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Album · 1967

Filed under Post Bop


A1 Passion Dance 8:44
A2 Contemplation 9:10
B1 Four By Five 6:33
B2 Search for Peace 6:27
B3 Blues on the Corner 5:58

Total Time: 37:08


- McCoy Tyner /piano
- Joe Henderson /tenor saxophone
- Ron Carter /bass
- Elvin Jones /drums

About this release

Blue Note ‎– BLP 4264 (US)

Recorded at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey on April 21, 1967

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Elvin Jones drums,Joe Henderson ( Tenor Saxophone),Ron Carter ( Bass) and McCoy Tyner is on piano. Around this time Joe Henderson had been playing with the Miles Davis band so it is no surprise to see Ron Carter here for the session and McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones had spent the last six years before this session playing in John Coltranes band. Sounds juicy it sure is.Pure Jazz is the element holding this album together and what a wonderful album was made by this Quartet This in my humble opinion is the last jazz masterpiece that Alfred Lion produced.At this time in his life he had sold the label but was still working there doing what he loved,making great jazz and perhaps he saved some of his best for last with this but full credit goes to the musicians who are masters at what they do. This is shown without doubt in the music.Once this album "The Real McCoy" is put in your player or on your turntable or whatever these days, it does not matter because what you will be about to play is up there with any other of the top albums in jazz. Shear exuberance, joy and beauty which McCoy Tyner seems to bring to the fore with his technique on piano. Perhaps it is the way he groups or is it just the superb touch the man has, John Colltrane must have known that this was one of the most beautiful pianists that you could hope to hear and this album demonstrates that fact. Joe Henderson on tenor is another musician who really has chops, Do you know that just in his 5 years at Blue Note he only appeared on roughly 30 albums as leader or sideman and some of those names that played with him.Ron Carter and Elvin Jones,what a rythmn section,say no more.

First is best, good chance here with "Passion Dance' .Elvin pounds the skins,Joe comes in loud and clear, McCoy is there and before you know it and you are about to hear one beautiful solo performed on piano and then to top it off Joe Henderson follows on tenor which such clarity and bite in his phrasing. Bite I say because Joe's notes are Sharp,loud and clear. After that the band throws the lot at it with Joe really giving it what for on tenor to finish off the tune. Stunning,beautiful,so many terms to describe this moment in jazz history.After the opening do not think things go down hill because the standard is maintained throughout as we get to the 2nd track "Contemplation" and the title is one great description of this. Elvin opens again with McCoy but things are light and slow. McCoy in the notes states he was thinking of a man alone but spiritual is perhaps the component. Just listen to Joe Hendersons solo and McCoy, the groupings. the touch are all here for you to hear.."Four By Five" comes along next and is in a much quicker context with Joe punching out sharp notes at the begining to launch into another gripping solo on that tenor of his,spirals is what the solo seems for me as Joe just spins everything into it.McCoy then has a turn with that touch and is his hand running up and down those ivorys with one hell of of a ryhmn section pushing him or he pushing them? Elvin Jones where would this be without him just listen to his fills and we even get a quick solo towards the end.Track 4 'Search for Peace is another down tempo which is just as good as "Contemplation" with McCoy soloing first. The last one is a fairly standard jazz number,"Blues on The Corner" if anything is standard performed on this session. The title describes it perfectly as a Jazz, Blues tune with quite a nice loopy intro and another awesome Joe solo.

This album is the reason I love Jazz. Pure and Simple.

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