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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Avant-Garde Jazz 229 3.69
2 Fusion 80 3.51
3 Post Bop 76 3.59
4 Eclectic Fusion 41 3.72
5 Jazz Related Rock 32 3.30
6 Nu Jazz 28 3.59
7 Hard Bop 27 3.46
8 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 22 3.59
9 World Fusion 22 3.07
10 21st Century Modern 19 4.03
11 Third Stream 15 3.50
12 Post-Fusion Contemporary 14 3.14
13 Progressive Big Band 12 3.79
14 Vocal Jazz 8 3.06
15 Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk 8 2.94
16 Jazz Related DJs/Electronica 5 3.40
17 Jazz Related Soundtracks 4 3.25
18 Funk Jazz 3 3.50
19 Jazz Related RnB 3 2.33
20 Latin Jazz 2 3.50
21 Acid Jazz 2 3.75
22 Big Band 2 2.75
23 Exotica 2 3.00
24 Jazz Related Blues 1 2.00
25 Jump Blues 1 3.50
26 Soul Jazz 1 3.50

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DINOSAUR Together, As one

Album · 2016 · Nu Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Fresh wind from England - young London-based trumpeter Laura Jurd's new project Dinosaur just released their debut album, and the album sounds great!

On new album,four young guys play fun and full of positive energy jazz fusion, that kind Miles presented to the world in his music,coming from late 60s-early 70s, but with removed psychedelic component,so characteristic for "Bitches Brew" time. Instead Laura demonstrates attention to composition and as a result them all sound almost as pop (or rock) songs.

For sure it is not a level of innovation or experimentation what attracts in "Together, As One" - just there are already a few generations of listeners for whom "In A Silent Way" says close to nothing. Laura and Co. reinvent original jazz fusion (Miles Davis type) for Z-Generation using Miles legacy very carefully but at the same time making it sounding attractive for today's young listeners.

Mostly on every song Laura's trumpet flies over Hammond / Rhodes passages with tasteful and inventive support from rhythm section. Compositions are quite catchy and it is not strange first album reviews and massive live gigs program both already received very positive media around UK and in partially in continental Europe.

With no doubt one among most significant jazz releases coming from Britain in 2016.


Album · 2018 · Third Stream
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
In year 1971 Carla Bley's massive 6-sides eclectic jazz-rock opera "Escalator Over The Hill" became sensation of sort presenting bulky if way-too-long collection of musical genres and scenes' stars all mixed together. Where else dedicated listener had the possibility to hear Jack Bruce, Linda Ronstadt,Jeanne Lee,Don Cherry,Charlie Haden,Gato Barbieri,Roswell Rudd,John McLaughlin,Paul Motian,Enrico Rava and some others playing/singing together?

London-based RareNoise label for some last years trying hard mixing their basic prog/rock aesthetics with creative jazz and improvs elements, at their best the results are truly impressive. Last year they released unpredictable "Loneliness Road" where mainstream jazz rooted trio of organist Jamie Saft,bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Bobby Previte is improved with Iggy Pop(!) singing on three songs ("Don't Lose Yourself" is a true killer, two others are just fillers though).

Now they continues with Bobby Previte's "Rhapsody" - second in line American drummer and composer's suite where (as almost half a century ago on Carla's "Escalator...") one can hear some leading modern creative scene's musicians playing together. Guitarist Nels Cline,harpist Zeena Parkins,pianist John Medeski are well known to everyone familiar with downtown scene, American (of SE Asian descent) vocalist Jen Shyu is one of the brightest new name among creative jazz vocalists of today. Only dark horse in a list is young Austrian sax player Fabian Rucker, but he does his job really well.

Most important is still music itself - Previte demonstrates here well-framed and tightly composed modern rock opera rooted in prog rock aesthetics of the past (there are few moments sounding as citation from Pink Floyd music of mid 70s),but deeply reworked according to new millennium requirements. Take on material is almost classical with attention to details and melodic lines importance. Combined with neo-classical/Far Eastern trad vocals of Jen (plus tasteful addition of Chinese traditional string instrument erhu sounds, played by her as well) it produces music, which could sound more comfortably in modern opera than on rock scene. Still guitar licks and explosive sax solos together with high energetic level in general make whole music quite accessible and possibly attractive for listeners,more familiar with rock music too.

Freshly sounding, diverse and modern (with respect to different traditions), "Rhapsody" is a really successful release which can attract listeners of very different background/interests.

TIM BERNE Electric and Acoustic Hard Cell Live

Live album · 2004 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Six years ago sax player Tim Berne started recording for German ECM label and his music received much wider distribution (and some additional glance working with most prestigious jazz label ever). He already had a chance to be contracted by major label in States in mid-late 80s, but few albums released didn't satisfy Columbia people,so Tim returned back on half-underground scenes in New York, having cult following from fans of "New York new avant-gard jazz", whatever it was.

For those knowing Berne from most current ECM works he most probably associates with well-composed modern complex jazz, perfectly played but a bit too chamber (or not enough raw - you chose). Then a journey to Berne's 90s and 00s recordings (mostly on tiny labels or his own Screwgun) can offer plenty of pleasant surprises. "Electric And Acoustic Hard Cell Live" is a good example and there are some more with no doubt.

Hard Cell was a short-living super-trio of sort uniting Tim Berne with his regular keyboardist Craig Taborn and Californian drummer Tom Rainey. Just two albums have been recorded, both live (both released on Berne's own Screwgun label). Four tracks (lasting between 7 and 16 minutes each) are raw, muscular tuneful and surprisingly post-bop influenced. Recorded during two different gigs, material presented is of quite good sound quality and contains lot of audience emotional evidences, all for good.

Two track looks like just audience recording,but as on some better bootlegs this fact even adds more blood and adrenaline into music and common atmosphere. No even traces of Berne's later chamber sobriety can be found here and Craig's used electronics only adds effect of modernity. Being energetic, music here sounds far from some noisy free jazz chaos cliche's, is melodic and combines improvisations with well composed material.

One of Berne's better recordings which can be recommended for his more current fans - most probably you will find a lot of things you will like here.


Album · 1976 · Post Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Not very often one can hear Keith Jarrett/Dave Holland/Jack DeJohnette trio playing as support band. So this Canadian (UK-based) reeds player Kenny Wheeler's album is quite unique even because of this fact. And it looks like "Gnu High" is the last album containing Jarrett as side musician ever.

Wheeler's debut on ECM, this album represents very special time for modern jazz - influential German ECM label is in transition finding their upcoming "new ECM sound" later becoming known as "European jazz" or "chamber jazz". If former part of decade ECM built their reputation as audiophile company releasing avant-garde jazz and post bop of airy/ambient atmosphere with emotionally cold crisp sound, that is late seventies when artists like Keith Jarrett or Jan Garbarek started recording for ECM more amorphous,grooveless music quite liquid and sterile,with obvious influence of European music halls sound.

"Gnu High", even packed with "African" cover art (probably recalling Garbarek's fantastic adventurous ECM debut "African Pepperbird"),doesn't contain African rhythms or freer experimentation. In fact three long tracks are good example of label's transition sound when even if still post bop rooted, music is slower,more abstract and sterile. Wheeler himself plays exclusively flugelhorn, varying from controlled lyrical to abstractly cool. Jarrett/Holland/DeJohnette trio are competent but sounds as if they were asked to demonstrate their maximal available tenderness,delicacy and correctness.

Final result is quite similar to many better "classical" ECM albums of that time - music sound truly professional but soulless,sterile and quite faceless. From other hand, many fans like it because of that. Searchers of more adventurous sound can check Dave Holland ECM albums from the same time, without being too free they offer much more life,groove and fun.

THE COMET IS COMING Death to the Planet

EP · 2017 · Nu Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
"Death To The Planet" is only new music released by hottest London jazz trio "The Comet Is Coming" in 2017. And it is even not a true album but vinyl-only four track EP, coming as Record Store Day's limited edition.

Surprisingly, this less than half-an-hour musical collection illustrates last year's burgeoning London scene in a best way, especially looking from the very first days of new 2018 year, right after all those end-of-the-year TV analytics, future modelling and apocalyptic visions.

Differently from trio's first two releases, "Death To The Planet" contains less psychedelic rock and more jazz, mixed with hip-hop and Squarepusher's-style electronic grooves. Songs are dark, tuneful, full of passion and as much commercial as anti-commercial.

This music is easy accessible and danceable, but at the same time it sounds as hottest news soundtrack - you almost can see all these explosions on the streets of European capitals and chemical attacks in Syria, Russians maintaining their nuclear missiles, already placed in occupied Crimea's coast and immigrants boats sinking near African and Italian shores.

This music sounds as rock when it was young, as punk in late 70s, as early Blondie and Talking Heads albums, as Patty Smith and Iggy - it sounds as if best music is socially sharp again and it returns back on the streets.

And to be honest I even feel happy that it's just an EP - in our time when technical abilities so often exceed creative content and artists are filling 80 minutes space of blank CDs with useless sounds just because there still is a bit of empty place, I started liking vinyl album size releases again (doesn't matter is it true vinyl or vinyl album-size CD release), it's always better to stay in silent if you have nothing important to say...

Nothing is revolutionary here - simply from all last year's releases this one possibly sounds closest to real music from the times, when it was a significant part of everyone's life, not a pale soundtrack to ageing, bored and tired of consuming society.

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  • Posted 15 days ago in Van Morrison Joins Forces with Joey DeFrancesco
    Van Morrison Joins Forces with Jazz Organ Virtuoso Joey DeFrancesco on You're Driving Me Crazy, a New Studio Album from Legacy Recordings Available Friday, April 27Morrison's 39th Studio Collection Showcases Electrifying Musical Collaborations, Fresh Interpretations of Blues/Jazz Standards and Deep Cuts from Van's SongbookNEW YORK, March 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Legacy Recordings, a division of Sony Music Entertainment, will release Van Morrison's new 39th studio album, You're Driving Me Crazy, a musical collaboration with Hammond organ virtuoso and trumpet master Joey DeFrancesco, on Friday, April 27.The successor to Versatile, Van's chart-topping jazz album from 2017, You're Driving Me Crazy will be available in 1CD/2LP physical configurations. A limited edition 7" single--featuring Van Morrison's "Close Enough For Jazz" b/w Morrison's stunning rendition of Guitar Slim's "The Things I Used To Do"--will be available for Record Store Day 2018 (celebrated at independent record stores nationwide on Saturday, April 21).A new milestone in Van Morrison's ever-expanding catalog of essential recordings, You're Driving Me Crazy finds the iconic Irish singer-songwriter-performer exploring a variety of jazz and blues standards and classics ("Miss Otis Regrets," "The Things I Used to Do," "Everyday I Have the Blues") alongside fresh interpretations of songs from Van's own catalog ("Have I Told You Lately," "The Way Young Lovers Do," "Magic Time").You're Driving Me Crazy finds Morrison collaborating in the studio with DeFrancesco and his band--including Dan Wilson (guitar), Michael Ode (drums) and Troy Roberts (tenor saxophone). DeFrancesco, who signed his first deal with Columbia Records at the age of 16, has performed with Miles Davis, John McLaughlin, Grover Washington, Jr. and many more while leading his own band, and is responsible for bringing the classic Hammond organ sound back to the world of jazz in the late 1980s.The release of You're Driving Me Crazy caps more than a year of non-stop activity for Van Morrison, who released his 37th and 38th studio albums (Roll with the Punches and Versatile) in quick succession in the fall and winter of 2017. Roll With The Punches became his 13th album to reach the Top 10 of the U.K. charts, while Versatile topped Billboard's jazz chart. The world of jazz has provided a vital ongoing influence on the music of Van Morrison, whose acclaimed 1968 studio masterpiece, Astral Weeks, showcased jazz musicians Connie Kay, Jay Berliner, and Richard Davis.  Inspired by the spontaneity, soul and sound of jazz, Morrison has performed on stage and/or in the studio with a variety of jazz and blues musicians including John Lee Hooker, Ray Charles, Mose Allison, Bobby Bland, Solomon Burke, Jeff Beck, Georgie Fame, Robbie Robertson, Freddie Hubbard, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Maceo Parker, Candy Dulfer and others.Joey DeFrancesco is a prolific American jazz organist, trumpeter, and vocalist and Grammy-nominee who signed his first record deal (with Columbia Records) at the age of 16 and has gone on to release more than 30 albums. He has performed on stage and in the studio with a wide variety of artists including Miles Davis, Jimmy Smith, Ray Charles, Bette Midler, David Sanborn, Arturo Sandoval, Larry Coryell, Frank Wess, John McLaughlin, Danny Gatton, Elvin Jones, and many more. DeFrancesco is a nine-time winner of the Down Beat Critics Poll (organ) and has won the Down Beat Readers Poll every year since 2005. He has won a number of JazzTimes Awards and is an inaugural member of the Hammond Hall of Fame.YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY 1. Miss Otis Regrets (Cole Porter)2. Hold It Right There (Terry, Grey, Vinson)3. All Saints Day (Van Morrison)4. The Way Young Lovers Do (Van Morrison)5. The Things I Used To Do (Eddie Jones)6. Travellin' Light (John Mercer, James Mundy, James Young)7. Close Enough For Jazz (Van Morrison)8. Goldfish Bowl (Van Morrison)9. Evening Shadows (Van Morrison / Acker Bilk)10. Magic Time (Van Morrison)11. You're Driving Me Crazy (Walter Donaldson)12. Everyday I Have The Blues (Peter Chatman)13. Have I Told You Lately (Van Morrison)14. Sticks and Stones (Titus Turner)15. Celtic Swing (Van Morrison)SOURCE Legacy RecordingsRelated Linkshttp://www.legacyrecordings.comfrom
  • Posted 27 days ago in Recently Watched Films
    quite interesting movie about rural America (seriously doubt if someone in the world is still interested in LA/"American dream"/"big city lights" kind of production) with roots,Joan Baez/country music, humor and far not so simply questions/ansvers as it looks from the surface snobb2018-02-24 10:39:57
  • Posted 28 days ago in What are You Listening II


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