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Album · 2012

Filed under Fusion


1. Paradox (7:11)
2. Stravinsky (11:32)
3. Future (7:17)
4. Don Juan (6:13)
5. Bliker 3 (10:55)
6. Etude Indienne (12:51)
7. Miles Away (4:15)
8. Transparansi (13:16)


Adi Darmawan – bass guitar, piano (5)
Agam Hamzah – guitar
Gusti Hendi – drums, percussion

About this release

MoonJune Records MJR047 (US)

Recorded in Jakarta in 2011

Thanks to snobb for the addition


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Dictionary 2Dictionary 2
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Dictionary 2 by Ligro (2012-05-04)Dictionary 2 by Ligro (2012-05-04)
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Specialists/collaborators reviews

Those who lament the passing of the early days of jazz-rock fusion, when bands were much more energetic and intense, should find reason to rejoice in the music of Ligro and their new album “Dictionary 2”. This threesome is one of the most intensely shredding jazz-rock trios to hit the scene in a long time and, despite their ties to jazz-rock’s past, they are not the least bit nostalgic. Ligro’s music is modern and full of the sort of eclectic influences and rapid change-ups that are all part of the post-70s scene. Although this band is very aggressive and energetic, with a strong distorted lead guitar sound, they never give into predictable plodding rock riffage, instead, the fleet and nimble rhythm section of Adi Darmawan on bass and Gusti Hendy on drums keeps things jazzy fresh and very syncopated, swingin and funky.

A lot of artists may come to mind as you listen to Ligro go after it; Tony Williams’ early Lifetime with John McLaughlin as well as Tony’s later version with Alan Holdsworth, some of Hendrix’s more out there moments with Mitch Mitchell, Robert Fripp’s mid 70s jams with Bill Bruford and Vernon Reid’s recent Harmony Row band. Sometimes guitarist Agam Hamzah’s over the top solos may remind some of Pete Cosey, he also sites Buckethead, David Fiuczynski and Terje Rypdal as influences. Although Ligro can improv with the best of them, they are hardly a typical “jam band”. Rather than a play a quick tune and head straight for the solo, Ligro’s songs often involve complex structures and many unexpected change-ups that frame the improv sections in ways in which its hard to tell the structured parts from the improv parts. All three members of Ligro are masters of the rapid unison passage that recalls McLaughlin led bands like Shakti and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Although Hamzah’s lead guitar may be the star of the show, Darmawan’s quick and never heavy-handed bass work may remind some of similar understated virtuosos like Ralph Armstrong and Alphonso Johnson. This one is highly recommended for those looking for high quality modern jazz rock, these guys are a cut above the rest.

Members reviews

kev rowland
I need to investigate how long it will take me to get to Indonesia from NZ, hopefully not that long, and while there I am going to go to Jakarta and make sure that I catch these guys at a gig. I know that Leo says that there is loads of untapped and unknown talent in that part of the world, but bloody hell! These guys are absolutely stunning! Agam Hamzah (guitars), Adi Darmawan (bass) and drummer Gusti Hendy formed the band in 2004 and this is their debut international release. Ligro when read backwards, means “crazy people” in the Bahasa (Indonesian national) language – but crazy signifying fearlessness and playful abandon.

Pick a song, any song, and prepare to be blown away by a trio that are so tight that it is impossible to separate them and just as you think that one person is the main player another comes along and makes you change your mind. Take “Stravinsky (with Bach intro)” for example. This commences as a solo exercise in bass dexterity and control before morphing into an arrangement of Igor Stravinsky's “An Easy Piece Using Five Notes: with Agam very much in control although he is pushed to the end by his colleagues in time. This is an incredible album, and proves that wonderful musicians can be found all over the world. This may not be a band that is known to many outside of their own country, but I sincerely believe that is going to change as here is a band that has the chops to rise to the top of their field.

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