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RETURN TO FOREVER - Romantic Warrior Fusion
JOHN SURMAN - Private City Post-Fusion Contemporary
SOFT MACHINE - Third Jazz Related Rock
KEITH JARRETT - The Köln Concert Post-Fusion Contemporary
KEITH JARRETT - Eyes of the Heart Post Bop
KEITH JARRETT - Paris Concert Post-Fusion Contemporary
EBERHARD WEBER - Later That Evening Third Stream
STEVE TIBBETTS - A Man About a Horse World Fusion
OREGON - Music of Another Present Era World Fusion
OREGON - Winter Light World Fusion
OREGON - Out of the Woods World Fusion
RALPH TOWNER - Solstice Post-Fusion Contemporary
RALPH TOWNER - Batik World Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - Cat 'n' Mouse Fusion
BILL FRISELL - Have a Little Faith Eclectic Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - I Sing the Body Electric Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Mysterious Traveller Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Heavy Weather Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Waves Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Descendre Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Skywards Fusion
NATIONAL HEALTH - National Health Jazz Related Rock
NATIONAL HEALTH - Of Queues and Cures Jazz Related Rock
HATFIELD AND THE NORTH - The Rotters' Club Jazz Related Rock
PAT METHENY - New Chautauqua Post-Fusion Contemporary
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group ‎: Offramp World Fusion
SUPERSISTER - Present from Nancy Jazz Related Rock
ALICE COLTRANE - Universal Consciousness Avant-Garde Jazz
OZRIC TENTACLES - Become the Other Jazz Related Rock
OZRIC TENTACLES - Curious Corn Jazz Related Rock
SQUAREPUSHER - Hard Normal Daddy Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
SQUAREPUSHER - Hello Everything Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
BLUE EFFECT - Svět hledačů Fusion
JAN GARBAREK - It's OK To Listen To The Grey Voice Post-Fusion Contemporary
GONG - You: Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 3 Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Gazeuse! (aka Expresso) Fusion
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Atmos Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN COLTRANE - A Love Supreme Post Bop
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Ketil Bjørnstad / David Darling / Terje Rypdal / Jon Christensen : The Sea Post-Fusion Contemporary
BARRE PHILLIPS - Mountainscapes Fusion
STEVE TIBBETTS - The Fall Of Us All World Fusion
OUTWARD BOUND - Outward Bound Third Stream
OUTWARD BOUND - The Path Third Stream
ARVE HENRIKSEN - Cartography World Fusion
(EM)(WOLLNY SCHAEFER KRUSE ) - 3 Post-Fusion Contemporary
(EM)(WOLLNY SCHAEFER KRUSE ) - II Post-Fusion Contemporary
KING CRIMSON - In The Court Of The Crimson King Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - In The Wake Of Poseidon Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - Lizard Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - Larks' Tongues In Aspic Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - Red Jazz Related Rock
CLEARLIGHT - Forever Blowing Bubbles Jazz Related Rock
STROVILI - Strovili World Fusion
PHAROAH SANDERS - Karma Avant-Garde Jazz
WEATHER REPORT - Black Market Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Floating Post-Fusion Contemporary
ICEBERG - Sentiments Fusion
HATFIELD AND THE NORTH - Hatfield and the North Jazz Related Rock
CARLA BLEY - Escalator Over The Hill ( with Paul Haines) Progressive Big Band
SUPERSISTER - Pudding en Gisteren Jazz Related Rock
ALICE COLTRANE - Journey in Satchidananda Avant-Garde Jazz
ALICE COLTRANE - Transfiguration Avant-Garde Jazz
MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA - The Inner Mounting Flame Fusion
OZRIC TENTACLES - Erpland Jazz Related Rock
SQUAREPUSHER - Squarepusher Presents Shobaleader One - D'Demonstrator Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
BLUE EFFECT - 33 Fusion
AREA - Caution Radiation Area Jazz Related Rock
BILLY COBHAM - Spectrum Fusion
JOHN TCHICAI - Afrodisiaca [with Cadentia Nova Danica] Avant-Garde Jazz
JOHN COLTRANE - Sun Ship Avant-Garde Jazz
HERBIE HANCOCK - Crossings Fusion
HERBIE HANCOCK - Head Hunters Funk Jazz
PEKKA POHJOLA - Harakka Bialoipokku / B the Magpie Jazz Related Rock
DON ELLIS - Autumn Progressive Big Band
TAKIS BARBERIS - Porto Kayio World Fusion
SPYRO GYRA - Morning Dance Pop/Art Song/Folk
ERIC DOLPHY - 'Out to Lunch!' Avant-Garde Jazz
MARC DUCRET - News From The Front Avant-Garde Jazz
SQUAREPUSHER - Feed Me Weird Things Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
MARILYN CRISPELL - Storyteller Avant-Garde Jazz
RONALD SHANNON JACKSON - Earned Dreams Eclectic Fusion
KING CRIMSON - Islands Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - Discipline Jazz Related Rock
CLEARLIGHT - Les Contes du Singe Fou Jazz Related Rock
BRAND X - Unorthodox Behaviour Fusion
STEFANO BATTAGLIA - Raccolto Post-Fusion Contemporary
(EM)(WOLLNY SCHAEFER KRUSE ) - Wasted & Wanted Nu Jazz
MODE PLAGAL - Mode Plagal World Fusion
ANDREW HILL - Compulsion Avant-Garde Jazz
JAN GARBAREK - Paths, Prints Post-Fusion Contemporary
JAN GARBAREK - Photo With Blue Sky, White Cloud, Wires, Windows And A Red Roof Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - Upon Reflection Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - The Amazing Adventures Of Simon Simon Post-Fusion Contemporary
JOHN SURMAN - Road to Saint Ives Post-Fusion Contemporary
SOFT MACHINE - Fourth Fusion
KEITH JARRETT - Death and the Flower Avant-Garde Jazz
KEITH JARRETT - The Survivors' Suite Avant-Garde Jazz
KEITH JARRETT - Dark Intervals Post-Fusion Contemporary
KEITH JARRETT - La Scala Post-Fusion Contemporary
EBERHARD WEBER - Yellow Fields Post Bop
EBERHARD WEBER - The Following Morning Third Stream
EBERHARD WEBER - Silent Feet Third Stream
EBERHARD WEBER - Fluid Rustle Third Stream
EBERHARD WEBER - Endless Days Third Stream
STEVE TIBBETTS - Big Map Idea World Fusion
OREGON - Distant Hills World Fusion
OREGON - Oregon in Moscow World Fusion
RALPH TOWNER - Old Friends, New Friends World Fusion
JOHN ABERCROMBIE - The Third Quartet Post-Fusion Contemporary
BILL FRISELL - Rambler Eclectic Fusion
BILL FRISELL - The Bill Frisell Band : Lookout For Hope Eclectic Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Tale Spinnin' Fusion
WEATHER REPORT - Night Passage Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - After the Rain Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Terje Rypdal / Miroslav Vitous / Jack DeJohnette Fusion
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Ketil Bjørnstad / David Darling : The River Post-Fusion Contemporary
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Before the Light Post-Fusion Contemporary
KETIL BJØRNSTAD - Water Stories Post-Fusion Contemporary
ICEBERG - Coses Nostres Fusion
PAT METHENY - Pat Metheny Group Fusion
CARLA BLEY - Night-Glo Progressive Big Band
PHAROAH SANDERS - Jewels of Thought Avant-Garde Jazz
PHAROAH SANDERS - Thembi Avant-Garde Jazz
PHAROAH SANDERS - Elevation Avant-Garde Jazz
ALICE COLTRANE - Ptah, the El Daoud Avant-Garde Jazz
OZRIC TENTACLES - Pungent Effulgent Jazz Related Rock
OZRIC TENTACLES - Strangeitude Jazz Related Rock
OZRIC TENTACLES - Waterfall Cities Jazz Related Rock
AREA - Maledetti (maudits) Jazz Related Rock
AREA - Crac! Jazz Related Rock
AREA - Arbeit Macht Frei (Il Lavoro Rende Liberi) Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Shamal Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Expresso II Jazz Related Rock
JOHN COLTRANE - Africa / Brass Hard Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - Impressions Hard Bop
MCCOY TYNER - Horizon Post Bop
GATO BARBIERI - Fenix Latin Jazz
CHICK COREA - Eye of The Beholder (CCEB) Fusion
RAINER BRÜNINGHAUS - Freigeweht Fusion
HERBIE HANCOCK - Sextant Fusion
MODE PLAGAL - Mode Plagal II World Fusion
SUPERSILENT - 8 Jazz Related Improv/Composition
BOBBY HUTCHERSON - Dialogue Hard Bop
JACKIE MCLEAN - Destination... Out! Hard Bop
FLAT EARTH SOCIETY - Psychoscout Progressive Big Band
EMBRYO - Steig Aus Jazz Related Rock
JOHN COLTRANE - Kulu Sé Mama Avant-Garde Jazz
SANTANA - Caravanserai Latin Rock/Soul
MILES DAVIS - Bitches Brew Fusion
SQUAREPUSHER - Ultravisitor Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
NIK BÄRTSCH - Llyria Nu Jazz
NIK BÄRTSCH - Holon Nu Jazz
JON HASSELL - Power Spot World Fusion
MAGNUS ÖSTRÖM - Thread Of Life Nu Jazz
KING CRIMSON - Starless And Bible Black Jazz Related Rock
KING CRIMSON - The Power To Believe Jazz Related Rock
BRAND X - Livestock Fusion
NATIONAL HEALTH - Playtime Jazz Related Rock
FLOROS FLORIDIS - F.L.O.R.O. I - Fly Low Oder Roll Over Avant-Garde Jazz
MATTHEW SHIPP - Harmony And Abyss Avant-Garde Jazz
ANDREW HILL - Point of Departure Post Bop
ARCHIE SHEPP - Fire Music Avant-Garde Jazz
WEATHER REPORT - Mr. Gone Fusion
TERJE RYPDAL - Vossabrygg Fusion
PAT METHENY - Watercolors Fusion
PAT METHENY - As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls (with Lyle Mays) Post-Fusion Contemporary
OZRIC TENTACLES - Arborescence Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Angels Egg: Radio Gnome Invisible, Part 2 Jazz Related Rock
GONG - Zero to Infinity Jazz Related Rock
SUPERSILENT - 4 Jazz Related Improv/Composition
KEITH TIPPETT - Dedicated To You, But You Weren't Listening Avant-Garde Jazz
EMBRYO - Surfin' RnB
LARRY CORYELL - Splendid (with Philip Catherine) Fusion
WAYNE SHORTER - Beyound the Sound Barrier 21st Century Modern
JOHN SURMAN - Proverbs and Songs Post-Fusion Contemporary
MCCOY TYNER - Inner Voices Post Bop
JOHN COLTRANE - Coltrane (aka Die Neue Welle Im Jazz) Hard Bop
HERBIE HANCOCK - Mwandishi Fusion
JOHN SURMAN - Coruscating Post-Fusion Contemporary
TIM BERNE - Tim Berne's Bloodcount ‎: Memory Select - The Paris Concert 21st Century Modern
KLAUS DOLDINGER/PASSPORT - Cross-Collateral Fusion
LONNIE LISTON SMITH - Visions of a New World Fusion
RASHIED ALI - Rashied Ali Quintet Avant-Garde Jazz
RASHIED ALI - Moon Flight Avant-Garde Jazz
TIM BERNE - Snakeoil 21st Century Modern
OREGON - Moon and Mind World Fusion
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Remembering Weather Report Post-Fusion Contemporary
CODONA - Codona World Fusion
PIERRE MOERLEN'S GONG - Time Is The Key Fusion
TRIOSK - The Headlight Serenade Nu Jazz
HERBIE HANCOCK - Future Shock Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
MIROSLAV VITOUS - Magical Shepherd Fusion
SQUAREPUSHER - Selection Sixteen Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop
GATO BARBIERI - Yesterdays (aka The Third World Revisited) Latin Jazz
SPYRO GYRA - Catching the Sun Pop/Art Song/Folk

Jazz Genre Nb. Rated Avg. rating
1 Fusion 42 4.15
2 Jazz Related Rock 37 4.45
3 Post-Fusion Contemporary 27 4.31
4 Avant-Garde Jazz 23 4.17
5 World Fusion 19 4.42
6 Third Stream 7 4.43
7 Jazz Related Electronica/Hip-Hop 7 4.07
8 Post Bop 6 4.25
9 Nu Jazz 5 3.90
10 Eclectic Fusion 5 4.40
11 Hard Bop 5 3.90
12 Progressive Big Band 4 4.25
13 21st Century Modern 3 3.50
14 Pop/Art Song/Folk 2 3.00
15 Jazz Related Improv/Composition 2 3.75
16 Latin Jazz 2 3.00
17 Latin Rock/Soul 1 4.00
18 Funk Jazz 1 4.50
19 RnB 1 3.50

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