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Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Fusion 27 3.39
2 Jazz Related Rock 18 3.39
3 Post Bop 15 3.97
4 Hard Bop 13 3.85
5 RnB 12 3.04
6 Latin Rock/Soul 11 3.45
7 Jazz Related Soundtracks 7 4.14
8 Cool Jazz 7 4.21
9 Pop/Art Song/Folk 6 3.17
10 Funk Jazz 5 4.10
11 Progressive Big Band 5 4.20
12 World Fusion 5 4.00
13 Nu Jazz 4 3.75
14 Post-Fusion Contemporary 4 4.00
15 Soul Jazz 3 4.00
16 Third Stream 3 3.33
17 Vocal Jazz 2 3.75
18 Swing 1 3.00
19 Exotica 1 3.00
20 Funk 1 3.00
21 Blues 1 4.00
22 Bop 1 3.00
23 Latin Jazz 1 4.00

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Album · 2016 · Latin Rock/Soul
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners

It's always tough reviewing an album which is anticipated to be a band's 'return to its heyday' and the classic line-up from early 70s Santana is a pretty exciting prospect.

And it certainly works on just about every song. It's fun to hear interplay between Santana and Schon again for instance, especially on one of the stand-outs like 'Echizo' or the almost meditative 'Fillmore East' (and it must be said that Shrieve fires up a bit on 'Echizo' too, which is great) but there are a few songs that don't nail it for me.

Some of these are the vocal cuts ('Choo Choo' is one) but that isn't to say Rolie is in bad shape, he sounds great - especially on the smouldering 'Blues Magic' or the punchy 'Shake It' - but there's just a sense that everyone was so excited to play together again that they left a few b-sides in the running order.

Overall, the band is less fiery than in their youth (and that's not a surprise or a problem truly) but there's still passion and surprises to be had. Again, like 'Shape Shifter' a while back - I wouldn't call this an essential Jazz-rock album but don't write it off out of hand either, have a look if you're unsure.

THE SEATBELTS Cowboy Bebop No Disc

Album · 1998 · Jazz Related Soundtracks
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
While the first soundtrack to the TV series 'Cowboy Bebop' focuses mostly on hard bop, sizzling tempos and big band, the second OST 'No Disc' sees the Seatbelts perform across a wider range of genres and move away from mostly performing jazz.

There's still some big band, swing and even lounge in there for traditional jazz fans perhaps, but there's also forays into bluegrass, heavy metal and pop. This isn't a drawback, necessarily, but if you're looking for the kind of jazz found on the first OST you won't see much here on 'No Disc'.

Still, tracks like the beautiful 'Elm' and haunting 'Green Bird' are worth collecting and 'Gateway' does echo that bigger sound. 'Forever Broke' too has some great slide guitar. (Still, check it out if you're a fan of the series.)

HERBIE HANCOCK V.S.O.P.:Tempest in the Colosseum

Live album · 1977 · Post Bop
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
A furious live set of some stand out songs from a fire-cracker line-up, really, what's not to like here?

Hancock's V.S.O.P Quintet (same as the classic Miles Quintet of the 1960s - Hancock, Carter, Shorter & Williams but with Hubbard on trumpet) really cooks on this 1977 concert recorded in Tokyo. It's a monster of an album to my ear - everyone seems to be having a blast and the songs are snappier, faster - yet there's always room to adjust the arrangements.

Carter in particular sounds funkier than I've heard him - especially on Hubbard's 'Red Clay' and the reworking in parts of Hancock's 'Maiden Voyage' is just superb.

It's hard for me to say a bad thing about this album - so I won't! It's generally a much more fiery set of songs than the other V.S.O.P releases and if you like any of the legends mentioned in the line up, grab this album.


Album · 1974 · Latin Rock/Soul
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It's a shame these guys didn't release at least one more record but the single LP they have is still pretty ace.

Once lead singer and composer Bean left Malo he formed a new band to pick up with pretty much the same feel; rock-Latin rhythms mixed with salsa, punchy horns and some great songs. Maybe he's not the greatest singer it doesn't really impact my enjoyment of the songs - especially the charging 'Get it On' or opener 'Been Had.'

'Can't Make It' borrows clearly from the Bean's hit with Malo (Suavecito) and 'Nina' is pretty catchy too - overall, if you're into Latin Jazz and want something like Malo but still with a few subtle differences, have a look at Sapo.

SOT King Of Saltz

Album · 2011 · Jazz Related Rock
Cover art Buy this album from MMA partners
There's such a great sense of fun to SOT's songs here that is both surprising and welcome for me. It seems too much of the jazz history can sometimes be focused on the very serious, so I really enjoyed hearing an album that's fun without being trite in anyway whatsoever.

On each listen I find myself more and more certain that there's a definitely Mr Bungle influence but the quirkiness of the songs goes beyond one reference point.

'King of Saltz' is a fascinating mix of tech metal and jazz and its substitution of tuba for bass is a big draw, it really adds to the lower end. Great stuff - definitely check this out if you're looking for something complex and surprising.

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    [QUOTE=Cannonball With Hat] It's certainly the best thing he's done since the end of the 'classic' period.  It does tap into that mold/style of the early albums as good as a bunch of old guys can. It still suffers from what some of the early releases do to (too much straightforwardness mixed with excellent instrumental bits). And obviously there are ful songs that just miss the mark too. I"ll probably buy it eventually because it is cheap. [/QUOTE]I think you're spot on too about their age making it a bit harder for them to get back to that old sound, but I'm still enjoying it overall for sure. Worth it to hear them having fun I think :)
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