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Album · 2014

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1. They Called Me Sotanic... (3:51)
2. Odd Jethegrythe (2:59)
3. Ming-Mang Dynasty (5:17)
4. Morrakvisten (2:32)
5. Jan Mayen (3:32)
6. Anne Kath (3:37)
7. Redwings Nest (6:09)
8. Second Row (3:23)
9. Han sagde så (2:36)
10. Tore Hund (2:52)
11. Journey (5:53)

Total Time: 42:41


- Skjalg Reithaug / guitars, vocals
- Lars Andreas Haug / tubmarine, trumpet, sounds
- Anders Hunstad / drums, piano

- Elisabeth Anvik / vocals
- Håvard Gravdal / vocals
- Camilla Susann Haug / vocals
- John Ehde / cello
- Knut Arne Finsrud / strings

About this release

Sotanic Sounds

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

“Redwings Nest” is the second album from Norwegian oddball rockers SOT, and if you enjoyed their first one, then this one should work for you as well as they seem to be following similar recipes here. For those not familiar with this trio, SOT consists of Skjalg Reithaug on guitar and Anders Hunstad on drums, with Lars Andreas Haug covering the low end on tuba, as opposed to the expected bass. The tuba is no joke and actually gives this band a fuller sound than what would come from using a bass. Their music is based in modern heavy rock, but draws from many different genres, even within one song sometimes. Their type of rapid changeups and eclectic styles will remind some of similar artists like Frank Zappa, Mr Bungle or Buckethead. Modern progressive and avant-garde metal bands have an influence on the SOT approach as well.

One marked difference with SOT’s second CD, over their first, is an increased use of wordless vocals, which adds an interesting dimension to their music. Many of these vocals are coming from guest vocal group PUST, whose small choir sound can recall 60s exotica or classic 70s prog rock. Closing track “Journey” uses this choir effect to its fullest potential. Other occasional added vocals are more of an anguished and processed punk/industrial variety and add intensity to rockin buildups. Also, the band is making more use of Haug’s multi-instrumental abilities on a variety of horn instruments and woodwinds.

This sort of intense and eclectic music isn’t for everyone, but if you have an interest in modern bands that play along these lines, SOT is better than most. There is a mature musicality to SOT’s creations that is sometimes lacking in music that is over laden with ideas by similar bands.

Members reviews

"Redwings Nest" is the 2nd full-length studio album by Norwegian avant/progressive rock act SOT. The album was released through Sotanic Sounds in June 2014. "Redwings Nest" features the same three-piece lineup who recorded the band´s debut full- length studio album "Kind of Saltz (2011)". Skjalg Reithaug (guitars, vocals), Lars Andreas Haug (tubmarine, trumpet, sounds), Anders Hunstad (drums, piano).

The music on the album continues the adventurous take on jazz rock and progressive/avant garde rock as SOT introduced on "Kind of Saltz (2011)". There is a proud Scandinavian tradition for playing a slightly twisted take on this kind of music, which an artist like Samla Mammas Manna is also an example of (without further comparison). It´s this catagory that SOT also belong in. While there are many nods towards jazz because of the scales and the notes chosen, the fusion drumming, and the use of tuba and trumpet in a rock music format, this is certainly not straight jazz (whatever that is). These guys simply wouldn´t be content with playing within the boundaries of a certain musical style and they make sure to incorporate enough challenging and intriguing genre pushing elemens for that never to happen. They even stretch as far as to incorporate heavy metal sounding riffing to some of their tracks. Examples of that can be found in the title track (a charming avant garde rock beast of a track) and in "Second Row".

So it´s safe to say the listener is met with an adventurous and challenging listen when spinning "Redwings Nest". Fortunately SOT also know how to write a song that sticks. Not necessarily in a mainstream vers/chorus format but still accessible and inviting, even though "regular" commercial radio listeners might not agree with me here (but who cares about them?).

The three guys in the band are greatly skilled and an incredibly well playing unit. Like the case was on the debut album the tuba, which is playing the bass parts, is one of the things in the soundscape that really stands out a lot. Who would have thought that a tuba could sound so amazing and powerful (almost brutal at times) in a jazz rock setting? The rest of the instruments and the sparse vocals (both male and female) also work really well together and the whole thing is packed in a powerful and organic sound production which suits the music perfectly.

This is neither the most complex nor the most demanding jazz rock album in the world (although it´s still pretty challenging), but it´s a damn charming one, that refuses to bow to convention, and that´s always praise worthy. To my ears "Kind of Saltz (2011)" and "Redwings Nest" are pretty equal in quality and also in style and if you enjoy one it´s pretty likely you´ll enjoy the other too. SOT are arguably a class act (whith a charming wacky side) and prove it once again on "Redwings Nest" and a 4 star (80%) rating is fully deserved.

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