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BILL BRUFORD Bbc Rock Goes To College: Live 1979

Movie · 2006 · Jazz Related Rock
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I remember seeing this originally on BBC 2 a few weeks after it was recorded in one of the canteens of Oxford Poly, and getting a mix of intense pleasure. In particular pleasure from the tour de force that Holdsworth had developed into (and screamed out at me on Feels Good To Me)and the unknown bass-wiz Jeff Berlin. But there was disappointment over Annette's contribution to the set - when her husky voice breathed sex at me on the album.

Now here from the Beeb's archives is the original 70's video quality footage as originally shown on 625 lines. The pleasure points remain, with some details emphasised. However the disappointment is worse, in particular there is a promise of something special as Peacock flounces on part way through the set, dressed as the fashion queen,(thereby drawing the contrast with the blokes in the band). However,again the expectation of something special evaporates quickly - the diva can't 'deave' live in sympathy with the music, the band i.e. her vocals are poor. Fortunately we don't have to suffer this for long and thank goodness for the skip button.

Yes this is a short recording*, and isn't there a missed opportunity here? One DVD burn (of a copy of a copy, etc.) of this gig I saw some years ago and suffering horribly from colour dropout, had the addition of two extra numbers by Bruford recorded off from the Old Grey Whistle Test - here with I think Neil Murray deputing for Jeff Berlin. Surely the Beeb could had offered these as well?

*Interesting to see another Rock Goes To College recording of Herbie Hancock & the Headhunters recorded at the now defuncted Chelsea College, that had resurfaced on BBC 4 2 years ago, was an hour long.

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  • Posted more than 2 years ago in anyone remembers Brass Rock???
    [QUOTE=Sean Trane]  yup, they (EL) were truly the pioneers, and they'd become kind of irrelevant by the time BS&T and Chicago appeared on the scene   Apparently another pioneering band would be the San Fran based (in the flower power  and summer of love)era) Sons of Champlin... they had a three-man horn section (two sax and a trumpet >> one of them also played vibraphone)... OK, unlike Electric flag, they kept on for most of the 70's. [/QUOTE]   Once they decided to fuse Chicago blues with Atlantic-Stax soul, I think there was an easy "small step evolution" to also take the sound/feel of Atlantic-Stax's Bar-Keys or Mussel Shoal's brass. It is clear their writing and playing, Bloomfield and Gravenites (out of Paul Butterfield's Blues Band) were both in blues and soul ( and of course rock), and I think across the four EF albums in my collection, the balance seems in favour of soul music.   As vague (?)  modern-day parallel, it is worth watching the DVD of Chicago and Earth Fire Wind's  Live At The Greek, when for example 25 or 6 to 4 gets some soul treatment.
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in anyone remembers Brass Rock???
    Found a live recording of Electric Flag, Groovin' Is Easy - I guess it is a bootleg recording made circa 1968, now legitimised. For instance Buddy Miles sings (and of course drums) on Killing Floor (note: Nick Gravenites did the vocals on the studio recording), making the tune less blues and more soul. More importantly there are more instrumental breaks/solos, and from brass/wind instrumentals I get a clearer understanding why Electric Flag was called one of the first brass rock bands - but Bloomfield still does some good Chicago style blues guitar work.   I forget if I've mentioned it here, but a better bootleg legitmised is Chicago's 1968 album, I believe recorded when they were the resident/house band  in one of the LA music clubs (Troubadour?) , and essentially honing tunes that were to recorded some months later and heard on CTA and Chicago.
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in anyone remembers Brass Rock???
    I picked up, I think ,the second Warm Dust album recently , but it didn't appeal.    Last week on the radio show I played something off Savoy Brown's Burnt Sienna, i.e. Needle and Spoon which is blue based brass rock. So possibly taking the lead from Mayall, e.g. on Bare Wires  I think a number of British blues bands of the period  tried augmenting with brass/woodwind  so perhaps not surprising ex Mayalll drummer, Keef Hartley going that way.    I must dig out the track listing of two brass rock CD compilations I made several years ago, after requesting on the web, bands I couldn't name at the time - as a reminder, Tower Of Power was most strongly recommended by a number of folks, followed by Cold Blood.  I bow to the experts wrt ToP, but feel this type of music categorisation, branches out and impinges on brass funk. Then  perhaps because of the Chicago blues and R'nB/soul fusion of Electric Flag (not surprising with Buddy Miles and Nick Gravenites providing the vocals), then Flag is more brass funk than brass rock? SImilarly the more recent brass lead music of Defunkt, is brass  funk IMHO. However, brass funk as a an added descriptor  to  the  jazz funk of Danish band Monsieur DuBois (even with Defunkt's Lester Bowie guesting on trombone/vocals) may be stretching it....(size of the band???)?


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