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Album · 2013


1. You Can't Sing, You Can't Dance 04:19
2. Am I Walking Wrong? 04:36
3. Drummer's Dance 04:38
4. One On One 04:51
5. In The Last Moment II 04:09
6. Embracing Simplicity 06:13
7. Third Life 05:27
8. Tra-Ta-Ta-Ta-Ta 00:52
9. Bluesracho 02:23
10. If You See Me Again 04:39


Dusan Jevtovic: guitar
Bernat Hernandez: fretless bass guitar
Marko Djordjevic: drums

About this release

MoonJune MJR058(US)

Recorded in 2012 in Banyeres del Penedes, Barcelona and Aranys del Mar (Spain)

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MoonJune Records 2013
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Its hard to pin a convenient label on the instrumental rock of guitarist Dusan Jevtovic, he uses less gratuitous flash than your usual jazz-rocker, and his songs tend not to ramble on, which excludes him from the jam band genre too. Instead, Jevtovic and his trio play a very heavy form of rock that mixes a grunge like sound with solos that are almost more about texture than rapid scale runs. That’s not to imply that Jevtovic and his crew lack technical skills, these guys know how to play, but they just approach things their own way. Some possible references to what the music on “Am I Walking Wrong” sounds like could include Sonny Sharrock’s outsider jazz-rock albums, Jimi Hendrix’s off-the-wall jams with Robert Wyatt and mid 70s King Crimson jam sessions. Add to that, a production sound that recalls classic Nirvana. In fact, when this CD’s pounding drums and opening power chords first hit, you may think you accidentally slipped “Nevermind” into the player, which isn’t a bad thing because despite Curt Cobain's sometimes annoying vocals, that was one of the better rock albums of that time. When you cross reference these references it becomes no surprise that Cobain was a fan of mid-70s Crimson and it wouldn't be too far off base to describe Jevonic's trio as sounding somewhere between the two, only no annoying vocals.

Despite the overall heavy sound, Bernat Hernandez on bass and Marko Djordjevic on drums provide a nimble rhythm section that easily displays the improvisational chops of any good fusion group. Not everything on here is necessarily heavy and loud, tracks like “Third Life” allow Jevtovic to play with some quirky atmospheric electronic effects. The music on here is very original, no clichés at all, and is recommended for those looking for something fresh and modern in a heavy guitar trio format.

Members reviews

kev rowland
Originally from Serbia, Dušan has established himself as an accomplished, articulate guitarist in Barcelona, Spain. This album was recorded mostly live with just bassist Bernat Hernández and drummer Marko Djordjević, and there is no doubt that all three are consummate musicians, but to be honest I don’t really ‘get’ most of this album. They are being experimental and trying to extend the boundaries of jazz and prog but for the most part I felt that it often sounded as if they didn’t know where they were going. That in itself isn’t generally an issue in improvisational music as long as they find their path in the end, but for most of the time that just isn’t the case here. It is a wonderfully presented album with a fold-out digipak and interesting notes but for the first nine songs this became an abrasive hard edged album that I was listening to because I had to, not because I wanted to.

So, the last song on the album “If You See Me Again” was a complete shock to me as it is totally different, in every aspect, to what had gone before. Here was something that was constructed around an acoustic guitar with beautiful fretless bass that just took me in and held me close. If the whole album had featured material like this then I know that I would be raving about it, but as it is then it isn’t one to which I will often be returning.

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