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ANIMATION - Agemo cover
3.98 | 4 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 2011


Animation | Asiento 3D60 Headphone Mix
1-1 Pharaoh's Dance
1-2 Bitches Brew
1-3 John McLaughlin
1-4 Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
1-5 Spanish Key
1-6 Sanctuary
Animation | Asiento Remix
2-1 Pharaoh's Dance (Son Of Panthalassa Remix)
2-2 Bitches Brew (Dub)
2-3 John McLaughlin (Middle Class Riot Remix)
2-4 Miles Runs The Voodoo Down (Gaudi Remix)
2-5 Spanish Key (Lightless Remix)
2-6 Sanctuary (Hidden Revealed Version)


- Bob Belden / saxophones
- Tim Hagans / trumpet
- Scott Kinsey / keyboards, synthesizers
- Matt Garrison / bass
- DJ Logic / turntables
- Guy Licata / drums

About this release

RareNoise Records ‎– RNR018 (UK)

All of the tracks on this album are re-mixes of tracks from Animation's previous album, "Asiento".

Thanks to snobb for the addition and js for the updates


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Specialists/collaborators reviews

“Agemo” is a re-mix of Animation’s previously released “Asiento” album. “Asiento” was a bold experiment in which saxophonist Bob Belden led an all-star cast in a live recreation of the classic “Bitches Brew” album, but with the intention of adding drumnbass and Weather Report influences. The combination of Miles’ open-ended jams with drumnbass flavored rhythms plus a Weather Report interactive ensemble mentality was successful and fortunately made for some great material to re-mix with. The idea of a “Weather Report approach” could have gone many different ways, but Belden and his crew wisely chose Weather Report’s hyper-syncopated years with Alphonso Johnson, as well as WR’s earliest experimental years for their influence, and eschewed the more heavy-handed WR of later years. Likewise, the drumnbass rhythms supplied by drummer Guy Licata fit the original Brew bass lines like a glove and nothing sounds forced or contrived. Interestingly enough, the combination of Matt Garrison’s Alphonso influenced bass playing with the Miles style jam sessions often recalls similarly styled bassist Marcus Miller’s work with Miles in the early 80s. Also, the way the Brew tunes are strung together in a live concert also recalls Miles’ classic Fillmore concerts and albums.

The “Asiento” album certainly supplied some great material to work with, so how do the re-mixes on “Agemo” sound? Disc one is basically the entire concert in full, but given a very spatial headphone mix called 3D60. Although I usually listen to speakers, I gave this mix a test ride with a set of headphones and the spatial movement of the sound is very nice. Still wanting to hear the effects on a set of speakers, I also played this CD on an old quad system set on simulated quad sound and the simulation seemed to pick up a lot of the spatial movement. Disc two of “Agemo” takes the six original tracks on “Asiento” and assigns each track to a different DJ or producer for re-mixing in various dub, trip-hop and drumnbass styles. These re-mixes are mostly pleasant, but most don’t really bring anything new to the table. The one exception is Bill Laswell’s drumnbass re-mix of “Pharaoh’s Dance” which finds the perfect beat to drive the original snaky bass line.

Disc one of “Agemo” is excellent modern fusion with lots of wide open improvised instrumental sections that hold up very well to repeat listening. Each replay reveals new surprises and details previously missed. Disc two re-mixes that material into some nice club friendly beats, but with not as much adventure as disc one.

Members reviews

Disc 1 of Agemo is a new mix (from the original stems) of Animation's Asiento. The mix was produced by Mike Brady of 3D60 UK Ltd ( for more information). The mix is specifically targeted to the headphone user: compared to Asiento, it's a totally new mix-design - much greater dynamic range (up to 20db), generally lower levels, Kinsey's keyboards are now more prominent and visible, spacing out of Licata's kit, spreading out of the soundstage and sound-sculpturing of DJ Logic's performance).

The 3D60 process is specially targeted to the Headphone user - playing Agemo on a Quad System, though an interesting experiment (I tried 5+1 surround :-)) and one that gives insights, is not the way to listen to this recording. I wish we could provide a mix that catered simultaneously for surround/quad/headphone listeners :-), but that, I'm afraid requires targeted mixes. Summarising, I warmly encourage you to put some (decent) headphones on, load the disc and switch the world off for a little over an hour....that is the way it is meant to be listened to.

Disc is an attempt to shift our attention from a New mix to a RE-mix. The names are solid, Laswell, DJ Logic himself, Youth (e.g. Paul McCartney's partner in The Fireman and Killing Joke bassist, and, Gaudi, Fanu and Joaquin Claussell. We wanted to get to DJ Krush, but it was a little complicated :-)

You will find more information about how Agemo came about at and for more information.

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