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Samurai was previously known as Web. Web released three albums, Fully Interlocking (1968), Theraphosa Blondi (1970), and I Spider (1970). The first two featured American singer John L. Watson, and were released on Deram. I Spider was released on Polydor and Watson was replaced by future Greenslade vocalist/keyboardist Dave Lawson.

Once Web became Samurai, the band was no longer recording for Polydor, but for a far more obscure label, Greenwich. Finding an original LP these days, of course, is practically, forget it, find the CD reissue (Akarma in Italy had most recently reissued it).

Samurai broke up after this album. No surprise given they recorded for such a short-lived and obscure label as Greenwich, and probably no longer had the finances to continue one. But that didn't stop Dave Lawson. Ex-Colosseum members Dave Greenslade and Tony Reeves, with ex-King Crimson and Fields drummer Andy McCulloch brought in Dave Lawson
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Jazz Related Rock 1971

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Album · 1971 · Jazz Related Rock
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For some reason Web was renamed Samurai after the release of I Spider in 1970 on Polydor, perhaps one of the members left and had legal rights to the name, as two new members came in with Tony Roberts and Don Fay, both on wind instruments. The band seemed unaware of a Japanese band (residing in the UK at the time) featuring Miki Curtis calling themselves Samurai, and that also went for the record company. Web's I Spider already brought in future Greenslade vocalist/keyboardist Dave Lawson, and of course he stayed during the name change and performed and sang on this album too. Honestly I find Dave Lawson's voice so much more easy to take than on those Greenslade albums (my big gripe with Greenslade was his vocals, which seemed so much more strained there). Samurai is by far the best thing I have ever heard with Dave Lawson, if he sang this way on those Greenslade albums, then I'd probably just have a gripe with Dave Greenslade's frequently cheesy approach in keyboard playing (I often wondered why he played like that in Greenslade, when he didn't in Colosseum, which was more blues-based organ playing). This album is full of nothing but great jazzy prog, with vibraphone being of the dominant instruments. I have always loved the sound of vibes, but unhappy I don't hear it on more rock recordings. "Saving it Up For So Long" is a great opening piece, with lots of nice organ work. "More Rain" is more calm, with nice jazz-style vocals from Lawson. I particularly like the acoustic part with flute. "Maude James" has a bit of a Lizard-era King Crimson feel, probably in the jazzy arrangements and drumming (which are similar to Andy McCulloch's). "Give a Little Luck" has a more rock feel to it, particularly in the guitar playing, but the sax playing gives it that jazzy undercurrent, as well as Dave Lawson's voice. "As I Dried the Tears Away" is the lengthiest piece on the album, and what a great closer.

I have to say, this album is nothing short of amazing, and even if you have an aversion to Greenslade, or perhaps you felt the weak link to Greenslade was Dave Lawson's singing, don't let that put you off, this album is totally required in your collection.

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