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A jazz-rock group from Pinerolo, near Turin, Dedalus released two albums for the collectable Trident label before disappearing, and also had a good live activity despite being very far from the most important Italian rock groups of the time. After their live show at Naples' Festival di Avanguardia e Nuove Tendenze in 1973, they were described by a popular journalist as the revelation of the festival.

First album contained a personal blend of jazz-rock, with some Soft Machine influences and all instrumental, with lead parts of sax, cello, electric piano and guitar. The second, Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico, with the group now as a trio after the departure of bassist Furio Di Castri for a stable career as jazz upright bass player, was more avantgarde-oriented with stronger use of electronics.

Dedalus kept on as a duo in 1977, when drummer Enrico Grosso left, and collaborated with jazz musicians such
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Catherine Lamb: Atmospheres Transparent/OpaqueCatherine Lamb: Atmospheres Transparent/Opaque
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Materiale Per Tre EsecutoMateriale Per Tre Esecuto
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Tom Johnson: Rational MelodiesTom Johnson: Rational Melodies
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Tom Johnson: Rational Melodies by Dedalus (2010-01-12)Tom Johnson: Rational Melodies by Dedalus (2010-01-12)
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Materiale Per Tre EsecutoriMateriale Per Tre Esecutori
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Nomos Apache AlphaNomos Apache Alpha
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DEDALUS Dedalus album cover 4.25 | 6 ratings
Fusion 1973
DEDALUS Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico
Fusion 1974
DEDALUS Pia Visione album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Pia Visione
Fusion 1997
DEDALUS Pezzi Inediti '75-'76 + Materiali Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Pezzi Inediti '75-'76 + Materiali Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico
Fusion 1999
DEDALUS Nomos Apache Alpha (as Dedalus Bonansone) album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Nomos Apache Alpha (as Dedalus Bonansone)
Jazz Related Improv/Composition 2004

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DEDALUS Dedalus album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Fusion 2001

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Album · 1973 · Fusion
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The following is a review that I originally published on the sister website of Jazz Music Archives, Progarchives, on 12/27/16:

Dedalus' stellar self-titled debut is a prime example of 70's jazz rock experimentation at its finest. All members are excellent musicians, displaying a knack for mixing jazz, funk, rock, and a touch of avant-garde, laced with psychedelia. I won't go into the deatils of very track, but I'll go over a couple high points. The opening number, "Santiago," displays the band's versatility by injecting a psychedelic space-out section that reminds me of Jimmy Page using the bow on his guitar for Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused", although I believe Dedalus is using an electrified cello in this section. The track "CT 6" has one of the coolest jazz rock grooves I have ever heard, and I wouldn't be surprised if some hip hop artist has sampled it already. The album must really be heard by anyone interested in experimental jazz rock from the 70's. The band would go off the deep end for their follow up, "Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico," which is also included on my CD copy, and I won't go into that here. Anyway, Dedalus' debut is essential listening for jazz rock aficionados. 5 stars!

DEDALUS Materiale Per Tre Esecutori E Nastro Magnetico

Album · 1974 · Fusion
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siLLy puPPy
Well one thing is for sure. DEDALUS showed on their debut album that they were certainly open-minded and willing to take risks and experiment but absolutely no one, especially the jazz-rock-fusion fans of their debut could have seen this one coming. For some reason, DEDALUS decided it was time to move on after one album of primo jazz-fusion workouts and go to even stranger pastures. In this case they took on a real career killer and tackled musique concrète and pointillistic surrealism. The result is an album that gets almost universally panned for it sounds absolutely nothing like the debut and i can only imagine how many jazz-fusion lovers over the years have fallen for the debut only to scratch their heads after listening to this one! Part of the situation was that the bassist Furio De Castri parted ways after the debut. Instead of the sensible decision of replacing him, the remaining four members decided to let their freak flag unfurl full staff and really go for it in the experimental department which pretty much destroyed all momentum they had built and pretty much ended their musical credibility. Instead of syncopated jazz rhythms mixed with solo tradeoffs and spaced out freak outs, we get a series of clanging cans, breaking bottles, piano sweeps and various other noises such as cats meowing, operatic meanderings and whacked out outbursts. There are still traces of jazz here and there with drum rolls, sax runs and even violins but they appear sporadically. There are also scant outbursts of melodies that are fleeting but nonetheless present themselves.

For anyone to enjoy this they must really have had some exposure to some of the avant- garde music of the 50s and 60s. There reminds me a lot of John Cage and his surrealist musical vision and the strange musique concrète of Edgar Varèse but most of all i get a Karlheinz Stockhausen vibe whose pointillistic musical impressionism is the main focus here. Like a good impressionalist painter, DEDALUS paints sonic textures with bloops and bleeps and scant traces of an underlying motif. I like to think of this in general as a ride in a canoe with the chaotic swirls and eddys of water that surround the canoe as the main focus that lead to an underlying object but only as indirect evidence that has to be mounted to come to the final conclusion.

Yes, this is ridiculously convoluted and complex and most listeners will not give this the time of day, but i personally find this kind of music stimulating on rare occasions. I think of this as the musical equivalent to those rare nutrients that the body needs like molybdenum that are only needed in the smallest of doses but yet are essential for the overall health of an organism. There is something about listening to this on the rare occasion that is kind of like defragging your computer. It just kind of makes melodic music sound better! Maybe i'm just a disturbed individual for finding any joy in this whatsoever, but being familiar with the avant-garde classical artists that preceded has aided in my understanding. Admittedly, WTF were these guys thinking?!!! This pretty much ended a promising career and they should have at least put out a couple more stellar jazz-fusion releases before doing anything this alienating to their fans.

As a litmus test you can ask yourself if you can tolerate Area's "Caos" from Maledetti and if the answer is yes, then you can take that track and make a whole album out of it and it will give you a hint of what's going on here. I certainly wouldn't call this essential but this certainly is more than random noise going on. Like the invisible canoe on the flowing stream that creates wakes and hydrologic distortions, this music is the impression of an underlying unheard musical structure that demands your full attention and multiple listens to discern. There are occasional classical motifs that just briefly bubble up from the underworld. This album is tacked on to the end of remastered versions of the debut album. It may not be essential but is well worth it if it's a freebie and can satisfy one's utmost strangest musical urges when the mood hits, at least it does for yours truly.


Album · 1973 · Fusion
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siLLy puPPy
Just who are those four dudes hiding behind the clocks on the album cover? Must be DEDALUS! This band emerged from the Turin, Italy scene in the early 70s and delivers some of the most varied and interesting jazz-fusion from the era on their eponymous debut album. The name DEDALUS apparently comes from Daedalus who was the inventor of the labyrinth in Greek mythology. Like their namesake, this band delivers a labyrinth of extremely well-crafted jazz- fusion that holds up well after many decades. This was another good find for the short-lived Trident Records which also hosted some other greats like Semiramis and Biglietto per l'Inferno. There was another folk rock band with the same name from Italy just to confuse everyone!

This album is really a brilliant concoction of steaming jazz-fusion laced with healthy doses of space rock. In fact at times they drop the jazz-rock all together and venture into Krautrock territory. This is an all instrumental album that finds Fiorenzo Michele Bonansone (keyboards, cello, vocals), Marco Di Castri (guitar, sax), Furio Di Castri (bass) and Enrico Grosso (drums) synergizing their energetic and eclectic talents to create a nice mix of styles that takes a little from the jazziest sounds of the Soft Machine and mixes in some highly eclectic avant-garde jazz, psychedelic freak outs and energetic solos. The sound despite the tempo is always warm and inviting and can range from frantic Mahavishnu Orchestra type workouts to subdued Weather Report passages.

This one has really been a grower. Although i liked it a lot upon first listen, it has managed to burrow deep into my psyche. It just incorporates enough diversity and technical prowess to keep me thoroughly entertained upon repeated listens. If dreamy syncopated rhythms with tasty solos and tight group interaction is what you're craving in your jazz-fusion experience then you should look no further than this debut album by DEDALUS. This delivers for both jazz lovers and progressive rock lovers alike. Unfortunately they would never release another album like this again and moved into even more experimental musique concrète for their second release. If you have one of the newer remastered versions of this you will find the second album tacked onto the end. In my case it's not even listed as being on the album. It's just a surprise!


Album · 1973 · Fusion
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Ever imagine a universe where Icarus didn't fly too close to the sun? Well, obviously he would have gone on to form a wonderful little jazz band named after his beloved father, Daedalus. Somewhere along the way he forgot the 'a' in his name, most likely due to the one too many ouzos he'd downed the night before in the name of celebration.

Anyhow, this little obscure gem of a group comes from the wonderful country of Italy. They released their first album in 1973, and it was their only album featuring their complete original quartet, as their bassist Furio Di Castri departed after it was released. The album, self-titled Dedalus, is a cool combination of the free-jazz style of Chick Corea and the slightly avant- garde nature of Mahavishnu Orchestra, if I were to put juxtapose it with it's bedfellows. Much of the album is surprisingly spacey, but in the kind of way that cool jazz can just be so....'out there' at times. The best of examples of this being the two epics 'C.T. 6' and 'Santiago' (the latter being the superior in my opinion).

A glaring problem that becomes rather annoying after a few listens through is the incessant noodling that goes on (generally) towards the latter half of the song. It's not the worst avant-garde elements they could have mixed in but it does tend to ruin the atmosphere they so easily crafted. If I were to compare it to something I would say pre-Kraftwerk Organisation's Tone Float from 1969, which I shiver when thinking of associating it with anything particularly tasteful. This is the main reason why 'Leda' is my favorite track; it's devoid of any of the aforementioned. Yet, it also has a tranquility provided mainly in part by that classic floaty synthesizer (the guitar and drums are some of the best as well). That is not enough for me to hate the album though in any case, because the music still remains extremely pleasant for the majority of it's duration.

Criminally unknown and underrated, I want to the best of my ability to spread the world of this little-known album. Hell, it's got me hooked for the remaining material of the band, so why don't you get in on it as well?


Album · 1973 · Fusion
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I just love running across these obscure fusion albums, like this Italian band Dedalus. They released their self-entitled debut in 1973 on the Trident label, which was associated with several Italian prog acts whose original LPs now command big money like Semiramis and Biglietto per L'Inferno. Dedalus was nothing like those two groups, but a fusion group. Lots of electric piano and sax, occasional spacy synthesizers, and some trippy passages that I really enjoy. I really love that '70s vibe these guys came up with. They frequently get compared to Soft Machine, but obviously they mean the post-Robert Wyatt Soft Machine when they became more fusion and less psychedelic jazz rock. Dedalus released a followup album in 1974 on Trident, but that one was full-on avant garde that bears so little resemblance to their debut it's hard to believe it was the same band. I really enjoyed the cover, where people's heads were placed by watches. If you're looking for more obscure fusion worth getting, give this one a try!

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