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I KNOW YOU WELL MISS CLARA - Chapter One Classic Fusion | review permalink
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MACHINE MASS TRIO / MACHINE MASS - Plays Hendrix Classic Fusion | review permalink
ED PALERMO - The Adventures Of Zodd Zundgren Progressive Big Band | review permalink
LIGRO - Dictionary 2 Classic Fusion | review permalink
ALBARE - The Road Ahead Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
SÃO PAULO UNDERGROUND - Tres Cabecas Loucuras (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Hard Hat Area Classic Fusion | review permalink
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - None Too Soon Classic Fusion | review permalink
MACHINE MASS TRIO / MACHINE MASS - As Real as Thinking (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
DENNIS REA - Views from Chicheng Precipice World Fusion | review permalink
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Blues for Tony (with Alan Pasqua, Jimmy Haslip & Chad Wackerman) Classic Fusion | review permalink
MARBIN - Breaking The Cycle Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
SOFT MACHINE LEGACY - Live Adventures Classic Fusion | review permalink
TOHPATI - Tohpati Ethnomission: Save The Planet World Fusion | review permalink
ROB MAZUREK - Skull Sessions (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
SOFT MACHINE LEGACY - Burden Of Proof Classic Fusion | review permalink
COLOSSEUM/COLOSSEUM II - Live Cologne 1994 Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
SIMAK DIALOG - The 6th Story World Fusion | review permalink
ARCHIE SHEPP - Archie Shepp Attica Blues Orchestra Live: I Hear the Sound Progressive Big Band | review permalink
JOHN BROWN - Quiet Time Hard Bop | review permalink
LENNY SENDERSKY - Desert Flower Latin Jazz | review permalink
MACHINE MASS TRIO / MACHINE MASS - Inti Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
XAVI REIJA - Resolution (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion | review permalink
TOHPATI - Mata Hati World Fusion | review permalink
MARK WINGFIELD - Wingfield Reuter Stavi Sirkis : The Stone House Classic Fusion | review permalink
ED PALERMO - The Great Un​-​American Songbook: Volumes I & II Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
THE MICROSCOPIC SEPTET - Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down to Me: The Micros Play the Blues Swing | review permalink
SIMAK DIALOG - Trance/ Mission World Fusion | review permalink
SIMAK DIALOG - Patahan World Fusion | review permalink
SIMAK DIALOG - Live at Orion World Fusion | review permalink
DWIKI DHARMAWAN - So Far So Close Classic Fusion | review permalink
DWIKI DHARMAWAN - Pasar Klewer World Fusion | review permalink
GREG LEWIS - Organ Monk, The Breathe Suite 21st Century Modern | review permalink
MIRIODOR - Signal 9 Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
MICHAEL RABINOWITZ - Uncharted Waters Hard Bop | review permalink
DIALETO - Bartók In Rock Jazz Related Rock | review permalink
DOUBT - Mercy, Pity, Peace and Love Avant-Garde Jazz | review permalink
PABLO ZIEGLER - Pablo Ziegler Trio : Jazz Tango Latin Jazz
LARRY NEWCOMB - Larry Newcomb Quartet with Bucky Pizzarelli : Living Tribute Swing | review permalink
URBANITY - Urban Soul Jazz Related RnB | review permalink
IGNACIO BERROA - Straight Ahead From Havana Latin Jazz
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Flat Tire: Music for a Non-Existent Movie Third Stream | review permalink
DUŠAN JEVTOVIĆ - Am I Walking Wrong? Jazz Related Rock | review permalink

Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Classic Fusion 14 4.46
2 Jazz Related Rock 12 4.33
3 World Fusion 9 4.11
4 (Post-70s) Eclectic Fusion 4 4.00
5 Latin Jazz 3 3.67
6 Avant-Garde Jazz 2 3.75
7 Hard Bop 2 4.00
8 Post-Fusion Contemporary 2 4.75
9 Progressive Big Band 2 4.50
10 Swing 2 3.75
11 Third Stream 2 3.75
12 Jazz Related RnB 1 3.50
13 21st Century Modern 1 4.00
14 Pop Jazz/Crossover 1 5.00

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ED PALERMO The Adventures Of Zodd Zundgren

Album · 2017 · Progressive Big Band
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
There is no doubt in my mind, and also in that of many others, that two of the most important musicians to come out of America in the Sixties were Frank Zappa and Todd Rundgren. They both had/have a unique take on music, and were never afraid to follow their own paths and do exactly what they wanted. I was lucky enough to see Todd in concert, when he made his first appearance on NZ soil a few years ago and he was incredible, but sadly only really started investigating Zappa in the last five years or so, long after his passing. Ed Palermo has now brought together two major influences from his high school years, and has created the album ‘The Adventures of Zodd Zundgren’, which is a homage to both of them. Here we have 25 songs, from either Zappa or Rundgren, fully arranged for his big band. Some are treated as instrumentals, while others do have wonderfully laid-back vocals, and the result is an album that captures the spirit of both of these musicians, and is absolutely essential to anyone who has ever remotely enjoyed their music.

Zappa’s soaring fanfare “Peaches En Regalia” is inspirational, with a particularly eloquent alto sax solo by Cliff Lyons, while a brisk and forthright version of Rundgren’s “Influenza” showcases violinist Katie Jacoby, Palermo reaches deep into the Rundgren songbook for “Kiddie Boy,” a stinging blues from 1969’s ‘Nazz Nazz’. Drawing from the original horn arrangement, Palermo displays some impressive guitar work on a vehicle for Bruce McDaniel’s blue-eye vocals. Napoleon Murphy Brock delivers a poker-faced rendition of Zappa’s surreal “Montana”, (one of my personal favourites, both as the original and on the album) and McDaniel and Brock join forces on Rundgren’s deliriously silly “Emperor of the Highway”.

I really do feel that I could rave about this album for hours, with numbers such as “Song of the Viking” (Todd) just superb with an introductory arrangement for harpsichord and tuba that is inspired. The original was on the classic ‘Something/Anything’, and one has to say that playing one after the other I actually prefer the new version! Apparently Rundgren has also given this release his seal of approval, as I saw some photos on Facebook the other day of him attending one of the gigs promoting this, and having his photo taken with the band. This is an essential purchase, as is the case with many of Cuneiform’s albums.


Album · 2017 · Classic Fusion
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Yet again there have been some changes in the Machine Mass camp, and here founder members, guitarist Michel Delville (The Wrong Object; douBt; Alex Maguire Sextet) and drummer Anthony Bianco (douBt; Elton Dean; Dave Liebman) have brought in keyboard player Antoine Guenet (The Wrong Object; Sh.TG.N; Univers Zero), to assist them in their adventures. As a starting point the album is quite simple in its intent, namely that in one day last March the trio recorded some Hendrix songs live in the studio to celebrate the 50th anniversary of ‘Are You Experienced?’. It’s just from there that it gets a little more complex.

I am sure that everyone has their favourite Hendrix songs, and probably also their favourite Hendrix covers. For me there has always been something whimsical and emotive about ‘The Wind Cries Mary”, while I still believe that The Hamsters monumental album from 1990, ‘Electric Hamsterland’, takes some beating. But what we have here is something that Hendrix himself would have probably appreciated, namely three top musicians taking his songs as a starting point and then improvising, twisting and melding, them into something that is barely recognisable yet paying true homage to the craftsman who created them initially. Whenever a guitarist dares to cover a song created by a master then they are putting themselves up to fail, but what Michel has done here brilliantly is not only show that he too is a genius with his instrument, but has filled the interpretations full of jazz intensity and experimentalism, to create something that cannot be directly compared as it is just so very different indeed.

While fans of Jimi will enjoy hearing what Machine Mass have managed to do with classic Hendrix songs, this album is also very much for those who may not be close to the originals. Antoine uses some wonderful Hammond sounds as he Anthony try to keep everything under control while Michel sounds like he is deconstructing his guitar while somehow keeping sounds emanating from it. This album is incredibly impressive on every level, from the musicianship and arrangements through to the way they have ripped this material to pieces and then put it back, lovingly and with honour, into a brand-new format. And that they finish with “The Wind Cries Mary” is the icing on the cake. Superb.


Album · 2017 · Classic Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
t must be said that I wasn’t the world’s biggest fan of Dušan’s last release, 2013’s ‘Am I Walking Wrong’, and I think it was probably the first time I had ever given a Moonjune album a poor review, but I just didn’t get it. So, when this arrived in the post one day I wasn’t immediately over-enamoured, but I opened the digipak and realised that the drummer was none other than Asaf Sirkis, someone whose work I highly admire. The line-up was completed by Vasil Hadzimanov on acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano and Mini Moog bass, and I was immediately intrigued. Further investigation led to the discovery that the album was recorded in just two days last February, and knowing that they had toured together in different incarnations, as opposed to being put together for a studio project, made me think that this could be quite a special album indeed.

I put aside any preconceived ideas, and as soon as the first notes came out of the speakers I was transfixed. Here were wonderful guitar lines, perfectly accompanied by different keyboards with both lightness and strong bottom end, and then there was Asaf who was playing as if he was the lead player in the band. There are many times during this album where Vasil is valiantly managing to keep it all together, as both Dušan and Asaf attempt to be the main in charge. This is simply a wonderful album, full not only of wonderful melodies but great interplay between all those involved. Ideas bounce between the trio, and there are so many thing son here to enjoy, from brightness and sparks to reflective and delicate, such as on the emotional “Yo Sin Mi”. Dušan’s guitarwork is exemplary throughout, as he switches styles and tones, yet there is always clarity and finesse. This is not a guitarist who feels the need to prove his skills by playing five thousand notes to the bar, but instead shows it every time he uses sustain.

This is one of the most interesting and enjoyable instrumental albums I’ve come across in 2017.

DIALETO Bartók In Rock

Album · 2017 · Jazz Related Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners

What we have here is the latest release from Brazilian trio Dialeto, whose last album ‘The Last Tribe’ was excellent. I was a little surprised that it has taken four years for them to come back with the follow-up, but that may have something to do with the fact that only guitarist Nelson Coelho was in the band last time around. He has now been joined by drummer Fred Barley and bassist Gabriel Costa, which makes them more how they used to sound, as for the last album the bassist had been replaced by touch guitar. This album is an attempt by Dialeto to take compositions by Béla Bartók and then move them into their own genre, with lots of improvisation. Bartók is considered to be one of the most important Hungarian composers of the last century, and through his collection and analytical study of folk music, he was one of the founders of comparative musicology, which later became ethnomusicology.

With six of the ten songs named Roumanian Folk Dances it isn’t hard to see where the music originally stemmed from, but here it has been taken to new levels as jazz fusion takes this as a base and then moves it into quite new areas. The whole album is fresh, exciting and interesting, taking the listener through many twists and turns, and by the end I found myself thinking that I loved this so much that I really ought to discover the originals and see just what Dialeto had done to them to transform them into this modern style of music. David Cross makes an appearance on the first number, and my only wish was that he had could have stayed for the complete album as he had so much impact, but as it is this really is an album to savour.


Album · 2016 · Jazz Related RnB
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The collaboration between Albare and Phil Turcio started 27 years ago when Albert Dadon – aka Albare – was looking for a new pianist for his band. At the time, Phil had just turned 18. Albare recalls, “He was not even the youngest member of the band then; our drummer just turned 17.” “These guys sounded so good, it was a pleasure already to play with them.” Phil explains that he and Albare hear music in the same way, “Everything I throw at Albare comes back as if I would have played it myself.” Albare and Phil Turcio have now formed a new band with just the two of them, with Albare providing guitars and sitar, and Phil providing keyboards, piano and programming.

Each time I play this I think of George Benson, and the smooth jazz scene from the late Seventies. There is a strong relationship between the two musicians, with fluid soloing and harmonisation between the lead instruments, and the feeling is of two guys just relaxing and having fun with what they are doing. The stand out song is a cover, namely an emotional and delicate take on “Angie”, which almost deconstructs the original as it turns it into something very special indeed. It is a song I have always enjoyed, and I prefer this to the original, such is its power. Overall, this is a good album to wind down to at the end of the day, and although this isn’t my favourite form of jazz, they certainly do it well.

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