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Album · 1977

Filed under Fusion


A1 Sun In The Night 4:25
A2 Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already) 11:16
A3 Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All 2:10
A4 Hate Zone 4:41
A5 Collapsar 1:33
B1 Disco Suicide 7:55
B2 Orbits 1:38
B3 Malaga Virgen 8:28
B4 Macrocosm 7:24

Total Time: 49:36


- Percy Jones / Bass, Percussion
- Morris Pert / Percussion
- Phil Collins / Vocals, Drums, Piano
- John Goodsall / Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
- Robin Lumley / Vocals, Keyboards

About this release

Charisma – CAS-1126 (UK)

Track 2 was recorded "live" in the studio - there are no overdubs

Recorded in Panavision at Trident Studios, London December 1976/January 1977

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Sean Trane
Second opus from this now-quintet, with the addition of percussionist Morris Pert, Moroccan Roll is born on an almost Canterburian pun, with an exotic Saharian artwork that has been retouched by high technology. The group is joined by Morris Pert, a percussionist that will beef up the sound of the group, but Pert will also become an important "songwriter" for the group. One of the originality of this album is that it is Brand X's only with vocals (and even then mostly choirs) on the opening and closing tracks, but unfortunately it wasn't that good an idea. It doesn't help giving World Music credibility to the opening Sun In The Night, despite Goodsall's dabblings on a sitar. The Collins-penned double-shot "Lend" tracks (the lengthy titles might come from some Public Schoolboys friends of his that haven't fully grown up), but unlike what we'd expect, both tracks remains slow with the occasional Goodsall's McL-ian guitar bursts. A manic drum burst opens fire on the Hate zone, a full-funk piece where the group's five cylinders give it their best shot.

On the flipside, Collapsar (not to be confused with National Health's Collapso) is a short synth filler penned by Lumley and it doesn't even serve as an intro for his following Disco Suicide, an electric piano-led funky track, but certainly not my fave BX track, the synth sounds being cringe-y and the cheesy choirs and tubular bells are not helping either. Orbits is a bit Percy Jones' answer to Collapsar and just as useless, since it's no intro to his Malaga Virgen , an up-tempo track at the start where Jones tries to outdo Pastorius in the middle section, but is not helping his own composition in doing so. But Virgen's second half returns to the opening theme, before going bass-happy a second time. This writer doesn't understand all the hoopla on this track and much prefers the following monster-jam Macrocosm, the one BX track to rival with Nuclear Burn, with an overheating Goodsall guitar and an incredible end, as if the 5 cylinders of this group had problem stopping and misfired back on the track.

MR was for decades my fave BX, but once the millennium arrived, UB took over and has stayed ahead, because tMR one is too uneven, especially on the fillers. But don't get me wrong, MR is still the second best BX album and should please most fusionheads.

This is Brand X's most famous album but in my opinion not nearly as strong as the previous release. This album is much more experimental than Unorthodox Behaviour with songs like the opener which is a middle eastern themed track featuring experimental vocals provided by Phil Collins. Another experimental moment is Orbits, a Percy Jones Bass workout featuring just the Bass guitar and some percussion sounds in the background. Percy Jones and Phil Collins feature prominently in all the music on this album more than Unorthodox Behaviour and Lumley and Goodsall are less the centre pieces of each song with Jones offering further developed incredible bass playing all through which is very prominent in all the songs, particularly Malaga Virgen which is one of the highlights of this album.

Why Should I Lend You Mine shows the more mellow side of Brand X's music with a song that progresses from slow mellow acoustic jazz to energetic Fusion in the course of it's 11 minutes. More is put into song arrangements on this record which is very much demonstrated in this and Disco Suicide which is another lengthier track featuring incredible playing from all musicians.

For those who want to hear developed music with more emotion this record definitely offers this perfectly, but if you want the true spirit of Brand X and Jazz Fusion Unorthodox Behaviour is definitely the record to get. This effort deserves 4 Stars for it's very well arranged and executed jazz fusion but it is not a masterpiece.

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