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Bebel Gilberto (born Isabel Gilberto de Oliveira on May 12, 1966 in New York City) is an American-born Grammy Award-nominated Brazilian popular singer often associated with bossa nova. She is the daughter of João Gilberto and singer Miúcha. Her uncle is singer/composer Chico Buarque. Bebel has been performing since her youth in Rio de Janeiro.

At the age of seven, Bebel made an appearance on her mother's first solo album Miúcha. At age nine, Bebel performed with her mother and jazz saxophonist Stan Getz at a jazz festival in New York's Carnegie Hall. Back in Brazil, Bebel performed and recorded for the soundtrack of the children's musical Os Saltimbancos, written by Sergio Bardotti and Chico Buarque. Later on Bebel joined an experimental theatrical group and was a member of the founding team of the performance space Circo Voador (Flying Circus) at Ipanema Beach. In this group she met singer/songwriter Cazuza,
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Bossa Nova 1991
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Tanto Tempo
Bossa Nova 2000
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Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop 2001
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Bossa Nova 2004
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Bossa Nova 1986

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Pop/Art Song/Folk 2013

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BEBEL GILBERTO Remixes album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop 2004

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Album · 2000 · Bossa Nova
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The best things in life are free. (Relative to the price of a Mercedes, anyway.) I’ve lived long enough to know that ancient statement’s not just an empty quip to spew out like cheap gum. One of the most rewarding things in my life has been found in exploring the innumerable caves and tunnels that line the walls inside the vast world of music. The advances made in sound delivery mechanisms via PCs in the last half century has made this activity easier than ever (as opposed to the “old days” when one had to go out of one’s way to visit a record store to browse through and procure ear-opening aural art, a practice that wasn’t without its own merits and particular charms). I love to hear stuff that’s new to me and there are few things as satisfying as finding an artist/band that sings to my soul in unexpected ways. And the genre of jazz, with all its fascinating nooks and crannies, offers more of those opportunities than most. That’s why sites such as this are so valuable in pursuing that hobby. Case in point: I read fellow reviewer Matt’s enthusiastic assessment of this album by Bebel Gilberto and it prompted me to look into her music even though I know very little about South American fare and even less about Bossa Nova in general. The risks involved in peeking into foreign styles are minimal if you respect the opinions of the essayist who steered you in that direction. If it turns out not to be your idea of a good time then at worst you’re out a dozen bucks and less than an hour of your life. The upside is massive, however, because often you’ll uncover something you most likely would’ve never found on your own. That was my experience with “Tanto Tempo.”

A more detailed look into the life journey of the lovely Bebel can be found in her JMA bio or in the aforementioned review but I’ll give you a thumbnail version just to acquaint you with her history. Born in New York City to a family of musicians and singers, she was raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil where she honed her craft from childhood and gained some notoriety as a budding star. But by the time she hit her mid-20s she realized there was a sprawling planet outside her country’s borders chock full of different influences and ideas just waiting to be integrated into her music so she first moved to the metropolis of her birth and then to London, where this disc was recorded. Therefore the mix of Portuguese and English lyrics as well as the blending of North American and European mindsets into the tracks makes for eleven songs that are anything but traditional or stuffy Latino fare. (FYI, the track order is slightly different on the CD I have than what's listed above.)

She begins her official debut with “August Day Song,” a number that has a strong, flowing groove distinguished by the smooth tightness between the acoustic guitar and the drums that pulls you right in. The first thing that struck me was the similarity of Gilberto’s voice to that of another favorite female singer of mine, Sade. While their motifs are continents apart, they both share the rare ability to conjure hypnotic spells with their vocals. The tune’s authentic and sometimes eerie Brazilian percussion adds mystery to the track. “Tanto Tempo” is next and its sultry Bossa Nova beat is as relaxing as a beach hammock swaying in a cool ocean breeze. There’s an interesting pause in the arrangement where Bebel carries the rhythm solely with her voice and it makes for a classy moment. "San Contencao" sports a perky bounce that invites you to taste Gilberto's rapid-fire phrasing. “Mais Feliz” follows with an extremely romantic atmosphere surrounding the number like a warm fog. Kudos go out to the engineering crew for capturing the essence of the varied instruments involved and the depth of Gilberto’s soft, expressive vocal. This record sounds fantastic. On "Alguem" some quasi-hip hop drums rumble along with imaginative percussion accents, throwing a curve into the established current of the album. A sexy pulse propels the love song “So Nice (Summer Samba)” effortlessly. While I find the tune to be a little too predictable I also acknowledge that it’s sometimes smart to not step too far out of character when dealing with this category of music so it’s not a deal-killer.

“Lonely” is the most eclectic number on the album. Peppy percussion, tinkling ivories and multi-layered voices make this a too-short but invigorating detour from the norm. “Bananaeira” possesses a touch of funk that drives this song aggressively and the full horn section that backs Bebel adds a delicious big band flavor to the proceedings. Here Gilberto adopts an edgier tone, proving she’s no one-trick pony. “Samba E Amor” is a pretty ballad featuring Bebel’s up-close and personal singing methodology with only some silky Spanish guitar for accompaniment. No amateur she, Gilberto handles the tune’s intricate and tricky vocal lines flawlessly. A disarming introduction for “Close Your Eyes” leads to a track with a dance-inducing, percussion-heavy undertow that’ll set your toes to tapping. Exciting horns punctuate the number’s festive aura, especially the rowdy coronet. She ends with “Samba da Bencao.” There’s a mesmerizing landscape stretching out to the horizon behind this engaging song, aided by a saxophone drenched in echo that drifts about, painting the tune in a dreamy hue.

I’m so glad I found this album and to that I’ll add that it’s about time. (It has sold well over a million units worldwide.) There are certain moods and situations that are perfect for this kind of sophisticated music to accentuate to the utmost. It can also gently take you off the crowded, beaten path when such a detour is necessary to maintain one’s sanity. If you find the offerings of Sade interesting and inspiring then you’ll be happy to know that Bebel Gilberto and her splendid musicians’ performances on “Tanto Tempo” are every bit as gratifying as what you enjoy hearing from that intoxicating lady and her ensemble.


Album · 2000 · Bossa Nova
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Lazing around on a sunny day, this could be the music for the occasion with sunshine in bountiful proportions and a great Bossa groove. Bebel Gilberto is a native Brazillian and daughter to Joao Gilberto so one cannot say that even though this is Bebel's solo debut she is not a newcomer to Bossa Nova. Produced by her friend "Suba" who also does the programming and plays piano when required. Before the album was released in 1999 "Suba' was killed by a fire in his apartment in Sao Paulo. I heard he was trying to rescue his music but if only he knew that this album was about to become a little hit by selling over one million copies and picking up two Grammy Nominations. It actually was the 3rd biggest selling Brazillian album in the U.S ever. Bebel has played with some great artists "Caetano Veloso","David Byrne", the DJ "Towa Tei" and "Thievery Corporation". Which is a good indicater for the construction of this album with electronic programming and instrumentation all providing one very easy going Bossa album."Joao Donato" from Brazil also contributes as a guest on Fender Rhodes and arrangement for his song "Bananeira". We also have various other muscians contributing here and there with percussion, saxophones , bass, guitars and trumpet.

The sun comes up with the first track "Samba da Bencao" which is a "Baden Powell" composition and the light Bossa groove is all there with Bebel's silky vocals and of course guitar. Programming is added to the song but does not destroy any of the style as it sure is Brazillian Bossa. Not once does the programming get in the way but is used more to provide a texture to the album which stays Bossa Nova throughout. Not all Portugeuse is used as four of the songs are in English which does not detract at all from the style and actually gives the album a slight contrast which keeps things interesting. "August Day' is the first one with its mix of both languages used and is as light and breezy as you could wish for in this style of music."Tanto Tempo" the title track comes in third and really starts with a sixties feel and is a real highlight with just programming and piano by "Suba" and Bebel's singing with such a light feel. Tempos do change within the album but always Bossa with a Samba influence at times such as track four "Sem Contencao" with a great fairly quick beat .On the ninth track "Bananeira is with "Jaoa Donato' and a brass section comprising trombone, alto and baritone saxophone with trumpet and would be the fullest sounding song with a great bit of groove from the bass by "Jorge Helder". The song "Samba Amor" is the reverse with just acoustic guitar with Bebel singing,and as often is the case with these bare bones,stripped back tunes they are one of the best. Simply dreamy and beautiful might be the best description for the tune. There are eleven songs within the album and all are done with a great sound for this style of music. "Close Your Eyes" the last one is up tempo and one very nice groove is the result with the brass kicking in.

Great album for when you would like something light and happy and yes it has plenty of sunshine. Bebel Gilberto really made this one quite an interesting album with her contempary approach to Bossa Nova and some great feeling from her home country Brazil.


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