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Born in Serbia in the late seventies, Dusan Jevtovic began his musical education listening to the wide variety of music that could be heard on the national radio – everything from American jazz and British hard rock to the Serbian traditional folk music. His parents bought him a guitar at 12, after he saw the legendary guitarist RM Tocak and his group Smak in concert. Shortly thereafter, Dusan put together his first band ‘Trim’, quickly drawing attention of the listening public, who recognized the youngsters unusual talent and abundant energy evident in every performance. Couple those early experiences with his three years of private studies under the tutelage of Radomir Mihajlovic Tocak, and you have the main ingredients of Dusan’s virtuosic guitar playing, recognizable sound and stylistic versatility. Fast forward to 2003. when Dusan, after much success playing in countless local and national music events left his native Serbia and relocated to read more...
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On The Edge
Jazz Related Rock 2009
.. Album Cover 3.00 | 5 ratings
Am I Walking Wrong?
Jazz Related Rock 2013
.. Album Cover 4.00 | 3 ratings
No Answer
Classic Fusion 2017


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.. Album Cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Live At Home
(Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion 2018

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Album · 2017 · Classic Fusion
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On Dustan Jevtovic’s previous album, “Am I Walking Wrong?”, he served up noisy guitar textures backed by a muscular jazz rock rhythm section. If you were expecting more of the same on his follow up album, “No Answer”, you may be in for a surprise as Dusan has decided to change up direction quite a bit. The heavy fusion drum and bass rhythm duo of the previous album is gone, and in their place on this new CD is a more swingin jazzy fusion drummer in Asaf Sirkis, plus the romantic classical meets post bop keyboard work of Vasil Hadzimanov. Dusan has also changed his approach to the guitar on “No Answer” as well. Whereas on “Walking Wrong” he veered away from solos per se and concentrated more on dissonant sounds and metallic textures, on “No Answer”, he provides scorching jazz fusion rides and plenty of fleet fretboard work. The combination of Dusan’s heavy guitar and Vasil’s fluid acoustic piano might seem like an odd match, but they make it work while they produce a sound that is quite different from anyone else.

Lots of interesting cuts on here, “Lifetime” is the rockin number, and possibly it is a tribute to the Tony Williams group of the same name. On “Yo Sin Mi” they almost sound like vintage Pat Metheney and Lyle Mays, only darker and less pastoral. Title cut, “No Answer“, features dramatic Eastern Europe piano chords topped with a snarling guitar solo, and “Prayer” sounds like its name in a Middle Eastern tonality. There’s even a taste of post bop swing on “El Oro”. Throughout this CD there is often a East European and/or Middle Eastern flavor to the melodies, while the sound production reflects a modern darkness and somber ambience.


Album · 2017 · Classic Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
kev rowland
t must be said that I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of Dušan’s last release, 2013’s ‘Am I Walking Wrong’, and I think it was probably the first time I had ever given a Moonjune album a poor review, but I just didn’t get it. So, when this arrived in the post one day I wasn’t immediately over-enamoured, but I opened the digipak and realised that the drummer was none other than Asaf Sirkis, someone whose work I highly admire. The line-up was completed by Vasil Hadzimanov on acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano and Mini Moog bass, and I was immediately intrigued. Further investigation led to the discovery that the album was recorded in just two days last February, and knowing that they had toured together in different incarnations, as opposed to being put together for a studio project, made me think that this could be quite a special album indeed.

I put aside any preconceived ideas, and as soon as the first notes came out of the speakers I was transfixed. Here were wonderful guitar lines, perfectly accompanied by different keyboards with both lightness and strong bottom end, and then there was Asaf who was playing as if he was the lead player in the band. There are many times during this album where Vasil is valiantly managing to keep it all together, as both Dušan and Asaf attempt to be the main in charge. This is simply a wonderful album, full not only of wonderful melodies but great interplay between all those involved. Ideas bounce between the trio, and there are so many thing son here to enjoy, from brightness and sparks to reflective and delicate, such as on the emotional “Yo Sin Mi”. Dušan’s guitarwork is exemplary throughout, as he switches styles and tones, yet there is always clarity and finesse. This is not a guitarist who feels the need to prove his skills by playing five thousand notes to the bar, but instead shows it every time he uses sustain.

This is one of the most interesting and enjoyable instrumental albums I’ve come across in 2017.

DUŠAN JEVTOVIĆ Am I Walking Wrong?

Album · 2013 · Jazz Related Rock
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kev rowland
Originally from Serbia, Dušan has established himself as an accomplished, articulate guitarist in Barcelona, Spain. This album was recorded mostly live with just bassist Bernat Hernández and drummer Marko Djordjević, and there is no doubt that all three are consummate musicians, but to be honest I don’t really ‘get’ most of this album. They are being experimental and trying to extend the boundaries of jazz and prog but for the most part I felt that it often sounded as if they didn’t know where they were going. That in itself isn’t generally an issue in improvisational music as long as they find their path in the end, but for most of the time that just isn’t the case here. It is a wonderfully presented album with a fold-out digipak and interesting notes but for the first nine songs this became an abrasive hard edged album that I was listening to because I had to, not because I wanted to.

So, the last song on the album “If You See Me Again” was a complete shock to me as it is totally different, in every aspect, to what had gone before. Here was something that was constructed around an acoustic guitar with beautiful fretless bass that just took me in and held me close. If the whole album had featured material like this then I know that I would be raving about it, but as it is then it isn’t one to which I will often be returning.

DUŠAN JEVTOVIĆ Am I Walking Wrong?

Album · 2013 · Jazz Related Rock
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Its hard to pin a convenient label on the instrumental rock of guitarist Dusan Jevtovic, he uses less gratuitous flash than your usual jazz-rocker, and his songs tend not to ramble on, which excludes him from the jam band genre too. Instead, Jevtovic and his trio play a very heavy form of rock that mixes a grunge like sound with solos that are almost more about texture than rapid scale runs. That’s not to imply that Jevtovic and his crew lack technical skills, these guys know how to play, but they just approach things their own way. Some possible references to what the music on “Am I Walking Wrong” sounds like could include Sonny Sharrock’s outsider jazz-rock albums, Jimi Hendrix’s off-the-wall jams with Robert Wyatt and mid 70s King Crimson jam sessions. Add to that, a production sound that recalls classic Nirvana. In fact, when this CD’s pounding drums and opening power chords first hit, you may think you accidentally slipped “Nevermind” into the player, which isn’t a bad thing because despite Curt Cobain's sometimes annoying vocals, that was one of the better rock albums of that time. When you cross reference these references it becomes no surprise that Cobain was a fan of mid-70s Crimson and it wouldn't be too far off base to describe Jevonic's trio as sounding somewhere between the two, only no annoying vocals.

Despite the overall heavy sound, Bernat Hernandez on bass and Marko Djordjevic on drums provide a nimble rhythm section that easily displays the improvisational chops of any good fusion group. Not everything on here is necessarily heavy and loud, tracks like “Third Life” allow Jevtovic to play with some quirky atmospheric electronic effects. The music on here is very original, no clichés at all, and is recommended for those looking for something fresh and modern in a heavy guitar trio format.


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