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Album · 2013

Filed under Fusion


Blue Fingers 1;
Inner Monologue;
Breaking the Cycle 1;
On The Square;
Cafe Du Nuit;
Redline; Volta;
The Ballad of David White 1;
Down Goes The Way;
The Way to Riches;
And The Night Gave Nothing;
Purple Fiddle;
Last Days of August;
Last Chapter of Dreaming 1


Danny Markovitch: saxophone;
Dani Rabin: guitars;
Justyn Lawrence: drums;
Jae Gentile: bass;
Leslie Beukelman: vocals;
Jubari Rayford: vocals;
Abraha Rayford: vocals;
Caleb Willitz: vocals;
Justin Ruff: vocals;
Matt Nelson: keyboards;
Greg Spero: keysboards;
Victor Garcia: trumpet

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MoonJune Records

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Marbin is essentially guitarist Dani Rabin and saxophonist Danny Markovitch, plus a variety of guest musicians, who combine jazz fusion, modern blues-rock and world music on their new CD, “Last Chapter of Dreaming”, into a personal form of highly melodic instrumental music. There is a very eclectic mix going on here with Rabin’s strong expressive guitar sound often recalling Jeff Beck, Steve Vai or Oz Noy, while Markovitch’s slippery slinky soprano saxophone recalls the Yiddish influence in the music of Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Melody is the key here as these guys have a knack for memorable tunes that grow and develop, and once again, particularly with Markovitch, often contain strains from older richer cultures.

There’s a lot of great tunes on here; “Blue Fingers” and “On the Square” mix noire jazz sax riffs with hard rock ala early King Crimson, while “Inner Monologue” displays a passionate Middle Eastern melody driven by double time percussion and “Volta“ features rapid fusion solos from both Dani and Danny. Other tunes on here can be more reflective and almost sentimental, but never overly maudlin. Wordless vocals from a variety of guests gives some of their melodies the sound of 50s exotica or early psychedelia, it’s a great effect that they use wisely without over indulgence. Possibly this CDs biggest asset is the production, “Last Chapter” has a big full sound that gives Rabin one of the strongest electric guitar sounds around. All around this is an excellent release by Marbin, but fans of Rabin’s intense, yet melodic, guitar shredding would have probably preferred more fusion and rock, and less of the sentimental tunes, which seem to dominate more towards the end of the CD.

Members reviews

kev rowland
A short while ago I was raving about Marbin’s 2012 album ‘Breaking The Cycle’, and I now have in the player their third album ‘Last Chapter of Dreaming’. There have been a few line-up changes, with Danny Markovitch (saxophone) and Dani Rabin (guitar) now joined by Justyn Lawrence (drums) and Jae Gentile (bass) who replaced Paul Wertico and Steve Rodby (who both make appearances on the album on certain songs). There are also plenty of guests, but the focus of this album is the interplay between Danny and Dani which has been honed by touring anywhere and everywhere and playing live as much as possible.

The music moves from hard rock fusion, swirling through jazz and into gentler climates with acoustic guitar, glockenspiel and vocals in “Café de Nuit”. I won’t say what I was listening to before and after I heard this album for the first time, but it really put them into the shade as to my poor abused ears this is faultless. The sound is spot on (congrats Rich Breen), the interplay between all involved is perfection itself while the musicianship is second to none. All of this would be meaningless if the music had no soul and groove but that is there in abundance. If this isn’t a five star album then I don’t know what is.

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