a lot of (risky) humor, and yes - they have. Quartet of skilled musicians did their name playing tributes-parodies on known jazz albums from the past, incl. Art Blakey's A Night in Tunisia (Blue Note, 1960); Ornette Coleman's This Is Our Music (Atlantic, 1960); Roy Haynes' Out of the Afternoon (Impulse!, 1962); Keith Jarrett's The Köln Concert (ECM, 1975).Their "Blue" is a note-for-note reproduction of the Miles Davis album Kind of Blue.

With growth of members' solo activities, band themselves don't release a lot, "(live)" is their the only album released this year. More important, containing material comes from as far as autumn of 2012,when the concert has been recorded in Poland during Jazz & Beyond Improvised Music Festival in Katowice.It's a bit strange that it is released just now - during all these years band enjoyed high popularity and they have released only two live albums till now ("live" is band's third).

Anyway, new album contains well recorded music based mostly on band's four first (and as many will agree most raw and funny) albums, "President Polk" comes from upcoming in 2013 their album "Slippery Rock!" though. Musicians are in great form, they obviously enjoy playing to dedicated public, so band music's fans get MOPDTK at their best - almost burlesque-like high energy tuneful jazz-punk circus. 75-minutes long it doesn't last like such what is always a sign of non-boring and truly entertaining show.

LAURA JURD Dinosaur : Together, As One

Album · 2016 · Nu Jazz
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Fresh wind from England - young London-based trumpeter Laura Jurd's new project Dinosaur just released their debut album, and the album sounds great!

On new album,four young guys play fun and full of positive energy jazz fusion, that kind Miles presented to the world on his music,coming from late 60s-early 70s, but with removed psychedelic component,so characteristic for "Bitches Brew" time. Instead Laura demonstrates attention to composition and as a result them all sound almost as pop (or rock) songs.

For sure it is not a level of innovation or experimentation what attracts in "Together, As One" - just there are already a few generations of listeners for whom "In A Silent Way" says close to nothing. Laura and Co. reinvent original jazz fusion (Miles Davis type) for Z-Generation using Miles legacy very carefully but at the same time making it sounding attractive for today's young listeners.

Mostly on every song Laura's trumpet flies over Hammond / Rhodes passages with tasteful and inventive support from rhythm section. Compositions are quite catchy and it is not strange first album reviews and massive live gigs program both already received very positive media around UK and in partially in continental Europe.

With no doubt one among most significant jazz releases coming from Britain this year.

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