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From the new album 'Transcending Toxic Times' by The Last Poets.

On a winter day just outside Philadelphia The Last Poets and Jamaaladeen Tacuma gathered at the Ropeadope Room for an interview in anticipation of their new release, Transcending Toxic Times. The mood was light, a casual gathering over soul food with the label, the producer, and the poets themselves. We cued up the album, brought the sound up and walked through the final recording. It was the first time all three had heard the finished album, and the interview was soon put on hold as three men sat, transfixed and intent, leaning on every note and word as they walked through their memories and even their purpose. Dare we say tears were shed, and as we spoke with cameras rolling it soon came out that THIS was the definitive Last Poets album.

Release Date | May 10, 2019

Press Contact: [email protected]

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For The Millions
~ Intro/bg Vocal ~
For You
And You
For You
And You
For Youuuuu
~ Abiodun Vocal ~
For The Millions….(repeats)

~Abiodun Speaks~

For The Millions Of Africans
Chained To The Slave Ships
For The Millions Of Scars
On The Faces By The Bullwhip
For The Millions Who Jumped Overboard
For The Blood That Poured
On The Shores Of North America
South America Central America Europe
And Each Ripple In The Ocean
Is A Grave For An African
Who Refused To A Be A Slave
For The Millions
Who Cut The Cane Picked The Cotton
Whose Names Have Been Forgotten
Whose Flesh Has Rotted
With The Trees They Hung Us From
Cut Out The Tongues
Cut Off Our Hands
If We Played The Drums
For The Millions Who Were Shot Hung Beat To Death
Tar And Feathered Boiled In Oil
Whiplashed Backlashed
Croc Sacked And Thrown In The River
Castrated Mis-educated Segregated
Integrated Legislated By The Constipated
For The Millions Who've Been Lied To
Denied To Vampire Eyed To
Misguided To And Not Abided To
So We Decided To Get Together
And Change The Weather
Not Just For Now But Forever
We Decided To Love Each Other
Stop The Madness
And Be Real Sisters And Brothers
We Decided To Stop And Take A Look
At The Beauty Of Ourselves
At This Colored Skin
And This Thick Hair
And These Full Lips
And This Africa Inside Our Souls
Still Breathing The Breath Of Gods
In Our Lungs
Greatness Is Where We're Coming From
For The Millions Who Marched Sang
Prayed Sat In Lived In Jailed In
Boycotted Picketed Spit At Cursed At
Yelled At Like Blacks Not Where It’s At
And We Should Be Satisfied
To Ride In The Back
For The Fanny Lou Hamers And The Rosa Parks
And The Eula Mae Johnsons And Harriet And
Solourner And Eleanor Bumpers And
Assata Shakur And Gwendolyn Brooks
And The Martins And The Arthurs
And The Deacons The Panthers And James
And Langston And Richard Paul Malik
Marcus And Nat And Cinque And Kunta Kinte Too
For The Millions Who Know Those Who Have Always Known
That No Matter What
"Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again"
No Matter How Many Bullets And Prisons
Diseases And Deaths
No One Can Take Our Breath Away
We Are Here To Stay
No Matter How Much Liquor And Crack
Nothing Can Kill The Fact
That We Are A Divine Creation
Started Civilizations
Built The Pyramids And The Sphinx
Taught The World
How To Pray And Think
Not Mention Inventions
We Never Got Credit For
And All The Babies We Raised
Even When Our Own Were Ignored
For The Millions With Fire In Our Souls
That Burns So Bright
And The Strength Of Our Will
As Dominant As The Night
And The Rhythm When We Walk
And The Rhythm When We Talk
Even When We Have Nothing To Say
We Utter Sounds
That Put Color And Spice In The Day
For The Millions
Who Are Ready To Turn This Thing Around
Who Are Tired Of Being Tired
And Crawling On The Ground
It's Time To Return
To Our Spiritual Home
Reclaim Our Throne
And Leave This American Nightmare
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