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KEITH JARRETT - Personal Mountains Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Visible World Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Rites World Fusion
MILES DAVIS - Miles Davis Quintet : Miles Smiles Post Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - A Love Supreme Post Bop
PHAROAH SANDERS - Karma Avant-Garde Jazz
ALICE COLTRANE - Ptah, the El Daoud Avant-Garde Jazz
GONG - 2032 Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Flying Teapot: Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 1 Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Camembert Electrique Jazz Related Rock
JAN GARBAREK - SART (with Bobo Stenson / Terje Rypdal / Arild Andersen / Jon Christensen) Avant-Garde Jazz
JAN GARBAREK - Witchi-Tai-To Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway (with Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - John McLaughlin And The 4th Dimension ‎: To The One Fusion
PAT METHENY - Bright Size Life Post Bop
PAT METHENY - 80/81 Fusion
PAT METHENY - Song X (with Ornette Coleman ) Avant-Garde Jazz
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : The Way Up Fusion
STANLEY CLARKE - School Days Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Raison d'Être Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Thunder From Down Under Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Communion Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Jaco Pastorius / Pat Metheny / Bruce Ditmas / Paul Bley (aka Jaco) Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Jaco Pastorius Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Romantic Warrior Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Black Market Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - I Sing the Body Electric Fusion
STING - Bring On the Night Pop/Art Song/Folk
TRILOK GURTU - The Beat of Love World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - Sagn World Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Points Of View Post-Fusion Contemporary
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Prime Directive Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Trio w/ Steve Coleman, Jack DeJohnette ‎: Triplicate Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - David Holland Quartet ‎: Conference Of The Birds Avant-Garde Jazz
DAVE HOLLAND - Life Cycle Third Stream
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Not For Nothin' Post Bop
ZAKIR HUSSAIN - Making Music World Fusion
ANOUAR BRAHEM - Thimar (with John Surman / Dave Holland) World Fusion
ANOUAR BRAHEM - Astrakan Café World Fusion
ANOUAR BRAHEM - Barzakh World Fusion
CHICK COREA - Return to Forever Fusion
JOE FARRELL - Upon This Rock Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - The Light Beyond Fusion
MILES DAVIS - In a Silent Way Fusion
MILES DAVIS - Bitches Brew Fusion
CHICK COREA - Touchstone Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - The Mothership Returns Fusion
STEPS AHEAD / STEPS - Live In Tokyo 1986 Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Changeless (with Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette) Post-Fusion Contemporary
HERBIE HANCOCK - Speak Like a Child Post Bop
CHICK COREA - Now He Sings, Now He Sobs Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Afric Pepperbird Avant-Garde Jazz
JAN GARBAREK - George Russell Presents Esoteric Circle Avant-Garde Jazz
JAN GARBAREK - Triptykon (with Arild Andersen & Edward Vesala) Avant-Garde Jazz
JAN GARBAREK - Belonging (with Keith Jarrett, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen) Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Places Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Timeless Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Getting There Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - John Abercrombie, George Marsh, Mel Graves ‎: Upon A Time Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - November (with Mark Johnson & Peter Erskine) Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway - In The Moment (with Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway - Homecoming (with Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Floating Point Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Industrial Zen Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - The Heart of Things Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : American Garage Fusion
PAT METHENY - Question And Answer (with Dave Holland & Roy Haynes) Post Bop
PAT METHENY - Secret Story Fusion
PAT METHENY - Trio 99→00 Post Bop
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : Speaking Of Now World Fusion
PAT METHENY - Day Trip (feat. Christian McBride & Antonio Sanchez) Fusion
STANLEY CLARKE - Journey to Love Fusion
STANLEY CLARKE - Stanley Clarke Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Of Mist and Melting (with Jan Garbarek, Gary Peacock, Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Natural High Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Note Worker Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - A Present for the Future Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Brave New Guitar Fusion
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - The Inner Mounting Flame Fusion
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - Visions of the Emerald Beyond Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Another World Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Sketchbook Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - The Birthday Concert Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Where Have I Known You Before Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - No Mystery Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Returns Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Nomad Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Tribal Tech Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Illicit Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Thick Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Tale Spinnin' Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Mysterious Traveller Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Weather Report Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Live in Tokyo Fusion
DAVE WECKL - Heads Up Fusion
STING - Brand New Day Pop/Art Song/Folk
OREGON - Music of Another Present Era World Fusion
OREGON - Winter Light World Fusion
OREGON - Oregon in Moscow World Fusion
OREGON - In Concert World Fusion
OREGON - In Performance World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Crazy Saints World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Living Magic World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - The Glimpse World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Kathak World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - African Fantasy World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - 21 Spices (with Simon Phillips) World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Bad Habits Die Hard World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - Arv World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - If You Look Far Enough World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - A Molde Concert World Fusion
CODONA - Codona World Fusion
CODONA - Codona 2 World Fusion
CODONA - Codona 3 World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - Yr World Fusion
COLLIN WALCOTT - Cloud Dance World Fusion
COLLIN WALCOTT - Grazing dreams World Fusion
NANÁ VASCONCELOS - Storytelling World Fusion
NANÁ VASCONCELOS - Amazonas World Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quartet : Dream Of The Elders Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quartet : Extensions Eclectic Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Emerald Tears Avant-Garde Jazz
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: The Razor's Edge Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Big Band ‎: What Goes Around Progressive Big Band
RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - The Sultan's Picnic World Fusion
BILLY COBHAM - Shabazz Fusion
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - Live In France 1972 Fusion
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - Live At Montreux 74/84 Fusion
CHICK COREA - Beneath The Mask (CCEB) Fusion
CHICK COREA - Inside Out (CCEB) Fusion
CHICK COREA - Past, Present & Futures Post Bop
CHICK COREA - To The Stars (CCEB) Fusion
CHICK COREA - Children's Songs Post-Fusion Contemporary
CHICK COREA - Three Quartets Post Bop
CHICK COREA - Circle 2: Gathering Avant-Garde Jazz
CHICK COREA - Vigil Fusion
PAT METHENY - We Live Here (Live In Japan '95) Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - Jazz Baltica 2003 Fusion
STEPS AHEAD / STEPS - Live in Tokyo 1986 Fusion
PAT METHENY - The Way Up - Live Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - John McLaughlin And The 4th Dimension ‎: Black Light Fusion
MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN - Joyosa Post-Fusion Contemporary
BILL BRUFORD - If Summer Had Its Ghosts (with Ralph Towner and Eddie Gomez) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Twelve Moons Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - A Map Of The World Jazz Related Soundtracks
KEITH JARRETT - My Foolish Heart (with Gary Peacock / Jack DeJohnette) Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Dansere Post Bop
JAN GARBAREK - Dis Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Photo With Blue Sky, White Cloud, Wires, Windows And A Red Roof Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Gateway 2 (with Dave Holland & Jack DeJohnette) Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Abercrombie Quartet Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Straight Flight (aka Direct Flight) Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Current Events Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - John Abercrombie, Marc Johnson & Peter Erskine Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - While We're Young Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Farewell Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Speak of the Devil Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Cat 'n' Mouse Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Class Trip Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - The Third Quartet Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Wait Till You See Her Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Remembrance Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Thieves and Poets Third Stream
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - The Promise Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Electric Guitarist Fusion
PAT METHENY - Watercolors Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group Fusion
PAT METHENY - As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls (with Lyle Mays) Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group ‎: Offramp World Fusion
PAT METHENY - Rejoicing (with Charlie Haden & Billy Higgins) Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : First Circle World Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : Still Life (Talking) World Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group ‎: Letter From Home World Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : We Live Here Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group ‎: Imaginary Day World Fusion
STANLEY CLARKE - Children of Forever Fusion
STANLEY CLARKE - The Toys Of Men Fusion
STANLEY CLARKE - The Rite of Strings (feat. Al Di Meola & Jean-Luc Ponty) World Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Theme to the Gaurdian Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Assembler Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Return Fusion
BILL CONNORS - Step It Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Coming to Your Senses Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Thinking Out Loud Fusion
EXMAGMA - Exmagma Fusion
EXMAGMA - 3 Fusion
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - Between Nothingness & Eternity Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Mistura Fina Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - One More Angel Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Heart of the Bass Third Stream
JOHN PATITUCCI - John Patitucci Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Imprint Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Line by Line Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Word of Mouth Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Holiday for Pans Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Invitation Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Live In New York City, Vol. 4: Trio 2 Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - Live in New York City Volume Two: Trio Fusion
JACO PASTORIUS - In New York Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Chick Corea & Return To Forever : Light As A Feather Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Musicmagic Fusion
RETURN TO FOREVER - Live The Complete Concert Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Spears Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Dr. Hee Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Reality Check Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Rocket Science Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Sweetnighter Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Heavy Weather Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Live & Unreleased Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - 8:30 Fusion
DAVE WECKL - Master Plan Fusion
DAVE WECKL - J. K. Special Featuring Dave Weckl Fusion
STING - The Dream of the Blue Turtles Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - ...Nothing Like the Sun Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - The Soul Cages Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - Ten Summoner's Tales Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - Mercury Falling Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - Sacred Love Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - Symphonicities Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - Live in Berlin Pop/Art Song/Folk
STING - ...All This Time Pop/Art Song/Folk
OREGON - In Stride World Fusion
OREGON - Distant Hills World Fusion
OREGON - Friends World Fusion
OREGON - Ecotopia World Fusion
OREGON - Beyond Words World Fusion
OREGON - Troika World Fusion
OREGON - Prime World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Believe World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Usfret World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Remembrance World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Broken Rhythms World Fusion
TRILOK GURTU - Massical World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - Shimri World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - Live at Belleville Post Bop
ARILD ANDERSEN - Kristin Lavransdatter World Fusion
DON CHERRY - Art Deco Post Bop
EGBERTO GISMONTI - Dança Das Cabeças World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - Safe Journey World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - Exploded View World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - Knut Hamre and Steve Tibbetts: Å World Fusion
NANÁ VASCONCELOS - Fragments: Modern Tradition Jazz Related Soundtracks
NANÁ VASCONCELOS - Saudades World Fusion
NANÁ VASCONCELOS - Sinfonia & Batuques World Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Jumpin' In Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet : Seeds Of Time Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Big Band: Overtime Progressive Big Band
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Quintet ‎: Critical Mass Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Octet ‎: Pathways Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Ones All Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland & Sam Rivers, Vol. 1 Avant-Garde Jazz
RABIH ABOU-KHALIL - Blue Camel World Fusion
ANOUAR BRAHEM - Khomsa World Fusion
RICHARD BONA - Tiki African Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Natural Selection Fusion
CHICK COREA - Elektric Band II : Paint The World (CCEB) Fusion
CHICK COREA - The Chick Corea EleKtric Band Fusion
CHICK COREA - Eye of The Beholder (CCEB) Fusion
CHICK COREA - My Spanish Heart Fusion
CHICK COREA - A.R.C. (with David Holland & Barry Altschul) Avant-Garde Jazz
CHICK COREA - Circling In (Circle) Avant-Garde Jazz
CHICK COREA - Tones for Joan's Bones Hard Bop
CHICK COREA - The Enchantment (with Bela Fleck) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Adventures in Radioland (with Mahavishnu) Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Passion, Grace & Fire (with Al Di Meola & Paco De Lucía) World Fusion
FRANK GAMBALE - Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, Steve Smith : GHS3 Fusion
JAN GARBAREK - In Praise of Dreams Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Eventyr Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Aftenland (with Kjell Johnsen) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Sargasso Sea (with Ralph Towner) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Solar (with John Scofield) Post Bop
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Alone Together (with Frank Haunschild) Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Trio Of Doom (with Jaco Pastorius & Tony Williams) Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - After the Rain Hard Bop
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Time Remembered: John McLaughlin Plays Bill Evans Third Stream
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Music Spoken Here Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Electric Dreams (With The One Truth Band) Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - My Goal's Beyond World Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Devotion (aka Marbles) Jazz Related Rock
PAT METHENY - New Chautauqua Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group : "Quartet" Post Bop
PAT METHENY - One Quiet Night Fusion
PAT METHENY - Metheny Mehldau (with Mehldau) Post Bop
PAT METHENY - Quartet (with Mehldau) Post-Fusion Contemporary
STANLEY CLARKE - I Wanna Play For You Funk Jazz
BILL CONNORS - Swimming with a Hole in My Body Post-Fusion Contemporary
SCOTT HENDERSON - Dog Party Fusion
SCOTT HENDERSON - Well to the Bone Fusion
EXMAGMA - Goldball Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - On the Corner Fusion
JOHN PATITUCCI - Songs, Stories & Spirituals Fusion
TRIBAL TECH - Face First Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Domino Theory Fusion
STING - If on a Winter's Night... Jazz Related Improv/Composition
OREGON - Out of the Woods World Fusion
OREGON - Our First Record World Fusion
OREGON - Crossing World Fusion
OREGON - 45th Parallel World Fusion
OREGON - Always, Never and Forever World Fusion
OREGON - Roots in the Sky World Fusion
OREGON - 1000 Kilometers World Fusion
OREGON - Live at Yoshi's World Fusion
ARILD ANDERSEN - Hyperborean World Fusion
DON CHERRY - Don Cherry (aka Brown Rice) Avant-Garde Jazz
DON CHERRY - Multikulti Post-Fusion Contemporary
STEVE TIBBETTS - Northern Song World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - Big Map Idea World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - A Man About a Horse World Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - Steve Tibbetts World Fusion
DAVE HOLLAND - Music From Two Basses (with Barre Phillips) Avant-Garde Jazz
DAVE HOLLAND - Dave Holland Sextet ‎: Pass It On Post Bop
DAVE HOLLAND - Hands (with Pepe Habichuela) World Fusion
ZAKIR HUSSAIN - Energy World Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Where Fortune Smiles Avant-Garde Jazz
PAT METHENY - Secret Story Live Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Characters Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - John McLaughlin Trio ‎: Qué Alegría Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Extrapolation Post Bop
PAT METHENY - Zero Tolerance for Silence Avant-Garde Jazz
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - The Lost Trident Sessions Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - This Is This Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Procession Fusion
OREGON - Oregon World Fusion
JOHN MCLAUGHLIN - Belo Horizonte Fusion
PAT METHENY - Orchestrion Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Sportin' Life Post-Fusion Contemporary
WEATHER REPORT - Weather Report (1982) Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Mr. Gone Fusion
PAT METHENY - What's It All About Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - The Orchestrion Project Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Night Passage Fusion
YES - Heaven and Earth Jazz Related Rock

Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Fusion 160 4.14
2 World Fusion 78 4.13
3 Post Bop 30 4.28
4 Post-Fusion Contemporary 29 3.91
5 Avant-Garde Jazz 17 4.29
6 Pop/Art Song/Folk 11 4.14
7 Jazz Related Rock 5 4.00
8 Third Stream 5 4.00
9 Progressive Big Band 2 4.25
10 Jazz Related Soundtracks 2 4.00
11 Hard Bop 2 3.75
12 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 1 3.50
13 Eclectic Fusion 1 4.50
14 Funk Jazz 1 3.50
15 African Fusion 1 4.00

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