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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Afro-Cuban Jazz 35 4.59
2 Vocal Jazz 31 4.34
3 Hard Bop 27 4.54
4 Jazz Related RnB 15 4.27
5 Post Bop 12 4.42
6 Dub/Ska/Reggae 11 3.95
7 Jazz Related Blues 7 4.64
8 World Fusion 7 4.57
9 Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk 6 3.67
10 Avant-Garde Jazz 5 4.30
11 21st Century Modern 5 4.30
12 Classic (1920s) Jazz 4 4.88
13 Original New Orleans Jazz 4 4.63
14 Post-Fusion Contemporary 4 4.00
15 Exotica 3 3.83
16 Fusion 3 4.00
17 Cool Jazz 3 4.67
18 Bop 3 5.00
19 Bossa Nova 3 4.67
20 Acid Jazz 2 3.75
21 Jazz Related Soundtracks 2 4.25
22 Soul Jazz 2 4.75
23 Swing 1 4.50
24 Progressive Big Band 1 4.50
25 Latin Jazz 1 4.50
26 Jazz Related DJs/Electronica/Rap 1 5.00
27 Big Band 1 5.00
28 Dixieland 1 4.00

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JOE TEX Soul Country

Album · 1968 · Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk
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It was primarily the Southern Soul artists who were not shy in mixing up the two genres together being Soul and Country music with Memphis sitting so close to Nashville it was bound to happen. Many of the Southern greats have taken Country Soul on with Ray Charles who actually started in a Country Swing band being the most famous with his “Modern Sounds In Country And Western” as well as the underappreciated album “The Country Side Of Esther Philips” not even making a dent in the charts in 1965 apart from her previous 1962 single of “Release Me” which made it number two, three years prior. Solomon Burke, Clarence Carter, Bobby Womack, Tina Turner, Percy Sledge, Dobie Gray, Johnny Adams were some of the artists not to mention a couple of white guys writing songs being Dan Penn and Jim Ford but apart from Ray Charles, a bit of Clarence Carter and Dobie Gray’s single “Drift Away” when it came to the Country/Soul crossover predominately under the radar was where they went. Still Joe Tex in 1968 loved his Country music and he gave it a shot with actually what was pretty much current in the Country charts at that time with his release of “Soul Country” making it to 154th in the charts but the cloud did have a silver lining for him with his self written inclusion on the album “I’ll Never Do You Wrong” making it to 59 on mainstream and 26th on the R&B charts. It is a shame actually because although not in the same top class as Ray’s and Esther’s albums this one it is pretty close being full of some wonderful interpretations from Joe singing the current Country songs from this period.

Joe Tex’s own Soul composition “I’ll Never do you Wrong’ with its slow to mid tempo time kicks the album off with some great vocals and backing in this wonderful tune. The Country comes right in with Joe’s fabulous take of Bobbie Gentry’s “Ode To Billy Joe” concerning that Tallahatchie Bridge. One of Dan Penn’s songs co written with Chips Morman brings more Soul back into the album with a beautiful take for the ballad “ The Dark End Of The Street” followed by quite a nice version of Willie Nelson’s,” Funny How Time Slips Away”. Roger Miller get’s the Joe treatment next in a delightful bounce in the song for Roger’s 1965 single “Engine Engine Number 9” and then for the Lp’s flip it is the Henson Cargill hit “Skip A Rope” that comes first. That old Death Row song “Green Green Grass Of Home” written by Curly Putman which Tom Jones had the massive hit with has Joe taking it on with some great effect followed by another Curly Putman composition in the slow burner concerning a possessive husband in “Set Me Free”. Still there are two more songs that were huge Country hits to follow with Jimmie Webb’s “By The Time I Get to Phoenix” which Glen Campbell made his own and cringe or not it is Bobbie Goldboro’s “Honey” which also made it to number 1 in America, Canada, Ireland and Australia that finishes the album up and of course Joe delivers pathos plus in this one and you may be reaching for the hanky.

Joe sings “Honey I miss you” but you know I also miss all these great songs that I grew up hearing with this album bringing them all back and Joe Tex showing why Country Soul should of been a lot bigger.This album is one of the best of them with the two prior that I mentioned above and if you like either genre of music,grab it.


Album · 1957 · Hard Bop
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Just a year after the original line up in The Jazz Messengers the entire band had changed excepting of course for Art Blakey on drums and since Horace Silver had left perhaps it was from default more than ambition that the name became Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers but all jokes aside the new line up for this release of “Hard Bop” being a Quintet did not last long either and never really attained the fame that the following line up to come would when Bobby Timmons, Lee Morgan, Benny Golson, Johnny Griffin, and Jymie Merrit came through the band in the next two years with all of them knowing how to write superb compositions as it was Bobby Timmons who penned their most popular number not all that long after this album being “Moanin”. The folks at Mosaic have rectified this time omission all the same with this 2006 reissue of “Hard Bop” bringing to us this not all that well known or recognised period in the Jazz Messengers history and after hearing this you will realise what a wonderful line up the band contained during this period who recorded some great cracking Hard Bop back in late 1956 for what was originally a 10 inch release being the first five tracks with the following three issued on the album “Drum Suite” with all this combined material included in this cd release being recorded at the same sessions on December 12 and 13th in 1956 including some great compositions from trumpeter Bill Hardman and alto saxophonist Jackie McLean included who both are in this current line up with also Sam Dockery playing piano, Spanky De Brest on bass and of course Art Blakey is drumming.

The Bill Hardman composition “Cranky Spanky” gets things underway in a frantic manner with Jackie, Bill and Sam respectively playing their solos in this delightful high speed Bebop composition with one of the most covered Jazz Standards to follow “Stella by Starlight” and what is nice about this cover is the band comes in mid tempo motoring the track along having a lovely swing with a driving solo from Jackie McLean followed by Bill Hardman on trumpet and Sam again on piano just keeping the Bop coming right throughout it. You may think it is Ballad time for the next being the Rodgers and Hart song my “Heart Stood Still” but one thing for sure with Jackie McLean’s opening solo it is anything but which brings us to the next being the penned composition from Jackie McLean who had already released it earlier on his album “Presenting Jackie McLean” being the Bluesy “Little Melonae” which would become well known in future years which already at this time Miles Davis had recorded but not released with later versions from Kenny Burrell and John Coltrane to come. “Stanley’s Stiff Chickens” is co written by Bill and Jackie to finish this 10 inch album off with once again great superb Hard Boppin’ solos throughout this mid tempo number and the inimitable drum rolls from Art Blakey included. The three remaining bonus tracks included keep up the high standard and a brief drum solo from Art opens “Nica’s Tempo” if that is what you are looking for but as the cd booklet notes suggests for the last track was Art Blakey serious for his “Gershwin Medley” or was it more tongue in cheek, the booklet leans towards the later but still I find, it ain’t bad.

There is no Swing shortage or Boppin’ for that matter, foot will be tapping, fingers clicking on this wonderful early driving release from Art Blakey and one of the album highlights for me is how Jackie McLean’s solo just rips through that ballad “My Heart Stood Still”. Unfortunately all those Blue Note albums seem to have over shadowed this one that was released on Columbia but hopefully people will come to see after a listen what wonderful high speed driving Bop has been recorded here in these two sessions just before Christmas in 1956


Album · 2015 · 21st Century Modern
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It is a new Quintet for this 2015 release for pianist Myra Melford named “Snowy Egret” with the album titled the same comprising some highly interesting artists from today’s Modern Jazz scene. Ron Miles is playing cornet, Liberty Ellman, guitar, Stomu Takeishi is on Bass and Tyshawn Sorey is drumming with all these artists having a mix of individual experience at times with Bill Frissell, Henry Threadgill, John Zorn, Anthony Braxton, Vijay Iyer, Eric Friedlander, Roscoe Mitchell which gives a bit of a hint to the style of Jazz the band performs. Myra’s compositions within the album were inspired from Eduardo Galeano’s literary work Memoria Del Fuego ( Memory Of Fire trilogy) on colonialism in Latin America and it’s relevant poetry with the actual title for her project being “Language of Dreams” where in concert it was presented with the addition of dance, visuals, poetry but here for the album it is just the Jazz.

Of course it is all about composition incorporated by Myra into the album’s structure with fairly up tempo time with repetition used in the opening track ‘Language” having some great added input from Liberty Ellman on guitar and Ron Miles’ cornet and for the following number “Night Of Sorrow” it is introspection laced with reminiscence with beautiful input from Myra added on piano. “Promised Land” contains great interplay between the band with Myra getting out the Melodica for the following “Ching Ching/ For The Love Of Fruit” with some really interesting results within the track and perhaps one of my favourites. Still everybody gets a go with Tyshawn Sorey roaring in for an opening drum solo for in “The Kitchen” in this more accentuated Avante track with a some wonderful slower material to follow with Stomu Takeishi’s bass and Myra Melford’s piano being the main components in “Times Of Sleep And Fate”. Still my album favourite would the 2nd last composition “ The Virgin Of Guadalupe” as well as the album’s longest with Ron Miles’ solo cornet opening with Myra adding gradual piano and it is always a delight when you barely notice other band members coming in behind throughout this lovely composition. It is a jaunt to finish the album up for “Strawberry” which contains more wonderful interplay between this highly talented Quintet.

Already it has been five years since this album’s recording and a new album with Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret has just recently been released and if the music from this release is anything to go by I won’t even bother to have a pre listen of the new one as it won’t be required, I’ll just buy it.


Album · 1980 · Dub/Ska/Reggae
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Released in 1980, recorded in Jamaica on Chris Blackwell’s label, Island Record’s , with quite a few big names included and not only from Jamaica but the U.S.A as well with the Brecker brothers included with Michael on sax and Randy on trumpet with Joe Faddis, Mike Lawrence supporting and Gwen Guthrie being one of the backing vocalists.. Plenty of big Jamaican names also with Ansell Collins, Sly and Robbie, Mikey Chung with a few others from the area as well for Manu Dibango’s Reggae excursion with the album “Gone Clear” which has also been re released on the French label Sonodisc in 1990 under the name “Rasta Souvenir” on two discs which does include Manu’s following Reggae release on Island “Ambassador” on each disc respectively albeit with a slight track order change the albums are still separate in their entirety on each of the discs.

“Full Up” puts the Reggae beat straight to the fore with Manu’s sax riding right over it all on this great album opener being primarily an instrumental with just the backing vocalists repeating the title on occasion. Funk and fairly quick moving is the basis for the highly enjoyable instrumental “Goro City” with some great sax input from Dibango’s sax being all over it and some wonderful band backing. More full on Reggae beat in “Doctor Bird” where we finally get to hear Manu adding those deep vocals and jive he usually does in French and the delight just keeps coming in another great take on his most famous number the Makossa where this time it’s the “Reggae Makossa” and good it is, being delivered in quick time. “Frozen Soul” is vibe time for Manu with a highly similar time to “Full Up” but no matter it is Reggae and the album finishes up with one of its highlights, for me anyway with it s loopy opening and more of those backing vocals and saxes just keeping a firm reminder of the time this music was made in being the late 70’s and early 80’s with that Manu Dibango stamp.

Lovely groover to have on and even if Reggae is not your thing try this as it only fairly mild with its influence and basically it’s still Dibango presenting his style of Cameroonian French influenced African Music but still I really don’t know too many African music fans that don’t like Reggae anyway.

MARC RIBOT Songs of Resistance 1942-2018

Album · 2018 · Jazz Related Pop/Art Song/Folk
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Marc Ribot’s latest offering “Songs Of Resistance 1942-2018” comprises quite a few well known guests covering some originals and old nuggets fitting the album’s title. Tom Waits, Steve Earle, Fay Victor, Meshell Ndegeocello, Sam Amidon , Justin Vivian Bond and an artist who does not want to be named due to possible ramifications concerning their residential status is mentioned as “Ohene Cornelius”. The album was recorded as a protest against the current U. S. Administration with eleven tracks included with Fay Victor being the biggest contributor after Marc Ribot of course as she appears on three with Steve Earle being an old political campaigner himself appearing in two.

The old Gospel number “We Are Soldiers In The Army” with Fay Victor on vocals gets things underway with some quite interesting saxophone accompaniment bringing a different touch to this old nugget but what the majority of listeners will be interested in is the following old Italian Anti Fascist song “Bella Ciao ( Goodbye Beautiful)” with Tom Waits providing his unique style delivered close to a lament with Marc Ribot’s guitar backing it all up as he has done on so many songs that they have recorded together. Steve Earle wrote “Srinvas” concerning an Indian immigrant’s murder as a direct result from racism with quite a pick up for the tunes ending. “How To Walk In Freedom” is where we get the folk singer Sam Amidon leading vocals with Fay Victor assisting with flute bringing texture to the song and “Rata De Dos Patas” is Latin based with a not to subtle English introduction for the persona Ohene Cornelius.The protest songs keep coming with two more from Marc Ribot, Fay Victor doing “John Brown”, another from Steve Earle and even the trans genre artist Justin Vivian Bond comes in to finish things up with “We’ll Never Turn Back” and perhaps even Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger might approve.

Interesting listen and I have tried to keep out of the politics not being my own Country and just cover the music with what it is about and there are some great sounding songs and tunes included and I hope that they do resonate from this project for the artists. Tom Waits is a great addition for Marc Ribot within the album as he will increase sales with those fans of Tom’s that want them all, still I feel like many Political themed album’s they are doomed to a short lifespan.

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