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MIKE MAINIERI - Wanderlust Pop/Art Song/Folk
MILES DAVIS - In a Silent Way Fusion
RALPH TOWNER - Matchbook (with Gary Burton) Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
JAN GARBAREK - Witchi-Tai-To Post Bop
SONNY ROLLINS - East Broadway Run Down Avant-Garde Jazz
JEAN-LUC PONTY - Enigmatic Ocean Fusion
JEAN-LUC PONTY - Open Mind Fusion
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Happenings Hard Bop
MILT JACKSON - Sunflower Fusion
EBERHARD WEBER - Yellow Fields Post Bop
DOUBLE IMAGE - Dawn Post-Fusion Contemporary
GARY BURTON - Passengers (with Eberhard Weber) Hard Bop
CHET BAKER - Peace Post Bop
MIKE NOCK - Ondas Post-Fusion Contemporary
HERBIE HANCOCK - Quartet Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Timeless Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway (with Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
MARC JOHNSON - The Sound of Summer Running Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Emerald Tears Avant-Garde Jazz
DAVE HOLLAND - Prism Fusion
MANU KATCHÉ - Neighbourhood Post Bop | review permalink
MCCOY TYNER - The Real McCoy Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Belonging (with Keith Jarrett, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen) Post Bop
ENRICO RAVA - The Plot Post Bop | review permalink
DON CHERRY - Art Deco Post Bop
BILL BRUFORD - One Of A Kind Jazz Related Rock
TERJE RYPDAL - What Comes After Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Current Events Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
AHMAD JAMAL - The Awakening Post Bop
RALPH TOWNER - Solo Concert World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - The Triangle World Fusion
ENRICO RAVA - Tati Post Bop | review permalink
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Soul Of Things Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
GRANT GREEN - Matador Hard Bop
JIMMY COBB - Jazz In The Key Of Blue Hard Bop
EBERHARD WEBER - Pendulum Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
GABOR SZABO - Mizrab Exotica
HAROLD LAND - A New Shade Of Blue Post Bop | review permalink
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Suspended Night Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
JOHN SURMAN - Brewster's Rooster Post Bop | review permalink
JOHN SURMAN - Saltash Bells Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
CHARLES TOLLIVER - Music Inc : The Ringer Post Bop | review permalink
MICK GOODRICK - In Pas(s)ing Post Bop | review permalink
RETURN TO FOREVER - Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Fusion
STEPS AHEAD / STEPS - Modern Times Fusion | review permalink
ANDY SUMMERS - Mysterious Barricades Jazz Related Improv/Composition
JACK DEJOHNETTE - New Directions Fusion
OLD AND NEW DREAMS - Old and New Dreams Post Bop
CHAD WACKERMAN - Forty Reasons Fusion
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Metal Fatigue Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Chaser Fusion | review permalink
BEEGIE ADAIR - Beegie Adair & Monica Ramey : Some Enchanted Evening Vocal Jazz
STAN GETZ - Voyage Cool Jazz
ANDY SUMMERS - Synaesthesia Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group Fusion
JACK DEJOHNETTE - In Movement Post Bop | review permalink
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - After the Rain Hard Bop
TONY WILLIAMS - The New Tony Williams Lifetime ‎: Believe It Fusion | review permalink
CHICK COREA - Three Quartets Post Bop
STAN GETZ - Blue Skies Post Bop | review permalink
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Live at Montreux Hard Bop | review permalink
STEVE WINWOOD - Arc of a Diver Pop/Art Song/Folk
STEVE WINWOOD - Talking Back to the Night Pop/Art Song/Folk
OLD AND NEW DREAMS - Playing Post Bop
WAYNE SHORTER - Adam's Apple Hard Bop
DIZZY GILLESPIE - Dizzy Gillespie's Big 4 Bop
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Jack DeJohnette's Directions : New Rags Fusion
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Alone Post Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Total Eclipse Hard Bop
ANDREW HILL - Dance With Death Post Bop
PAT METHENY - 80/81 Fusion
GARY BURTON - Gary Burton / Chick Corea ‎: Crystal Silence Post Bop | review permalink
GRANT GREEN - Nigeria Hard Bop
MILES DAVIS - Aura Fusion
CHIARA PANCALDI - I Walk A Little Faster Vocal Jazz
KENNY WHEELER - Double, Double You Post Bop | review permalink
WAYNE SHORTER - The Collector (aka Etcetera) Post Bop | review permalink
CHARLIE HADEN - Magico (with Jan Garbarek, Egberto Gismonti) Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
MAX ROACH - Scott Free Post Bop
AHMAD JAMAL - The Essence, Part 1 Hard Bop
CHRIS POTTER - Circuits Fusion | review permalink
MARC JOHNSON - Second Sight Fusion | review permalink
JOE FARRELL - Moon Germs Fusion | review permalink
KENNY WHEELER - All the More Post Bop | review permalink
CEDAR WALTON - Eastern Rebellion Hard Bop
MARION BROWN - November Cotton Flower Avant-Garde Jazz
BENNIE MAUPIN - Penumbra Post-Fusion Contemporary
LEE MORGAN - The Gigolo Hard Bop
LARRY YOUNG - Mothership Post Bop | review permalink
FREDDIE HUBBARD - Straight Life Fusion | review permalink
ANDY SUMMERS - Charming Snakes Fusion | review permalink
BILL FRISELL - In Line Eclectic Fusion
JEAN-LUC PONTY - Individual Choice Fusion
EBERHARD WEBER - Silent Feet Third Stream
EBERHARD WEBER - Later That Evening Third Stream
EBERHARD WEBER - The Colours of Chloë Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway 2 (with Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
RALPH TOWNER - Solstice Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Solstice, Sound and Shadows Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Batik World Fusion
RALPH TOWNER - Blue Sun Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Slide Show (with Gary Burton) Post-Fusion Contemporary
OSCAR PETERSON - Motions and Emotions Bop
STANLEY TURRENTINE - Another Story Soul Jazz
STANLEY TURRENTINE - Cherry (with Milt Jackson) Soul Jazz
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Miroslav Vitous Group Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHICK COREA - Trio Music, Live in Europe Post Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Solo / Quartet Post Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Trident Post Bop
KENNY BARRON - Scratch Hard Bop
STAN GETZ - Pure Getz Post Bop
FREDDIE HUBBARD - Without a Song: Live in Europe 1969 Hard Bop
PAUL MOTIAN - Paul Motian Trio: Le Voyage Post Bop
PAUL MOTIAN - Paul Motian Trio: It Should Have Happened a Long Time Ago Eclectic Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Arbour Zena Third Stream
KEITH JARRETT - Hymns - Spheres Third Stream
KEITH JARRETT - Invocations / The Moth And The Flame Third Stream
KEITH JARRETT - The Melody at Night, With You Post-Fusion Contemporary
KEITH JARRETT - The Celestial Hawk Third Stream
KEITH JARRETT - Dark Intervals Post-Fusion Contemporary
KEITH JARRETT - La Scala Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Photo With Blue Sky, White Cloud, Wires, Windows And A Red Roof Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - It's OK To Listen To The Grey Voice Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOE HENDERSON - Relaxin' at Camarillo Post Bop
JOE HENDERSON - Tetragon Hard Bop
JOE HENDERSON - Power to the People Hard Bop
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Bluish Post-Fusion Contemporary
GARY PEACOCK - Guamba Post Bop
KAZUMI WATANABE - The Spice of Life Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Whenever I Seem to Be Far Away Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Odyssey Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Terje Rypdal / Miroslav Vitous / Jack DeJohnette Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - If Mountains Could Sing Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Water Stories Post-Fusion Contemporary
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Ketil Bjørnstad / David Darling / Terje Rypdal / Jon Christensen : The Sea Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAUL DESMOND - Skylark Cool Jazz
JOHN SURMAN - Upon Reflection Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - The Amazing Adventures Of Simon Simon Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - Withholding Pattern Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - Road to Saint Ives Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Paths, Prints Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
HUBERT LAWS - Afro-Classic Third Stream
ARILD ANDERSEN - If You Look Far Enough World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - A Molde Concert World Fusion
MILES DAVIS - Filles de Kilimanjaro Post Bop
MILES DAVIS - Live In Europe 1967 - Best Of The Bootleg Series Vol. 1 Post Bop
ENRICO RAVA - The Pilgrim and the Stars Post Bop
NAT ADDERLEY - You, Baby Hard Bop
NAT ADDERLEY - Blue Autumn Hard Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - V.S.O.P.:Tempest in the Colosseum Post Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - An Evening with Herbie Hancock & Chick Corea Third Stream
RON CARTER - All Blues Post Bop
RON CARTER - Spanish Blue Post Bop
RON CARTER - Third Plane (with Herbie Hancock and Tony Williams) Post Bop
RON CARTER - So What Post Bop
ART PEPPER - One September Afternoon Hard Bop
ART PEPPER - Unreleased Art, Vol. 1 The Complete Abashiri Concert - November 22, 1981 Hard Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Passion Dance Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Trio w/ Steve Coleman, Jack DeJohnette ‎: Triplicate Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quartet : Extensions Eclectic Fusion
CHARLES LLOYD - The Water Is Wide Post Bop
CHARLES LLOYD - Forest Flower Post Bop
BILL CONNORS - Of Mist and Melting (with Jan Garbarek, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
LEE MORGAN - Sonic Boom Hard Bop
KEITH JARRETT - The Köln Concert Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHICK COREA - In Concert, Zürich, October 28, 1979 (with Gary Burton) Post Bop
JOE PASS - Joy Spring Bop
KENNY BURRELL - God Bless the Child Hard Bop
JOSHUA REDMAN - Passage Of Time Post Bop
JEAN-LUC PONTY - Jean-Luc Ponty: Live At Donte's Fusion
HANK MOBLEY - Thinking Of Home Hard Bop | review permalink
KEITH JARRETT - Solo Concerts: Bremen/Lausanne Post-Fusion Contemporary
MASQUALERO - Re-Enter Nu Jazz
PAUL BLEY - Open, to Love Post Bop
DON CHERRY - El Corazon (with Ed Blackwell) Avant-Garde Jazz
DAVID DARLING - Cello Jazz Related Improv/Composition
DAVID DARLING - Dark Wood Third Stream
MARC JOHNSON - Shades of Jade Post Bop
PLAYERS - Players Fusion
CHARLES TOLLIVER - Charles Tolliver And His All Stars (aka Paper Man) Post Bop
MANU KATCHÉ - Manu Katché Post Bop
JACK DEJOHNETTE - New Directions In Europe Fusion
WES MONTGOMERY - Road Song Pop/Art Song/Folk
WES MONTGOMERY - Down Here on the Ground Pop/Art Song/Folk
OLD AND NEW DREAMS - Don Cherry, Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Eddie Blackwell : Old And New Dreams Post Bop
STANLEY TURRENTINE - Mr. Natural Soul Jazz
GARY BURTON - The New Quartet Fusion
GARY BURTON - Times Square Post Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Sahara Post Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Land of Giants Post Bop
JOSHUA REDMAN - Yaya3 Post Bop
JANE MONHEIT - Taking a Chance on Love Vocal Jazz
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Atavachron Fusion
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Wardenclyffe Tower Fusion
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Road Games Fusion
JIM HALL - Concierto Post Bop
KEITH JARRETT - Vienna Concert Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - November (with Mark Johnson & Peter Erskine) Fusion
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - I Will Say Goodbye Post Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Herbie Hancock & Jaco Pastorius :Live At The Ivanhoe Theater, Chicago. Feb 16Th 1977 Fusion
KENNY WHEELER - The Widow In The Window Post Bop
HAROLD LAND - Take Aim Hard Bop
MARK ISHAM - We Begin Post-Fusion Contemporary
HAROLD LAND - The Harold Land / Blue Mitchell Quintet : Mapenzi Hard Bop
RALPH TOWNER - Ralph Towner / Paolo Fresu : Chiaroscuro Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
JAN GARBAREK - Places Fusion | review permalink
OSCAR PETERSON - Oscar Peterson & Harry Edison Swing
MICHAEL HEDGES - Aerial Boundaries Jazz Related Improv/Composition
DEXTER GORDON - Clubhouse Hard Bop
GRANT GREEN - Street of Dreams Hard Bop
KEVIN EUBANKS - Turning Point Fusion
GRANT GREEN - Blues for Lou Hard Bop
STAN GETZ - The Master Cool Jazz
STAN GETZ - Stan Getz & Albert Dailey ‎: Poetry Cool Jazz
CHARLES LLOYD - Voice in the Night Post Bop
WYNTON MARSALIS - Live at Blues Alley Hard Bop
NAT ADDERLEY - Calling Out Loud (aka Comin' Out Of The Shadows) Hard Bop
CHRIS POTTER - The Sirens Post Bop
TAD BRITTON - Black Hills Post Bop | review permalink
RAINER BRÜNINGHAUS - Freigeweht Fusion
ART BLAKEY - Africaine Hard Bop
PAT METHENY - Watercolors Fusion
PAT METHENY - New Chautauqua Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - Question And Answer (with Dave Holland & Roy Haynes) Post Bop
PAT METHENY - One Quiet Night Fusion
ART PEPPER - Art Pepper & George Cables ‎: Tete-A-Tete Post Bop
EGBERTO GISMONTI - Dança dos Escravos World Fusion
MICHAEL BRECKER - Michael Brecker Post Bop
EGBERTO GISMONTI - Infancia World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - Shimri World Fusion
THELONIOUS MONK - With John Coltrane at Carnegie Hall Bop
KEITH JARRETT - At the Deer Head Inn Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - 39 Steps Post Bop | review permalink
THE GREAT JAZZ TRIO - Autumn Leaves Post Bop
THE GREAT JAZZ TRIO - Someday My Prince Will Come Post Bop
THE GREAT JAZZ TRIO - At the Village Vanguard Post Bop
DEWEY REDMAN - The Struggle Continues Post Bop
JAMES NEWTON - Axum Avant-Garde Jazz
THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET - Three Windows Third Stream
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Quintessence Post Bop
MARC COPLAND - Time Within Time Post Bop
KEITH JARRETT - Bye Bye Blackbird Hard Bop | review permalink
ART LANDE - Art Lande And Rubisa Patrol ‎: Desert Marauders Fusion | review permalink
MILES DAVIS - Nefertiti Post Bop
PAT METHENY - As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls (with Lyle Mays) Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHARLIE HADEN - The Montreal Tapes (With Don Cherry and Ed Blackwell) Avant-Garde Jazz
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - The Bill Evans Trio : On A Monday Evening Post Bop
JOACHIM KÜHN - Situations Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
LEE MORGAN - Infinity Hard Bop
JOE HENDERSON - An Evening With Joe Henderson Hard Bop
DONALD BYRD - Chant Hard Bop
JIMMY SMITH - Root Down Soul Jazz
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Jack DeJohnette's Directions : Untitled Fusion
BILL FRISELL - Bill Frisell/ Ron Carter/Paul Motian Eclectic Fusion
MARC COPLAND - That's For Sure (with John Abercrombie, Kenny Wheeler) Post Bop
STAN GETZ - My Foolish Heart Cool Jazz
OREGON - Ecotopia World Fusion
PAUL MOTIAN - Paul Motian, Chris Potter, Jason Moran : Lost In A Dream Post-Fusion Contemporary
LEE MORGAN - !Caramba! Hard Bop
JOSHUA REDMAN - Back East Post Bop
RON MILES - Ron Miles Trio Post Bop
STEVE TIBBETTS - Northern Song World Fusion
JOSHUA REDMAN - Still Dreaming Post Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Mc Coy Tyner With Stanley Clarke And Al Foster Post Bop
FREDDIE HUBBARD - Here to Stay Hard Bop
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Music We Are Post Bop
EGBERTO GISMONTI - Dança Das Cabeças World Fusion
HERBIE HANCOCK - The Herbie Hancock Trio Post Bop
TONY BENNETT - The Tony Bennett And Bill Evans Album Vocal Jazz
GARY BURTON - Gary Burton & Stéphane Grappelli: Paris Encounter Post Bop
KENNY BARRON - What If? Hard Bop
STANLEY COWELL - Brilliant Circles Avant-Garde Jazz
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Balladyna Avant-Garde Jazz
MARC COPLAND - Another Place Post Bop
KENNY BURRELL - 'Round Midnight Bop
ANDY SUMMERS - World Gone Strange Fusion | review permalink
CHAD WACKERMAN - Dreams, Nightmares and Improvisations Fusion
HERBIE HANCOCK - Herbie Hancock Trio (With Ron Carter + Tony Williams) Hard Bop
JOE CHAMBERS - Double Exposure (with Larry Young) Post Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - Both Directions at Once : The Lost Album Post Bop
FRANK MORGAN - Mood Indigo Hard Bop
STAN GETZ - Sweet Rain Post Bop | review permalink
THELONIOUS MONK - Paris 1969 Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Four Seasons Hard Bop
ELVIN JONES - Puttin' It Together Hard Bop
THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET - Together Again! Live At The Montreux Jazz Festival '82 Cool Jazz
JIMMY COBB - Cobb's Corner Hard Bop
JOE FARRELL - Penny Arcade Funk Jazz
GRANT GREEN - Goin' West Hard Bop
SPHERE - Four in One Hard Bop
DEXTER GORDON - The Jumpin' Blues Hard Bop
JOSHUA REDMAN - Come What May Post Bop
ANDY SUMMERS - Green Chimneys - The Music of Thelonious Monk Hard Bop
SPHERE - Flight Path Hard Bop
PAUL BLEY - Not Two,Not One 21st Century Modern
SAM YAHEL - Truth and Beauty Post Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - In the Vanguard Hard Bop
KARRIN ALLYSON - Round Midnight Vocal Jazz
ZOOT SIMS - Zoot Sims and the Gershwin Brothers Cool Jazz
LAURENCE HOBGOOD - t e s s e t e r r a Post-Fusion Contemporary
STAN GETZ - Live in Paris Cool Jazz
RON CARTER - Etudes Post Bop
BRAD MEHLDAU - Anything Goes Post Bop
EMILIE-CLAIRE BARLOW - The Very Thought Of You Vocal Jazz
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - The Paris Concert, Edition Two Post Bop
MILES DAVIS - Live at the 1963 Monterey Jazz Festival Hard Bop
KEITH JARRETT - Personal Mountains Post-Fusion Contemporary
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - The Paris Concert, Edition One Post Bop
KEITH JARRETT - Somewhere Post Bop
ZOOT SIMS - Blues For Two (with Joe Pass) Cool Jazz
KENNY WHEELER - Kenny Wheeler / Lee Konitz / Dave Holland / Bill Frisell : Angel Song Avant-Garde Jazz
SADAO WATANABE - Round Trip Avant-Garde Jazz
MIKE NOCK - Climbing Fusion
ART FARMER - Big Blues Cool Jazz
JACKIE MCLEAN - Consequence Hard Bop | review permalink
NEAL SCHON - I On U Jazz Related Rock
JOE FARRELL - Sonic Text Post Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Flood Funk Jazz
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Tomasz Stańko Quintet : Dark Eyes Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
MICHAEL SHRIEVE - Stiletto Jazz Related Improv/Composition
EDDIE HENDERSON - Eddie Henderson Quintet ‎: Phantoms Post Bop
MILES DAVIS - Cookin' at the Plugged Nickel Hard Bop
RICHIE BEIRACH - Richie Beirach and George Coleman ‎: Convergence Post Bop
DAVE BRUBECK - 1975: The Duets (feat. Paul Desmond) Post Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Head Hunters Funk Jazz
JIMMY SMITH - Six Views Of The Blues Blues
CHRIS POTTER - Sunrise Reprise Fusion | review permalink
PAUL MOTIAN - Monk in Motian Eclectic Fusion
MILT JACKSON - Reverence And Compassion Hard Bop | review permalink
MAL WALDRON - Mal Waldron Quintet ‎: The Seagulls Of Kristiansund - Live At The Village Vanguard Post Bop
MAL WALDRON - Songs Of Love And Regret (with Marion Brown) Post Bop
ED CHERRY - Soul Tree Hard Bop
ANDREW CYRILLE - Andrew Cyrille/Wadada Leo Smith/Bill Frisell : Lebroba 21st Century Modern
JIMMY SMITH - Straight Life Blues
MARION BROWN - Offering Avant-Garde Jazz
LEE KONITZ - Tenorlee Cool Jazz
MICHAEL SHRIEVE - Fascination Eclectic Fusion
JACKIE MCLEAN - Action Hard Bop
BOOKER ERVIN - Tex Book Tenor Hard Bop
FREDDIE HUBBARD - Sweet Return Fusion
LEE KONITZ - Lee Konitz, Gary Versace : Organic-Lee Post Bop
ROY HARGROVE - Roy Hargrove/Christian McBride/Stephen Scott Trio : Parker's Mood Post Bop | review permalink
DAVE DOUGLAS - Dave Douglas, Uri Caine, Andrew Cyrille ‎: Devotion 21st Century Modern
RALPH TOWNER - My Foolish Heart Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
JEFF HAMILTON - Live From San Pedro Hard Bop
LARRY GRENADIER - The Gleaners Post-Fusion Contemporary
GEORGE COLEMAN - The George Coleman Quintet In Baltimore Hard Bop
ALBERT DAILEY - That Old Feeling Hard Bop
KENNY GARRETT - Songbook Post Bop
LARRY GOLDINGS - Ramshackle Serenade Post Bop
AHMAD JAMAL - Big Byrd: The Essence, Part 2 Hard Bop
LARRY GOLDINGS - Moonbird Post Bop
KENNY GARRETT - Triology Post Bop | review permalink
MCCOY TYNER - Remembering John Post Bop
RON MILES - Witness Post Bop
KEVIN EUBANKS - Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan : Duets Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOEY DEFRANCESCO - Snapshot Hard Bop
WALTER NORRIS - Drifting (with George Mraz) Post Bop
ANTHONY BRAXTON - Seven Standards 1985, Volume II Avant-Garde Jazz
STEVE KHAN - Modern Times Fusion
TOMASZ STAŃKO - December Avenue Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
PEPPER ADAMS - Twelfth & Pingree (aka Pepper) Hard Bop
DOUBLE IMAGE - Double Image Post-Fusion Contemporary
GRANT GREEN - Oleo Hard Bop
STANLEY COWELL - Equipoise Post Bop
RICHIE BEIRACH - Elm Post Bop | review permalink
BOOKER ERVIN - Structurally Sound Hard Bop
GARY PEACOCK - Gary Peacock & Marc Copland : Insight Post Bop
RALPH TOWNER - Ana World Fusion
CHARLIE HADEN - Etudes (with Paul Motian feat. Geri Allen) Post Bop
JEAN-LUC PONTY - Imaginary Voyage Fusion
JEAN-LUC PONTY - Aurora Fusion
EBERHARD WEBER - Chorus Third Stream
EBERHARD WEBER - The Following Morning Third Stream
MARC JOHNSON - Bass Desires Post Bop
RALPH TOWNER - Diary Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Five Years Later World Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Life Cycle Third Stream
MIROSLAV VITOUS - First Meeting Post-Fusion Contemporary
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Journey's End Post-Fusion Contemporary
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - The Kicker Hard Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Time For Tyner Post Bop
STAN GETZ - Capitan Maravilla (aka Captain Marvel) Latin Jazz
FREDDIE HUBBARD - First Light Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Lou Harrison: Piano Concerto / Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra Third Stream
JAN GARBAREK - Dis Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Wayfarer Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - All Those Born With Wings Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Abercrombie Quartet Fusion
DON CHERRY - Dona Nostra Avant-Garde Jazz
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Lontano Post-Fusion Contemporary
GARY PEACOCK - December Poems Avant-Garde Jazz
GARY PEACOCK - Shift In The Wind Avant-Garde Jazz
GARY PEACOCK - Voice From the Past - Paradigm Avant-Garde Jazz
BILL BRUFORD - If Summer Had Its Ghosts (with Ralph Towner and Eddie Gomez) Post-Fusion Contemporary
KAZUMI WATANABE - Kilowatt Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Terje Rypdal Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Waves Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Descendre Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Terje Rypdal, David Darling : Eos Post-Fusion Contemporary
TERJE RYPDAL - Skywards Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Ketil Bjørnstad / David Darling : The River Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAUL DESMOND - Pure Desmond Cool Jazz
PAUL DESMOND - Summertime Bossa Nova
JOHN SURMAN - Private City Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - Stranger Than Fiction Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - Coruscating Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Cat 'n' Mouse Fusion
RALPH TOWNER - Anthem World Fusion
HUBERT LAWS - Carnegie Hall Pop/Art Song/Folk
CHRIS BOTTI - Midnight Without You Pop/Art Song/Folk
CHRIS BOTTI - Slowing Down the World Pop/Art Song/Folk
CHRIS BOTTI - Night Sessions Pop/Art Song/Folk
MILES DAVIS - Miles Davis Quintet : Miles Smiles Post Bop
MILES DAVIS - Miles in the Sky Post Bop
ENRICO RAVA - Full Of Life Post Bop
ENRICO RAVA - Montreal Diary: Plays Miles Davis Post Bop
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Alone (Again) Post Bop
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Montreux II Post Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Speak Like a Child Post Bop
JOE HENDERSON - Mirror, Mirror Post Bop
JOE HENDERSON - Henderson's Habiliment (aka In Japan) Hard Bop
RON CARTER - Yellow & Green Post Bop
RON CARTER - Patrão Post Bop
RON CARTER - The Golden Striker Hard Bop
ART PEPPER - Omega Alpha Bop
CHARLES LLOYD - Manhattan Stories Fusion
MATHIAS EICK - Midwest Nu Jazz
MICK GOODRICK - Arrival (with John Abercrombie, Harvie Swartz, Marvin "Smitty" Smith) Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Star (with Miroslav Vitous, Peter Erskine) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - In Praise of Dreams World Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Swimming with a Hole in My Body Post-Fusion Contemporary
LEE MORGAN - The Procrastinator (aka All-Star Sextet) Hard Bop
LEE MORGAN - Taru Hard Bop
HAROLD LAND - A Lazy Afternoon Hard Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - San Francisco Hard Bop
LEE KONITZ - Satori Cool Jazz
JEAN-LUC PONTY - The Acatama Experience Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Dmitri Shostakovich: 24 Preludes and Fugues Op. 87 Third Stream
KEITH JARRETT - Handel Suites for Keyboard Third Stream
HANK MOBLEY - Reach Out Hard Bop
DAVID DARLING - Cycles Post-Fusion Contemporary
ART LANDE - Rubisa Patrol Post-Fusion Contemporary
ANDY SUMMERS - The Golden Wire Post-Fusion Contemporary
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Parallel Realities Fusion
JACKIE MCLEAN - New Wine In Old Bottles Post Bop
JACKIE MCLEAN - Vertigo Hard Bop
WES MONTGOMERY - Willow Weep for Me Hard Bop
HANK MOBLEY - Far Away Lands Hard Bop
GARY BURTON - Ring (with Eberhard Weber) Post Bop
GARY BURTON - Hotel Hello Post Bop
GARY BURTON - Real Life Hits Post Bop
GARY BURTON - Duet (with Chick Corea) Post Bop
HAROLD LAND - Choma (Burn) Fusion | review permalink
KEITH JARRETT - Keith Jarrett / Charlie Haden : Jasmine Post Bop
SARA GAZAREK - Blossom & Bee Vocal Jazz
CHAD WACKERMAN - The View Fusion
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Velvet Darkness Fusion
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Emergence Post-Fusion Contemporary
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Atmos Post-Fusion Contemporary
MASQUALERO - Bande a Part Nu Jazz
ROY ELDRIDGE - Jazz Maturity (with Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie) Swing
ROY ELDRIDGE - Montreux 77 Swing
KEITH JARRETT - Paris Concert Post-Fusion Contemporary
SONNY ROLLINS - Easy Living Fusion
SONNY ROLLINS - The Cutting Edge Post Bop
CHET BAKER - Once Upon a Summertime Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Sargasso Sea (with Ralph Towner) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Characters Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Getting There Post-Fusion Contemporary
KEITH JARRETT - Changeless (with Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette) Post-Fusion Contemporary
KENNY WHEELER - Deer Wan Post Bop
AVISHAI COHEN (TRUMPET) - Into the Silence Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN COLTRANE - The Paris Concert Hard Bop
STEVE KUHN - Ecstasy Post Bop
CHARLES LLOYD - The Flowering of the Original Charles Lloyd Quartet (Recorded in Concert) Avant-Garde Jazz
OSCAR PETERSON - Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie Bop
OSCAR PETERSON - Oscar Peterson & Jon Faddis Bop
WAYNE SHORTER - Odyssey of Iska Fusion
CRAIG TABORN - Daylight Ghosts 21st Century Modern
MATT SLOCUM - After the Storm Post-Fusion Contemporary
WES MONTGOMERY - One Night In Indy Hard Bop
AARON PARKS - Arborescence Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOSHUA REDMAN - Walking Shadows Post-Fusion Contemporary
MILT JACKSON - The Milt Jackson Big 4 At The Montreux Jazz Festival 1975 Bop
NAT ADDERLEY - We Remember Cannon Hard Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Legend of the Seven Dreams World Fusion
DEXTER GORDON - Landslide Hard Bop
FREDDIE HUBBARD - Outpost (aka Freddie Hubbard -Amiga Jazz) Post Bop | review permalink
JOE HENDERSON - Barcelona Post Bop | review permalink
STANLEY COWELL - Close To You Alone Post Bop
KEVIN EUBANKS - East West Time Line Fusion
PAT METHENY - Bright Size Life Post Bop
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : American Garage Fusion
CHRIS POTTER - The Dreamer Is the Dream 21st Century Modern
EGBERTO GISMONTI - Zig Zag World Fusion
ART LANDE - Skylight Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
MICHAEL BRECKER - Two Blocks From the Edge Post Bop
BUSTER WILLIAMS - Something More Post Bop
KEITH JARRETT - My Song Post-Fusion Contemporary
KEITH JARRETT - Changes (with Gary Peacock & Jack DeJohnette) Post Bop
STANLEY CLARKE - The Rite of Strings (feat. Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc Ponty) World Fusion
CHARLES LLOYD - The Charles Lloyd Quartet ‎: Charles Lloyd In Europe Avant-Garde Jazz
RAVI COLTRANE - Mad 6 Post Bop
JON FADDIS - Legacy Bop
ART PEPPER - Stardust Hard Bop
THE GREAT JAZZ TRIO - Milestones Post Bop
KEITH JARRETT - Facing You Post-Fusion Contemporary
ARILD ANDERSEN - Green Shading Into Blue World Fusion
BRANFORD MARSALIS - Metamorphosen Post Bop
BRANFORD MARSALIS - Performs Coltrane's A Love Supreme Live In Amsterdam Post Bop
ENRICO RAVA - Duo En Noir Post Bop
MICHAEL BRECKER - Tales From the Hudson Post Bop
MASABUMI KIKUCHI - Sunrise Avant-Garde Jazz
CEDAR WALTON - Cedar! Hard Bop
CEDAR WALTON - Manhattan Afternoon Hard Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Illuminations Post Bop
CHICK COREA - The Song of Singing Avant-Garde Jazz
CHICK COREA - A.R.C. (with David Holland & Barry Altschul) Avant-Garde Jazz
STING - The Dream of the Blue Turtles Pop/Art Song/Folk
STEVE WINWOOD - Stevie Winwood Jazz Related Rock
STEVE WINWOOD - Back in the High Life Pop/Art Song/Folk
GARY BURTON - Live In Olympia,Washington 1976 Fusion
CHRIS BOTTI - Italia Pop/Art Song/Folk
SCENES - Destinations Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Farewell Fusion
ELVIN JONES - Earth Jones Avant-Garde Jazz
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Up And Coming Post Bop | review permalink
RALPH ALESSI - Quiver 21st Century Modern
OREGON - Oregon World Fusion
OREGON - Crossing World Fusion
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Jack DeJohnette's Directions : Cosmic Chicken Fusion
TERELL STAFFORD - This Side of Strayhorn Post Bop
MARK ISHAM - Vapor Drawings Post-Fusion Contemporary
PETER ERSKINE - In Praise Of Shadows Post-Fusion Contemporary
STAN GETZ - Nobody Else But Me Cool Jazz
ART PEPPER - Landscape - Art Pepper Live In Tokyo '79 (aka Tokyo Encore) Hard Bop
JOEY CALDERAZZO - Joey Calderazzo Post Bop
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Electric Guitarist Fusion
DANILO PÉREZ - Danilo Perez, John Patitucci & Brian Blade : Children Of The Light Fusion
MILES DAVIS - Miles in Tokyo Hard Bop
PAUL MCCANDLESS - McCandless / Taylor / Balducci / Rabbia : Evansiana Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAMES CLAY - I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart Hard Bop
AL DI MEOLA - Scenario Fusion
MILT JACKSON - Born Free Bop
CHRIS POTTER - Unspoken Post Bop
RAVI COLTRANE - Blending Times Post Bop
CHIARA PANCALDI - What Is There To Say Vocal Jazz
FREDDIE HUBBARD - Face to Face Hard Bop
JOHN HICKS - Power Trio Post Bop
GARY BURTON - Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett Post Bop
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Hard Hat Area Fusion
MILES DAVIS - Live At The Oriental Theatre 1966 Post Bop
DOMINIC MILLER - Silent Light Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOE FARRELL - Joe Farrell Quartet (aka Song Of The Wind aka Super Sessions) Post Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Patterns Hard Bop
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : "Quartet" Post Bop
GALLERY - Gallery Post-Fusion Contemporary
BLUE MITCHELL - Bring It Home To Me Hard Bop
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Good Bait Pop/Art Song/Folk
CHARLES LLOYD - Fish Out of Water Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH ALESSI - Imaginary Friends 21st Century Modern
ART LANDE - The Eccentricities Of Earl Dant Post-Fusion Contemporary
JIMMY SMITH - I'm Movin' On Hard Bop
FRANK MORGAN - Listen to the Dawn Hard Bop
DIZZY GILLESPIE - The Bop Session Bop
MILES DAVIS - Jazz at the Plaza Hard Bop
GEORGE BENSON - Shape of Things to Come Soul Jazz
GEORGE BENSON - Beyond the Blue Horizon Soul Jazz
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Solar (with John Scofield) Post Bop
STAN GETZ - Serenity Cool Jazz
JIMMY SMITH - Further Adventures of Jimmy and Wes Soul Jazz
DEXTER GORDON - The Squirrel Hard Bop
BRAD MEHLDAU - The Art Of The Trio - Volume Three - Songs Post Bop
DEXTER GORDON - Ca' Purange Hard Bop
BEEGIE ADAIR - Escape To New York Cool Jazz
KENNY BURRELL - Asphalt Canyon Suite Bop
DEXTER GORDON - Tangerine Hard Bop
CHICK COREA - Again and Again (The Joburg Sessions) Fusion
DENNY ZEITLIN - Time Remembers One Time Once (with Charlie Haden) Post Bop
DEXTER GORDON - Generation Hard Bop
ART PEPPER - Winter Moon Post Bop
RON MILES - Circuit Rider Post-Fusion Contemporary
MIKE NOCK - In Out and Around Post Bop
BILLY COBHAM - Alivemutherforya (with Steve Khan / Alphonso Johnson / Tom Scott) Fusion
CLARK TERRY - Memories of Duke Bop
ENRICO RAVA - Shades Of Chet (with Paolo Fresu) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAKOB BRO - Returnings Post-Fusion Contemporary
DEXTER GORDON - Blues a la Suisse Hard Bop
RAY BROWN - Something for Lester Bop
ROY HAYNES - When It's Haynes It Roars Hard Bop
BRANFORD MARSALIS - Songs Of Mirth And Melancholy (with Joey Calderazzo) Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHARLIE ROUSE - The Upper Manhattan Jazz Society Hard Bop
JIMMY SMITH - Keep on Comin' Hard Bop
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Bill Evans With Philly Joe Jones : Green Dolphin Street Cool Jazz
BOB JAMES - Three Pop/Art Song/Folk
TOM HARRELL - Play Of Light Post Bop
JOE HENDERSON - Black Is The Color Fusion
LEE KONITZ - Lee Konitz, Harold Danko ‎: Once Upon A Line Post Bop
JOHN TAYLOR - Rosslyn (with Marc Johnson and Joey Baron) Post Bop
CLARK TERRY - Friendship Bop
BILLY COBHAM - Observations & Fusion
MCCOY TYNER - Dimensions Post Bop
MAX ROACH - Max Roach, Clifford Brown : Daahoud Bop
MO FOSTER - Bel Assis Pop/Art Song/Folk
DAVE HOLLAND - Ones All Post Bop
THELONIOUS MONK - Newport '59 Bop
BILL FRISELL - Ghost Town Eclectic Fusion
STÉPHANE GRAPPELLI - Meets The Rhythm Section Swing
ANNE HAMPTON CALLAWAY - Easy Living Vocal Jazz
ZOOT SIMS - Soprano Sax Cool Jazz
JERRY GOODMAN - On The Future Of Aviation Pop/Art Song/Folk
TERJE RYPDAL - Conspiracy Fusion | review permalink
JOE LOVANO - Sounds of Joy Post Bop
NEAL SCHON - Beyond The Thunder Pop/Art Song/Folk
WAYNE SHORTER - Beyound the Sound Barrier 21st Century Modern | review permalink
JOE LABARBERA - Silver Streams Hard Bop
STANLEY CLARKE - If This Bass Could Only Talk Funk Jazz
MAX ROACH - In the Light Post Bop
JOHN LEWIS - The Garden Of Delight - Delaunay's Dilemma Third Stream
JOE PASS - Live at Long Beach City College (aka Blues Dues) Bop
ANDREW HILL - Compulsion Avant-Garde Jazz
ELIANE ELIAS - I Thought About You: A Tribute to Chet Baker Vocal Jazz
LARRY CORYELL - Dedicated To Bill Evans And Scott La Faro Fusion
RUSSELL MALONE - Heartstrings Hard Bop
RON CARTER - Dear Miles, Cool Jazz
HAROLD MABERN - Misty Hard Bop
GRANT GREEN - Alive! Hard Bop
RICHIE BEIRACH - Ballads Post Bop
RON CARTER - Stardust Post Bop
KENNY BARRON - Kenny Barron Quintet ‎: Quickstep Hard Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Thrust Funk Jazz
CHRIS POTTER - Pure Post Bop
JOHN LEWIS - Slavic Smile Third Stream
ELVIN JONES - Live at the Village Vanguard Avant-Garde Jazz
JOHN SCOFIELD - Still Warm Funk Jazz
JOHN LEWIS - Sensitive Scenery Third Stream
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Universal Syncopations Post Bop | review permalink
WAYNE SHORTER - High Life Post Bop
GLORIA REUBEN - Gloria Reuben & Marty Ashby : For All We Know Vocal Jazz
TERENCE BLANCHARD - Let's Get Lost Vocal Jazz
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Within A Song Post Bop
IKE QUEBEC - With A Song In My Heart Swing | review permalink
RONNIE CUBER - Live At The Blue Note Hard Bop
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Unknown Session (aka Loose Blues) Post Bop
PAOLO FRESU - Ballads Post Bop
KENNY BARRON - Wanton Spirit Hard Bop
MAL WALDRON - Left Alone '86 Hard Bop
GEORGE CABLES - Phantom Of The City Hard Bop
ART BLAKEY - Like Someone In Love Hard Bop
GRANT GREEN - Iron City! Hard Bop
BOB DEGEN - Chartreuse Post Bop
DAVID TORN - Clouds About Mercury Nu Jazz
JOHN STUBBLEFIELD - Bushman Song Post Bop
HANK JONES - Groovin' High Bop
MARION BROWN - Marion Brown & Jazz Cushion: Echoes Of Blue Avant-Garde Jazz
DIANNE REEVES - A Little Moonlight Vocal Jazz
COUNT BASIE - Count Basie & Dizzy Gillespie ‎: The Gifted Ones Swing
JOANNE BRACKEEN - Fi-Fi Goes To Heaven Post Bop
THELONIOUS MONK - Straight, No Chaser Bop
JEREMY STEIG - Outlaws Fusion
MCCOY TYNER - Song for My Lady Post Bop
HAL GALPER - Now Hear This Post Bop
DEXTER GORDON - Gotham City Hard Bop
WALLACE RONEY - Munchin' Hard Bop
DAVE DOUGLAS - Strange Liberation Eclectic Fusion
STEVE KHAN - Eyewitness Fusion
SONNY FORTUNE - Laying It Down Post Bop
TIERNEY SUTTON - Dancing in the Dark Vocal Jazz
WOODY SHAW - Solid Hard Bop
ANTHONY BRAXTON - Seven Standards 1985, Volume 1 Avant-Garde Jazz
TOMMY FLANAGAN - Thelonica Bop
DAVE BRUBECK - All the Things We Are Post Bop
TETE MONTOLIU - A Spanish Treasure Hard Bop
ANDY SUMMERS - Earth + Sky Fusion | review permalink
CANNONBALL ADDERLEY - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! (aka V.I.P.-Jazz 3) Soul Jazz
HARRY "SWEETS" EDISON - Harry Edison All-Stars ‎– 'S Wonderful : Live At Club House 33 Swing
KYLE ASCHE - The Kyle Asche Organ Trio : Five Down Blues Hard Bop
TONY BENNETT - Tony Bennett & Bill Charlap - The Silver Lining: The Songs Of Jerome Kern Vocal Jazz
JAKOB BRO - Gefion Post-Fusion Contemporary
COLEMAN HAWKINS - Supreme Bop | review permalink
EDDIE HENDERSON - Realization Fusion
NAT ADDERLEY - The Old Country Hard Bop
EDDIE HENDERSON - Inside Out Fusion
CHET BAKER - Chet Baker / Jim Hall / Hubert Laws : Studio Trieste Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
RALPH TOWNER - Old Friends, New Friends World Fusion
JAN GARBAREK - Dansere Post Bop
TERJE RYPDAL - After the Rain Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - To Be Continued Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - The Singles Collection Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Ketil Bjørnstad, David Darling, Jon Christensen, Terje Rypdal ‎: The Sea II Post-Fusion Contemporary
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Ketil Bjørnstad / David Darling : Epigraphs Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - A Biography of the Rev. Absalom Dawe Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Open Letter World Fusion
PAUL MOTIAN - Paul Motian Trio: Dance Post Bop
ENRICO RAVA - »Ah« Post Bop
BILL EVANS (PIANO) - Bill Evans / Eddie Gomez ‎: Intuition Post Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - A Tribute to Miles (with Wayne Shorter, Ron Carter, Wallace Roney & Tony Williams) Post Bop
CHARLES LLOYD - Soundtrack Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Theme to the Gaurdian Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Nude Ants (Live At The Village Vanguard) Post-Fusion Contemporary
ART LANDE - Art Lande, Jan Garbarek : Red Lanta Post-Fusion Contemporary
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Pictures Avant-Garde Jazz
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Zebra Jazz Related Soundtracks
KEITH JARRETT - Standarts Live Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway - In The Moment (with Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
SONNY ROLLINS - No Problem Soul Jazz
WAYNE SHORTER - Moto Grosso Feio Fusion
STAN GETZ - Voices Cool Jazz
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - While We're Young Fusion | review permalink
EBERHARD WEBER - Little Movements Post-Fusion Contemporary | review permalink
HERBIE HANCOCK - The Piano Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Lionel Loueke, Eric Harland : Aziza Fusion
CHARLIE HADEN - Folk Songs (with Jan Garbarek / Egberto Gismonti) World Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Ruta And Daitya (with Jack Dejohnette) Post Bop
CHICK COREA - Akoustic Band Post Bop
BOBO STENSON - Reflections Post-Fusion Contemporary
DEWEY REDMAN - Red Black in Willisau (with Ed Blackwell) Post Bop
DIZZY GILLESPIE - New Faces Latin Jazz
LOU DONALDSON - Midnight Sun Soul Jazz
COLLIN WALCOTT - Cloud Dance World Fusion
LEE MORGAN - The Rajah Hard Bop
PETER ERSKINE - Juni Post-Fusion Contemporary
RON CARTER - A Song For You Post Bop
GARY PEACOCK - Tales of Another Post Bop | review permalink
CHARLES LLOYD - Charles Lloyd Quartet : Montreux 82 Post Bop
SONNY ROLLINS - Sonny Rollins' Next Album Post Bop
GARY PEACOCK - Gary Peacock / Ralph Towner : Oracle Post Bop
STAN GETZ - The Song is You Cool Jazz
TERJE RYPDAL - Blue Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Life in Leipzig Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Trios / Solos (With Glen Moore) Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAUL MOTIAN - Time and Time Again Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAUL BLEY - Fragments Post-Fusion Contemporary
RICHIE BEIRACH - Hubris Post Bop
JACK DEJOHNETTE - Oneness Avant-Garde Jazz
GARY BURTON - Seven Songs for Quartet and Chamber Orchestra Post Bop
GARY BURTON - Dreams So Real Post Bop
ALLAN HOLDSWORTH - Allan Holdsworth - Gordon Beck ‎: With A Heart In My Song Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Bridge of Light Third Stream
STEVE KUHN - Trance Post Bop
PAT METHENY - Rejoicing (with Charlie Haden & Billy Higgins) Fusion
CHICK COREA - Lyric Suite for Sextet (with Gary Burton) Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHICK COREA - Septet Third Stream
SONNY FORTUNE - With Sound Reason Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Eventyr Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHICK COREA - Piano Improvisations, Volume 1 Post Bop
CHICK COREA - Piano Improvisations, Volume 2 Post Bop
JOHN SURMAN - Invisible Threads Post-Fusion Contemporary
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Ucla 27th Sept 1981 Hard Bop
DAVID DARLING - Journal October Jazz Related Improv/Composition
GEORGE ADAMS - Nightingale Post Bop
MARK WHITFIELD - Forever Love Post-Fusion Contemporary
TONY WILLIAMS - The Joy Of Flying Fusion
RICHIE BEIRACH - Emerald City Post Bop
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Leosia Post Bop
TOMASZ STAŃKO - Chameleon Fusion
JOHN SURMAN - Adventure Playground Avant-Garde Jazz
PAUL BLEY - The Paul Bley Quartet Post-Fusion Contemporary
GARY BURTON - Easy as Pie Post Bop
STEVE WINWOOD - Roll With It Pop/Art Song/Folk
STEVE WINWOOD - Refugees of the Heart Pop/Art Song/Folk
PAUL BLEY - In The Evenings Out There Post Bop
MAX ROACH - Bright Moments Bop

Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Post Bop 224 4.23
2 Fusion 125 4.24
3 Hard Bop 125 4.31
4 Post-Fusion Contemporary 106 4.13
5 Avant-Garde Jazz 29 4.14
6 Bop 29 4.02
7 World Fusion 28 4.20
8 Cool Jazz 22 4.20
9 Third Stream 21 4.14
10 Pop/Art Song/Folk 20 4.00
11 Vocal Jazz 15 4.27
12 Soul Jazz 11 4.09
13 Swing 10 4.05
14 Eclectic Fusion 8 4.38
15 21st Century Modern 8 4.19
16 Funk Jazz 6 4.25
17 Nu Jazz 5 4.20
18 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 5 4.30
19 Jazz Related Rock 3 4.50
20 Bossa Nova 3 4.17
21 Blues 2 4.50
22 Latin Jazz 2 3.75
23 RnB 1 4.00
24 Jazz Related Soundtracks 1 3.50
25 Exotica 1 5.00

Latest Albums Reviews

ANDY SUMMERS Charming Snakes

Album · 1990 · Fusion
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners

If I had to recommend just one Andy Summers solo album as his most representative, I would unquestionably pick 1990's Charming Snakes. It's just one of those albums where everything clicks: songs/performances/production/ special guests are all at the highest level. Naturally, without any vocals, it wasn't a best-seller and passed straight into obscurity shortly after its release. Still, Charming Snakes deserves to be heard by anyone who has ever been captivated by Summers's peerless guitar playing and the extraordinary tones/textures seemingly only he can elicit.

At the time this album was dropped onto an unsuspecting public, record companies were heavily investing in "shredding" guitar virtuosi like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai. Recorded over 2 weeks in February 1990, I can't help but wonder if that environment influenced this album's production as there is very little of the haunted atmospherics that Summers is known for. While certainly NOT an exercise in heavy metal excesses, Charming Snakes is bold, brash, and "in your face". Summers contributes jagged guitar lines to "Mexico 1920", multi-guitar layers to "Rainmaker", slide guitar, banjo, and a weird solo to "Mickey Goes to Africa", and where-did-that-come-from guitar patterns to "Monk Gets Ripped" and "The Strong and the Beautiful". His amazing riffs are doubled with soprano saxophonist Bill Evans on "Innocence Falls Prey", and with trumpeter Mark Isham on "Easy on the Ice". (Don't you love these song titles?)

So you want special guests? If anyone comes close to stealing Summers's thunder, it's powerhouse drummer Chad Wackerman, whose busy fills and big sounds are everywhere. The previously mentioned Evans appears on 8 of the 11 tracks, while Isham is on 4 of the 11. Old frenemy Sting plays a funky bassline on the title track. The one and only Herbie Hancock plays on 4 of the 11 tracks, including a solo piano intro to "Big Thing". Co-producer David Hentschel adds a powerful organ to "Mickey Goes to Africa".

"Big Thing" deserves special mention as the album's stand-out track. For those who think Summers is all about pedalboard effects, you really need to hear his big riff and big solo on this epic (7:07) showpiece. On the quieter side, "Charis" offers a brief respite with a guitar/soprano sax duet. Another highlight is the gloomy and brooding "Passion of the Shadow", which has a deceptively simple 6-note line that you will never forget.

Firing on all cylinders, these frantic performances sound as if they were recorded last week. If you've ever had any interest in Andy Summers's post-pop sound world, Charming Snakes is an absolute must-listen, must-have, must-own. There were some live shows after this album's release, and it would have been fascinating to hear how some of these songs would have translated to the concert stage. While most of what the prolific Summers has recorded is worth hearing, this unforgettable album is unequivocally his most powerful compositional statement. Track down a copy and turn up the volume, preferably on a BIG sound system.

CHET BAKER Chet Baker / Jim Hall / Hubert Laws : Studio Trieste

Album · 1982 · Post-Fusion Contemporary
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners

Many people are stunned to discover that CTI Records was still releasing albums in the 1980s, of which Studio Trieste is probably the best example. Recorded in March and April of 1982, all the usual suspects (Creed Taylor, Rudy van Gelder, Don Sebesky, Pete Turner) are here, but without Ron Carter on the bass. And while the album is credited to 3 big names with past CTI experience, let it be known here that this is really a "CTI All Stars" album in all but name.

In fact neither Chet Baker nor Hubert Laws appear on the first track, "Malaguena" (9:44), which was originally popularized by Stan Kenton. Opening with percussionist Sammy Figueroa and Hall's stately guitar, this is a soul funk workout for keyboardist Jorge Dalto, electric bassist Gary King, and most especially, the amazing drumming of Steve Gadd. Both Baker's trumpet and Laws's flute open John Lewis's "Django" (10:02), in case anyone was wondering when they would appear. Another CTI staple was a classical piece arranged for jazz band, which here is provided by Tchaikovsky's "Swan Lake" (8:42). This is a showpiece for Laws, who opens and closes the piece, while Baker takes a rare flugelhorn solo. The rhythm section now includes Kenny Barron on keyboards and George Mraz on acoustic bass. The final track, Miles Davis's "All Blues" (9:43) is given a very different, almost Spanish, arrangement. Steve Gadd's drums feature prominently, and both Baker and Laws get to play the famous melody line. While Hall's fluid guitar work receives the most solo space throughout the album, he never dominates as this is truly a "CTI group" performance where the production and arrangements are everything.

It should be mentioned here that of the 3 names on the cover, Chet Baker, while given first billing (alphabetical?), plays the least. This is also one of the rare albums he appears on with NO VOCALS. If you're a fan of these players and the classic "time stands still" CTI sound, you should find much on Studio Trieste to enjoy. With most of the boxes checked, this is a worthy addition to the CTI library in spite of its late recording date.


Live album · 1995 · Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners

So identified with the 1930s-50s, many people are stunned to find out that Coleman Hawkins was still both recording and performing well into the 1960s. Even more are surprised to learn that he outlived John Coltrane by two years. Supreme, released in 1995 on Enja Records, is from a concert on September 25, 1966 at the Left Bank Jazz Society in Baltimore. This was recorded very near the end of his run as one of the most influential tenor saxmen ever. He was just short of 62 and dealing with a number of health issues that would shortly send him to retirement. Backed by Barry Harris, piano, Gene Taylor, bass, and Roy Brooks, drums and producer, his tone is nowhere near what it used to be, but he is still well worth hearing.

You've heard the rumors: so how much does Hawkins actually play on this album? Let's break it down, track by track:

1. "Lover Come Back to Me" (17:09): first 6 minutes, last 2 minutes. 2. "Body and Soul" (10:09): throughout (naturally). 3. "In Walked Bud" (16:42): first 5-1/2 minutes, last 1-1/2 minutes. 4. "Quintessence" (9:05): first 5-1/2 minutes, last 2 minutes. 5. "Fine and Dandy" (10:30): first 3-1/2 minutes, last 1-1/2 minutes. 6. "Ow" (1:27): throughout.

As you can see, Hawkins spends a lot of this concert not playing. While surely some of this can be attributed to his generosity with soloing space (and it should be mentioned that Harris, Taylor, and Brooks are all exceptional players), no doubt it can also be explained by the old, used-and-abused diaphragm not being what it used to be. It's easy to hear that those in attendance that night were in absolute awe of seeing a living legend at this late date. There's an especially overwhelming ovation after Hawk's opening solo on "Quintessence".

It should also be mentioned that there are some faults with the source tape that occasionally produce strange echoes/distortions with the recorded sound. If you can overlook these caveats, you should enjoy listening to this performance. But do not begin listening to Supreme with any idea that it is his "greatest" or even "most representative" concert recording. While he did start out in the early days of recorded sound, there are plenty of opportunities out there to explore Coleman Hawkins in his prime. Listen to this album for what it is: an old master near the end of the line, playing the music he loves in spite of the setbacks of age.


Album · 1979 · Post Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners

Have you ever gotten rid of an album only to realize later you made a big mistake? That was my experience with pianist Richie (the album cover says Richard) Beirach's 1979 album Elm. Why did I get rid of it? Other than the usual "young and stupid" explanation, my best guess would be the gloomy Dieter Rehm artwork/design. Never-the-less I have thoroughly rectified my egregious mistake to where I am now an outspoken advocate of this hard-to-find and truly underrated album.

So with all due respect to Beirach for composing the album's five titles and leading the sessions, it is drummer Jack DeJohnette who steals the show and leaves the biggest impression. His continuously busy patterns throughout the album are downright awe-inspiring, and his ferocious solo near the end of "Snow Leopard" is enough to remind anyone that he belongs on the very short list of All Time Greats. Beirach's performances range from measured to blistering. Sometimes he elicits Bill Evans ("Sea Priestess"), and on the wandering "Ki", one is reminded of Joachim Kuhn. Bassist George Mraz contributes a wild bassline and solo to the previously mentioned "Snow Leopard" as well as the more angular "Pendulum". The title track has almost become a standard. Dedicated to Polish jazz violinist Zbigniew Seifert, who died of cancer (age 32) shortly before this recording, the stately piano theme of "Elm" is backed by DeJohnette's shimmering cymbals and Mraz's bedrock support.

Released on ECM and produced by Manfred Eicher, Elm fits in well with the label's ethos, yet is not hindered by the ECM cliches/trademarks that are often cited. Don't take the bait of comparing this album with Beirach's 1975 debut album Eon on the same label with different support. That album was a stiff uppercut to the jaw and is even harder to find than Elm. (Cynic's response: "They're waiting for a post-mortem to re-issue as a box-set.") After Elm, Beirach would record only two more albums (with John Abercrombie) on ECM, but he has recorded prodigiously elsewhere in many different contexts ever since. If this album should ever cross your path, don't make the mistake I did and let it disappear. It's that good!

TOMASZ STAŃKO December Avenue

Album · 2017 · Post-Fusion Contemporary
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By the time December Avenue was released in 2017, trumpeter Tomasz Stanko had only a little over a year left to live. After helping to revitalize the ECM label in the early 2000's, this album proved to be his final release. While the classic Stanko trademarks can be found throughout in abundance, do not expect this to be a "last-will-and-testament" album. If anything, Stanko's passing places a poignant shadow of unfulfilled promise over this music, as the ensemble exceedingly demonstrates they were far from done.

Bassist Reuben Rogers has replaced Thomas Morgan, but otherwise both David Virelles (keyboards) and Gerald Cleaver (drums) return from 2013's Wislawa album. All 12 tracks include copious space for both soloing and improvising. Three of the 12 ("Burning Hot", "December Avenue", and "Yankiels Lid") are driven by vigorous Rogers basslines, with Stanko and Virelles playing brightly and clangorously together. The other nine are impressionistic, incantatory, melancholy Stanko compositions that never cease to surprise. On "Bright Moon", a fluttering trumpet resounds above haunted drum rolls, while "Young Girl in Flower" is a little too busy to be a peaceful closer. Don't miss the sudden piano explosion in "Sound Space" or Rogers's arco performance in "The Street of Crocodiles".

You may not be blown away when you first hear December Avenue, but don't give up: it has much to offer over repeated listens. And while it will naturally be compared to 21st century masterpieces like Suspended Night (2004) or Soul of Things (2002), this is very much a different work that stands completely on its own. At 64:23, it's shorter than previous Stanko ECM albums, but loses nothing by being so. Those looking for a "crowning achievement" album may be disappointed, for it's nothing more or less than Stanko doing what he does best. That this is regretfully the last album makes December Avenue all that much more memorable and cherished.

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