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Philip John "Jon" Hiseman (21 June 1944 – 12 June 2018) was an English drummer, recording engineer, record producer and music publisher.

In the mid-1960s Hiseman played in sessions such as the early Arthur Brown single, "Devil's Grip". In 1966 he replaced Ginger Baker in the Graham Bond Organisation and also played for a brief spell with Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames. He then joined John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers in 1968 playing on the iconic album Bare Wires. In April 1968 he left to form what has been critically claimed as the "seminal" jazz rock/progressive rock band, Colosseum. Colosseum disbanded in November 1971, although Hiseman later formed Colosseum II with Don Airey and Gary Moore in 1975.

Between these two versions of Colosseum, Hiseman formed the band Tempest with Allan Holdsworth, Paul Williams and Colosseum bandmate Mark Clarke. Ollie Halsall joined the band temporarily making the band a quintet but
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JON HISEMAN A Night in the Sun album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
A Night in the Sun
Fusion 1982
JON HISEMAN JCM (Jon Hiseman, Clem Clempson, Mark Clarke) ‎: Heroes album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
JCM (Jon Hiseman, Clem Clempson, Mark Clarke) ‎: Heroes
Jazz Related Rock 2018

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JON HISEMAN Ganz schön heiss, Man! - The Drum Solos 1985 (aka About Time Too !) album cover 2.50 | 1 ratings
Ganz schön heiss, Man! - The Drum Solos 1985 (aka About Time Too !)
Fusion 1986

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JON HISEMAN Ganz schön heiss, Man! - The Drum Solos 1985 (aka About Time Too !)

Live album · 1986 · Fusion
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Sean Trane
Essentially the same album as the About Time Too... So, I'll recopy my review from that album.

A rather confusing album that could be entered under UJ&RO, Paraphernalia or John Hiseman and it’s probably wise to choose the latter. Indeed this compilation of excerpts of tracks taken from both the UJ&RO and Paraphernalia collaboration sees certainly one common denominator in the drummer Jon Hiseman. So this album is a kind of offshoot to the first and official live album of both groups working together, but here it is a selection of drum solos from different concerts during their German tour in 85. Yes, you read right: an album almost entirely made of drum solo, with only a few interactions of the rest of the numerous (16) musicians (12 in UJ&RO and 5 in Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia, even if you have to count one less since Hiseman cumulates). So you only get bribes of exciting massive big band and horn section playing and quickly shutting up to let the master of ceremony Hiseman get on with lengthy (up to 15-mins) and sometimes entertaining drum solos. Sounds crazy, enough? Certainly is, but then again it’s hardly the catastrophe you could imagine, and this from someone that generally dislikes drum solos, both in studio or in live settings. Just a tiny precision: I rented the album from my library system, so rest assured that I’m no masochist and would be spending cash on such an album. But back to the album: it’s actually fairly interesting and even likely to be enjoyed by other people than drummers or dedicated Hiseman fans. Of course, if my library system had the real live album, rather than this compilation, I’d probably not be reviewing or even renting the present album. But whatever few moments where the full groups are playing their enthralling swing jazz-rock, it really gives you the envy to seek out the real stuff. Difficult to recommend this album, but it’s main merit ould be that it lead me to more music to discover.

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