DAVE BRUBECK — Jazz Impressions of Eurasia (review)

DAVE BRUBECK — Jazz Impressions of Eurasia album cover Album · 1958 · Cool Jazz Buy this album from MMA partners
4/5 ·
Released the year before landmark ‘Time Out,’ this is one of more than a few Quartet LPs that have probably been overshadowed by such a monster album.

But ‘Jazz Impressions of Eurasia’ is worth finding. It’s a distinctive set of pieces – take for instance the meditative yet jittery ‘Calcutta Blues’ or the catchy ‘Nomad’ – that draws from the Quartet’s long tour of Europe and South Asia. The album shows another wonderful set of recordings where the group have woven the music of other cultures into their cool jazz.

It’s easy to hear Dave’s ear for classical music, especially in standout ‘Thank You’ or the almost stately opening to ‘Brandenburg Gate.’ Brubeck’s playing has always sounded strong, firm, even considered to me – but it’s still relaxing too, still engaging. Despite great performances from Desmond on alto and Morello on the drums, for me this album represents one of my favourite Brubeck performances.

If you only have a few Brubeck albums and find yourself looking for more, then this might be a good place to stop off (along with another of his great travel-themed albums – Jazz Impressions of Japan.)
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more than 2 years ago
I think you're right, for the 50s it must have been a fit - sounds odd now, huh?
Maybe not the most successful portmanteau? :)

snobb wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Not sure, but "Dziekuje" together with "Brandenburg Gate" are obviously related with Poland and Germany. I wonder if use "Eurasia" tag for both of them sounded correct in 50s (far not sure even if both countries were at that time occupied by true Eurasian power - Soviet Russia). For modern Poland or Germany such tag would smell like diplomatic scandal since post-Soviet Russia is very active in concept - Eurasian Union (with three active members Russia,Belorus and Kazakhstan and some potential candidates as Armenia, Turkmenistan and probably Vietnam), in fact most current version of Russian Empire or Soviet Union. In all cases, Eurasia for Europeans sounds like "not very developed and far not very democratic lands east from Europe" :)
more than 2 years ago
I think so :) It's very clear in that piece especially. I'm sure the tour visited Poland?
snobb wrote:
more than 2 years ago
Full "Thank You" title is "Thank You ("Dziekuje")" where "Dziekuje" means "thank you" in Polish, so - probably Chopin influences? :)


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