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Album · 1977

Filed under Funk


A1 Bop Gun (Endangered Species) 8:29
A2 Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention - B3M) 10:04
A3 Wizard Of Finance 4:23
B1 Funkentelechy 10:56
B2 Placebo Syndrome 4:20
B3 Flash Light 5:46

Total Time: 44:20


Bass – Cordell Mosson
Drums, Percussion – Bootsy Collins, Jerome Brailey
Guitar – Garry Shider, Glen Goins, Michael Hampton
Horns – Clay Lawrey, Danny Cortez, Darryl Dixon, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Richard Griffith, Rick Gardner, Valerie Drayton
Keyboards, Synthesizer – Bernie Worrell
Vocals – Cordell Mosson, Dawn Silva, Debbie Wright, Garry Shider, George Clinton, Glen Goins, Jeanette Washington, Lynn Mabry, Ray Davis

About this release

Casablanca Records – NBLP 7084 (US)

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Another Parliament album in which, like The Clones of Dr Funkenstein, George Clinton's heavy-handed strategy for telling the story of his concept albums and expanding on the band's mythology obscures the decent musical backing provided by the group. On tracks such as Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk and others a swinging backing track is talked all over by band members using various distorted and manipulated voices expounding on the P-Funk cosmology to an extent where at points it feels to me like I'm attending a lecture on Funkology.

The overall anti-disco message seems kind of crass too - it's a little too neat that the evil and corruptive propaganda force created by capitalism to dumb down the music business just so happens to be a music genre which was competing very successfully against George and company at the same time; the idea that the funk business wasn't in any shape or form as capitalistic or profit-motivated as disco was at the time seems mildly absurd. Still, absurdity is precisely what you come to Parliament-Funkadelic for.

On balance, this is another album with meaty bass, swinging horn sections, and the standard George Clinton sense of humour. It's just that at this point that sense of humour begins to grate a little.
Track Listing: 1. Bop Gun (Endangered Species) 8:32 2. Sir Nose d'Voidoffunk (Pay Attention-B3M) 10:10 3. Wizard of Finance 4:32 4. Funkentelechy 10:55 5. Placebo Syndrome 4:20 6. Flashlight 5:46

Well what can you say, George Clinton the master of funk and just plain weird stuff on the R&B side...the man has an imagination for sure (I'm sure helped along by some marij on occasion!). Anyhow arguably Parliaments best album. The funk just runneth over on this one.....(BTW it is a concept album)

Bop Gun...nice little guitar diddy and beat, then turns into a fullfledge party, "bop gun" sound effects and addictive chorus. The Horny Horns section doing their thing on this one also.

Sir Nose...the title says it all. Voice alterations galor (vocoders)....the story sets Sir Nose as the all-time public enemy #1 in the Parliament world, in this case its Starchild fighting the fight. Both are on the album cover, ofcourse Starchild operating the "Bop Gun". The song is setup to start slowly then just buildup to a frothy funk fest. Sir Nose will never dance...

Wizard of Finance..nice doo-wop slow song, change of pace from the first two. The sax in the begining gives it a throwback feel, sing along chorus...Sly Stone influence here?

Funkentelechy..a monster of a song! Clinton uses witty lines and humor to tell us how the funk can rid us of those trying to control us. Using lines that refer to commercials of the day "you deserve a break today" and the classic " would you trade your funk for what's behind door number 3?"

Placebo Syndrome..slowest song on the album, cool chorus and vocals. Describes how we should not be strayed in the Syndrome....I think its a jab at the Disco clubs.

Flashlight...the most sampled song in the Parliament catalog. This is a beast of a song, clearly Parliament's signature track. Just a great synthbass beat, infectious guitar groove thru the whole song, Bootsy Collins' drumming sets the pace for this song. Listen closely you can pull out the battle between Sir Nose and Starchild......the bop gun sounds. Will Sir Nose finally dance? "everybodys got a little light under the sun...." says Clinton signaling that we can all overcome fear.

Without a doubt an album which still to this day influences many in the world of R&B and probably the hip/hop world too.

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