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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Avant-Garde Jazz 174 3.69
2 Classic Fusion 75 3.43
3 Jazz Related Rock 38 3.28
4 Post Bop 38 3.49
5 (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion 36 3.58
6 Nu Jazz 30 3.52
7 World Fusion 27 3.17
8 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 19 3.61
9 Hard Bop 16 3.50
10 Post-Fusion Contemporary 13 2.92
11 Third Stream 12 3.42
12 Progressive Big Band 11 3.77
13 Vocal Jazz 9 3.11
14 Pop Jazz/Crossover 5 2.50
15 Jazz Soundtracks 4 3.25
16 DJ/Electronica Jazz 4 3.38
17 Acid Jazz 2 3.00
18 Big Band 2 2.75
19 Jazz Related RnB 2 1.75
20 Funk Jazz 2 3.25
21 Latin Jazz 2 2.75
22 Jump Blues 1 3.50
23 Exotica 1 3.00
24 Jazz Related Blues 1 2.00
25 Soul Jazz 1 3.50

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Album · 2015 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Nonoko Yoshida is young Japanese sax player, residing in New York from 2006. She played with Ron Anderson PAK,and Cyro Baptista, as well running few her own projects,associated with New York Down Town scene.

"Lotus" is her solo debut - and true "solo" album since only Nonoko saxophone is credited in a list. Still album's music is richer than just ascetic soloing saxophone free improvs collection - there are lot of overdubbing (or/and playing against herself/use of electronic devices). Album's title and even more cover art doesn't associates with what we usually expect from such kind of music. Nonoko doesn't play esoteric ambient-like sound wallpapers nor very "out" harsh and unorganized free saxophone solos,only slightly related with more orthodox definition of jazz (and the music in whole). What she plays contains elements of both above mentioned genres,plus much more.

"Lotus" with no doubt is pure free jazz album, and it is great modern free jazz album.Looking back to the genre's early years,"angry young man" Archie Shepp sounded genuine in his explosive and even attacking anger in early 70s (and as many other greatest genre artists he's not angry any more for decades). Few generations of free jazz players have changed from that time, and every next one borrowed anger and harshness as part of tradition,losing the content more and more. On modern avantgarde jazz scene one can find lot of uninspired "angry men" (who are even not "young" anymore)who's anger,and loudness,and harshness are all hardly more than simply a frightened way to keep in secret the absolute absence of creative ideas.

Yoshida's "Lotus" is radically different. There are energy,some dissonance and yes - some harshness,but all these sound as authentic as it sounded on Shepp's "The Magic Of Ju Ju". "Lotus" is a great title for the music,which balances Western nervous rushing (and sometimes self-destroying) world's free jazz cacophony with Japanese melodic folksy tunes' beauty and ageless harmony. Nonoko's biggest merit is how masterly she combines two very different foldable parts in one organic mix.Many tried only a few succeeded.

All albums compositions can be divided on those where free jazz dominates and more Eastern harmonies based songs. Both are placed in order smartly interchanging each other. Opener "Take A F Train" can blow your minds (and possibly even a head),then "Desert Island",placed right after is just a slightly modified and modernized Japanese folk song of rare beauty. Overlaying of saxophone solos doesn't kill music's vitality but adds lot of drama and transforms ascetic by default solely saxophone recorded sound to something what could be played by small band.

Short,only slightly longer than half an hour of music,album is so easy listenable,that one can be surprised how soon the music stops playing, and I am almost sure many will give it another spin right after.

Great debut, very positive and energizing music not overcrowded with aesthetics of destruction so widely widespread nowadays. Sunbeam in a dark room of those tired from "angry old men" and smug chamber formalists.

MAL WALDRON The Seagulls of Kristiansund: Live At the Village Vanguard

Live album · 1989 · Post Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
One among most significant American ex-patriots on European jazz scene pianist Mal Waldron has recorded quite a lot of live material (mostly in Sweet Basil and Village Vanguard) which has been used for Waldron albums series for years ahead.

Leading a truly strong band (usually - quintet) Waldron played longish version of some his better tunes (usually between ten and twenty minutes long jam-like compositions,still with well controlled structure and generally easy accessible),which on vinyl albums of the era often were placed one per side. Quintet recordings (with Woody Shaw on trumpet,Charlie Rouse on tenor saxophone and flute,Reggie Workman on bass and drummer Ed Blackwell) came as two Italian Soul Note label albums - "The Git-Go: Live At The Village Vanguard" and "The Seagulls Of Kristiansund". Former contains just two compositions, and the later - three, with title song lasting longer than 26 minutes and filling all side B.

Mid'80s generally is quite a successful period for Waldron who recorded lot of strong material at that time. Blues and bop-rooted progressive post bop became his signature sound, with drone-like left hand playing which often gave rock-like aesthetics to genuinely very jazzy music.

All three album's compositions(Waldron originals) come from earlier times, where album's title song has been released for the first time as far as in 1977 (on "One-Upmanship" album with Steve Lacy and Manfred Schoof,among others). Waldron was a master of strong tunes so all three long compositions sound almost as easy as popular rock/pop songs of the time. Repetitive structure and piano droning don't destroy their integrity and when the music stops playing there is a feeling that it would be good to start same listening once again.

"The Seagulls Of Kristiansund" is with no doubt album's true top - slightly melancholic beautiful tune doesn't requires any visual addition - listener easily founds himself on north sea shore with sax very realistic bird-like screams and common matured dreaming atmosphere. This music surprisingly has meditative qualities on a manner of Indian ragas - when repetitive saturated music incorporates listener to specific atmosphere where he wants to stay for a longer.

As good as some other live Mal Waldron recordings from same few years, "The Seagulls Of Kristiansund" is good listening for fans of original tuneful post bop and excellent entry for those interested in Waldron more current works.

MAX JOHNSON Something Familiar

Album · 2015 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
I really enjoy the trend when major European jazz labels,traditionally associated with mainstream jazz, release more and more high level modern advanced jazz recordings.

Danish SteepleChase,one of the European leader of hard bop and post bop releases,past spring released excellent Danish avant-garde jazz guitarist Pierre Dorge album "Blui". Now Spanish Fresh Sound label,for decades known as largest re-issuer of archival mainstream jazz (and home for debuting mainstream jazz artists from all over the world) presented new NYC-based bassist Max Johnson trio album "Something Familiar" with groovy free-bop on it.

To be honest,Pierre Dorge (for SteepleChase) and Max Johnson (for Fresh Sound) both are not a newbies, just their new music is more significant on the burgeoning new adventurous jazz scene. And the missed link between two bands/releases is excellent Colorado-born trumpeter Kirk Knuffke, who re-vitalized listeners interest to free-bop in full.

So, on "Something Familiar" bassist Max Johnson leads acoustic trio with trumpeter Kirk Knuffke and drummer Ziv Ravitz, his regular collective for some years. Music here is modern free-bop, current reincarnation of Eric Dolphy's early avant-garde works, showing full respect to his (and some other early free-bopers) legacy. Sound is groovy, minimal but full-bodied,often quite muscular - as it was in Late į0s-early š0s American jazz. Tunes snippets are spilled here and there making all sound easy accessible, but whole mosaic of them is really of free form.

Rhythm section is strong here, but a real hero is still trumpeter Kirk Knuffke. His trumpet sings, leads melodies and adds distorted improvised solos totally controlling music's flow. As on other Knuffke's most current albums (this year's "Arms And Hands" for example),he is a modern free-bop magician revitalizing old,almost forgotten (and criminally undeveloped) idea for new life. Slightly less consistent than Knuffke's (and some other leading free-bopers of new generation)best works, this album sounds fresh, easy accessible and adventurous.

Everyone interested in this new (or better to say new version of really old) jazz sub-genre must give this album a chance.

ZARABATANA Fogo na Carne

Album · 2015 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
Zarabatana are Lisbon,Portugal based free jazz trio. Their debut tape has been released on tiny local label in January 2015 and is already OOP.In modern world where each day brings us few more new jazz albums, why them?

Think about cosmopolitan band where Portuguese rhythm section (bassist and percussionist) play African rhythms and Swaziland-born trumpeter blows Parker -influenced bop and complex Wadada Leo Smith-influenced free style clear flying solos without even traces of his motherland tradition. All music is finalized in raw acoustic but extremely harmonic mix, never attacking,aggressive or,oppositely,esoteric and meditative.

They sound as aliens from the times when jazz was young and sounded fresh, but at the same time with freedom coming from 60s and modernity of today's advanced scenes. They obviously enjoy playing their music and don't care much if it is what modern market is waiting for from everyone expecting to find a success there. They are genuine, and listener believes in what they do.

Most probably they are best debut of the year 2015.


Album · 1975 · Avant-Garde Jazz
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
After success of kind and underground following of his early releases,one among best Japanese advanced jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita released series of very strong albums,which never received true fame. Mid-70s in Japan (and even more that - in Western world) were years of fusion fever and yesterday's free jazz stars were almost forgotten in one day.

"Frozen Days" released in 1975 is one of such Yamashita's album, and it's very special on its own manner.Cover photo is a piece of art itself - all three trio members are pictured in a rural ambiance,most probably a barn, in a very last autumn's day when sun is a rare guest,it's still no snow outside, but dry grass with first traces of freeze on it shows that another short warm season is finished. Every time I look on this cover it recalls me Haruki Murokami's "A Wild Sheep Chase", excellent Japanese existentialism book about fragility and meaningless of life,released seven years after "Frozen Days" has been released.

Yosuke,originally heavily influenced by Cecil Taylor, here plays lighter, less percussive and more expressionistic. Saxophonist Akira Sakata, regular Yamashita's trio member and future Japanese scene star, is not so screamy and noisy as often. He is still full of explosive energy, but it's better controlled and his liquid soloing is touched by lite sadness. As very often in Japanese jazz, here is enough space for silence, but somehow all music is extremely well framed on a manner of artistic miniature.

All three musicians still play as on any other of trio's album of that time - as if their lives depend on it, but it's a rare album where attentive listener can hear that they as well play as if there is no tomorrow. And quite surprisingly, there almost feels no drama, just understanding, accepting it as higher power and Buddhist reconciliation.

Being of the same highest technical level as some other Yamashita's works of that time, "Frozen Days" is different by that very unique not only for Yamashita's music, but for Japanese jazz in whole,emotional coloring.It is not "Samurai jazz" anymore, it's "Haruki Murakami jazz",find this album and probably you will be seriously surprised.

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    Bowie hires jazz artists for new album By Mark Savage Music reporter Rock star David Bowie has hired a group of young jazz musicians to push his 25th album in a new direction."Having jazz guys play rock music turns it upside down," Bowie's producer Tony Visconti told Mojo magazine.Called ★ (Blackstar), the record will be released on 8 January 2016 - the star's 69th birthday.Unlike his 2013 comeback, The Next Day, it deliberately refrains from referencing the musician's back catalogue. Having jazz guys play rock music turns it upside downTony Visconti, David Bowie's producer "The Next Day started out trying to do something new but something old kept creeping in," Visconti said. "Not this album."Recording in New York between January and May this year, Bowie sought out jazz artists to stop him falling back on rock cliches.Led by saxophonist Donny McCaslin, the core group includes virtuoso guitarist Ben Monder and drummer Mark Guiliana - recently named one of the world's top 10 drummers.They are joined by pianist Jason Lindner and bassist Tim Lefebrve - who has previously worked with Donald Fagen and Jamie Cullum, and was part of the the house band for Saturday Night Live.   "If we'd used David's former musicians they would be rock people playing jazz," explained Visconti. "Having jazz guys play rock music turns it upside down. "Their approach to the music was so refreshing, I looked forward to every day in the studio. Nothing was done recalling the past."Footage of the musicians playing in Chicago and New York - without David Bowie - can be found on Youtube. The first single from the album, also called Blackstar, will be released on Friday, 20 November.Fans have already been able to hear a truncated version of the song, which appears as the theme music for the TV show The Last Panthers.The dark, brooding track finds Bowie intoning in the style of a monastic chant: "On the day of execution / Only women kneel and smile" before a sinister beat kicks in.The bleak, haunting underscore is reminiscent of the instrumentals on the b-side of Bowie's 1977 album Heroes. A short film for the song will premiere on Sky Atlantic tonight (Thursday) before the second episode of The Last Panthers, a European crime drama starring John Hurt and Samantha Morton.A preview image for the 10-minute video shows the musician wearing a gauze blindfold, with buttons stitched over his eyes. Like the series, the video has been directed by Johan Renck, whose previous work includes Breaking Bad and music videos for Madonna, Suede and The Libertines."I haven't done a music video in a long time," Renck told NME, "but when Bowie asks, you'd jump at it.""They say don't meet your heroes but when it comes to Bowie, he truly is the most brilliant person I've ever met."from
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