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CARLOS SANTANA - Havana Moon cover
2.32 | 4 ratings | 2 reviews
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Album · 1983

Filed under RnB


A1 Watch Your Step 3:49
A2 Lightnin' 3:50
A3 Who Do You Love 2:54
A4 Mudbone 5:50
A5 One With You 5:17
B1 Ecuador 1:10
B2 Tales of Kilimanjaro 4:51
B3 Havana Moon 4:11
B4 Daughter of the Night 4:18
B5 They All Went to Mexico 4:59
B6 Vereda Tropical 4:58

Total Time: 46:21


Backing Vocals – Cherline Hall (track A1), Emilio Castillo (track A2), Kim Wilson (track B3),Carlos Santana (tracks: A3, B3, B5), Orestes Vilato (tracks: A3, B3, B5), Raul Rekow (tracks: A3, B3, B5)
Horns – Tower Of Power Horn Section (track A1)
Lead Vocals – Greg Walker (track A1),Booker T. Jones (track A5)
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Kim Wilson (track A3)
Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals – Booker T. Jones (track B3)
Bongos – Armando Peraza (track A5)
Congas – Raul Rekow (track A5)
Timbales – Orestes Vilato (track A5)
Flute, Vocals – Orestes Vilato (track B1)
Keyboards – Richard Baker (track B1),Alan Pasqua (track B2),Barry Beckett (tracks: A1, A3 to A5, B4, B5), Booker T. Jones (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5, B3 to B5)
Percussion (track B1) – Alexander J.Ligertwood, David Margen, Graham Lear
Percussion – Armando Peraza (tracks: A1, A3, B1 to B3, B5), Orestes Vilato (tracks: A1, A3, B2, B3, B5), Raul Rekow (tracks: A1, A3, B1 to B3, B5)
Percussion, Vocals – Carlos Santana (track B1)
Vocals (track B1) – Armando Peraza, Raul Rekow
Vocals (track B4) – Greg Walker
Bass – David Margen (track B2),David Hood (tracks: A1, B4, B5), Keith Ferguson (tracks: A2 to A5, B3)
Guitar [Rhythm Guitar] – Chris Solberg(track B2)
Accordion – Flaco Jiminez (track B5)
Trumpet – Mic Gillette (track B5)
Vocals (track B5) – Willie Nelson
Other [Armonias] – Candelario López, Roberto Moreno (track B6)
Other [Bojo] – Luis Gonsalez (track B6)
Other [Tromp] – José Salcedo, Oscar Chavez (track B6)
Violin – Francisco Coronado, Gabriel Arias, Raymundo Coronado (track B6)
Violin, Other [Cantador] – Jose Santana (track B6)
Drums – Fran Christina (tracks: A2 to A5, B3), Graham Lear (tracks: A1, B2, B4, B5)
Guitar – Carlos Santana (tracks: A1 to A5, B2 to B5), Jimmie Vaughan (tracks: A2, A4, A5, B3)
Harmonica – Kim Wilson (tracks: A2 to A5, B3)

About this release

CBS CBS 25350 (Netherlands)

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Members reviews

After disastrous "Shango", Carlos Santana recorded "Havana Moon" as a solo album, with many celebrated guests. It is slightly better than "Shango", if nothing then for the sheer change of style, leaning more towards blues and R'n'B. This album is, again, nothing special but it is pleasant to listen, especially the joyful covers of "Who Do You Love" or the title track. Inclusion of a different, live version of "Tales of Kilimanjaro" (originally appeared on "Zebop!" by Santana band in 1981) makes this record gain an affirmative mark, but you won't miss a thing if you avoid it. For fans only.
Sean Trane
Guesting are the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Booker T Jones, Greg Walker, the Santana percussion members, the Tower Of Power horns, Leonardo Jiminez, Jose Santana, Willie Nelson and The Santana band.

Well I must say that I sort of avoided this album because of its suspicious title (little did I know it was named on a Chuck Berry tune) and a no-less suspicious artwork hinting at romantic Latino dance music. But having come to my sense with the introduction of Santana in our beloved Archives, I had to rent this album especially sionce Carlos Santana is on the whole more progressively-inclined than the group bearing his name. However, this album is probably the least prog of his solo azlbum, being more of a blues rock rather than a jazz-)rock. Actually this album is a bit like many 80’s blues record with a myriad of guests (Santana returning the favour on many other such albums) but the general results being a pot-pourri of influences making rather uneven and unfocused album. And Havana moon is no exception. Don’t get me wrong here, there are many excellent Blues tracks on here, but this has too much of of slick sound to sound authentic. Be it the Fab Thunderbirds or Booker T, playing with Carlos on Bo Diddley or Chuck Berry tracks, or having the Tower of Power horns might have some kind of commercial impact, artistically speaking, this does not do much; but at least we only have to suffer through only one track with Willie Nelson singing. Let’s just say that Carlos and Country rock do not mix. Què alegria!!

Not really an essential album, to say the least, but hardly a bad one either. Just an 80’s blues album, neither excellent and certainly not bad, but pointless for a proghead, much more so in regards to his otherwise excellent solo career. A way, this album prefigures the famous John Lee Hooker album, The Healer, where Carlos’ guitars will revive the grand old master’s career.

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