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MARCOS VALLE Previsão Do Tempo

Album · 1973 · Latin Jazz
Cover art 5.00 | 1 rating
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Necessity. An experiment. Talent. Conviction.

As a result, it will be necessary for the listener to know the process that this wonderful album is announced. And it will be necessary for us to read the musicality that Marcos Valle created and the situation that happened with talent in Brazil of the 60s. The listener believes that the pleasure of this album spreads if I know the summary.

You must explain some then situation and situation about the market for music to enjoy this album. And the then Brazilian situation will affect it deeply. And the situation to surround Marcos Valle changed every moment, and this album was born.

At first I explain music and the directionality that Marcos Valle created from the latter half of the 60s. He comes across a classical music at 5-year-old time. And he is given a piano by a grandmother. And he is attracted by the jazz which was gradually conveyed by the United States. And there is him in playing a guitar at teenage time for the first time. Probably the musician who started the method about the performance of a song and the guitar not only Marcos Valle would have a big influence by Joao Gilberto. And I suppose that probably it is in this time, and Marcos Valle has already learned a technical part about the music.

Marcos Valle is born to a parent running a lawyer. Probably the future occupation would have various choices for Marcos Valle at this time. However, it would be fatal for him, as a result, to have chosen the life as the musician. He begins the history as a musician in the teens in a club in Sao Paulo. It appeared in a remark of Roberto Menescal conspicuously that Marcos Valle already had the talent as the musician. Marcos Valle visited the cause of Roberto Menescal and was going to learn the technique about the performance of the guitar. However, Roberto Menescal has already seen through talent of Marcos Valle. As a result, the song of Marcos Valle and the guitar and the piano are established as an original method. The advice of the rotation to surround him would have it. And it is a well-known fact that Marcos Valle established the position as a composer.

When it linked the situation of the music of at least then Brazil if this album considers it as process announced as aggregate of the wonderful music, I may suppose it. As a result, the situation and the history of the Brazilian music that happened in the latter half of the 60s were complicated. It will be necessary to analyze the situation as a summary. There were some historic facts and derivation there.

1. Pleasure and inevitability in the listener of the Brazilian music

The music that was fraught with traditional parts such as samba and bossa nova for Brazilian music let universal parts always link. However, the inevitability that slightly changed for Brazilian music and listener at this time was existence of the music festival. The Brazilian music gave a very fresh impression for the people of other countries. And there were both the Brazilian music and the part which came under an influence by American jazz equally. The genre called jazz bossa would often have in particular a form of trio. It succeeded to some extent more like Milton Banana and was established. However, the existence of this music festival gave the shadow which was ignorant of the splendid classic history such as samba and bossa nova.

2. A coup d'etat and military regime in Brazil of the 60s

Such military pressure and control are very disappointing. This control continued very for a long time. And this situation was remarkable at the same time in a market of the music. This situation was one of the factors to let a traditional part of the Brazilian music delay. The singer who reacted in this situation was in particular Nara Reao. It is a fact that she was a goddess of bossa nova. However, the remark that tuned to the part in the system was shocking. This situation would be the factor that was enough to let the decline of the Brazilian music accelerate.

3. Tropicalismo

The military control would let a tradition of the Brazilian music decline in the then Brazilian history. However, the anti-system included the counterattack of music and the culture at the same time. It is a fact to have had effect of the musicality such as The Beatles on this activity indirectly. It was generated not to mention derivation and influence of such a music worldwide. Furthermore, the derivation of these music included a cultural aspect. It was expressed not only music by drama and a movie and art. As a result, these expression develops into insurgence. This situation became the huge wave as Tropicalismo. There were Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil for a maelstrom of this situation. The activity gave a big shock. It let, as a result, samba and bossa nova decline, and some musicians laid a result to take refuge in the other countries. This was one counter culture in the Brazilian history.

4. Musica Popular Brasileira

The existence of the music festival that I spoke by the above was one of the factors that were enough to establish MPB. I suppose in particular that the existence of Elis Regina let you express musicality to establish the dawn of MPB. The stage in the market of the music excreted in Sao Paulo from Rio de Janeiro. And the existence of MPB was established for a listener with many musicians. An interlocking movement of various music. pop in particular and rock and the fusion of the Brazilian music became MPB and accelerated.

Marcos Valle which had been already known in the United States in the 60s returned to Brazil in 1968. Of course military control began in those days. In this situation, I cannot grasp feelings of Marcos Valle which returned to Brazil. However, his rotation already included the existence of his older brother and Deodato and various musicians. And experience that he cultivated in the United States was enough to let you express it as MPB. Rather those situation and expression might not have at all sense of incongruity.

The "rhythm always had importance same as harmony and a melody for me. "

Marcos Valle speaks in this way and reviews those days. However, as for the music of Marcos Valle in the 70s in particular, ability of construction and the arrangement of the melody will be fully shown. It lets you ask about his having had talent for composition with the performance of the musical instrument enough. It is remarkable in creation of the music that he in particular went for in the 70s.

The point that is important as the different factor that this album is wonderful will be existence of "Azimuth". Azimuth acted as back band in live where Marcos Valle had already gone to. Therefore, the participation in the recording of this album would be natural, too.

MPB has been already established. However, it is not exaggeration even if I say that Marcos Valle which let you introduce original sensitivity and talent into the established musicality created form of new MPB. The traditional Brazilian music is not included in this album. However, it is a model of new MPB which this album follows them and created. It is progressive surely. And it completely succeeds. Please feel talent of Marcos Valle.

"Flamengo Ate Morrer" is well-done as a beginning of this album very much. I adopt a factor of the acoustic with the atmosphere of the samba as an axis. Furthermore, it is handled an obbligato and the chorus of the keyboard. A lyrical song. The melody of the keyboard in particular helps an atmosphere of the music very much. The melody is lyrical, but chord and the construction of the music are wonderful.

In "Nem Paleto, Nem Gravata", a melody is very unique. A keyboard instrument helps the unique melody. And rhythm and the song which used many syncopation match a bright melody. Constitution and the melody of the music are cheerful. The importance of a melody and the rhythm that Marcos Valle spoke will be shown in this music.

"Tira A Mao" begins by a melody with overwhelming lyrism. Probably I may adopt chromatic scale progress. And a little rock chord succeeds enough, too.Arrangement and the construction of the melody are wonderful. I can catch this music as progressive MPB. A keyboard and the arrangement of bass are wonderful.

"Mentira" is music popular in Europe and Japan. The melody that adopted RnB and horn section is good. An element such as a little funk carried on the melody. This music is one of the melodies that are funky in this album.

"Previsao Do Tempo" is a ballad with the lyrism very much. There is not the song, but the next board and arrangement of strings are wonderful. The homesickness in the Brazilian music is expressed by established MPB. Overlap and the power of expression of various sounds are wonderful.

"Mais Do Que Valsa" is music using three beats. A feeling of floating and the translucency that a melody has are wonderful. The obbligato of the keyboard. Or the song of falsetto by Marcos Valle creates an atmosphere of this music.

In "Os Ossos Do Barao", it is bargained over a song and the chorus. ensemble of a wind instrument and the keyboard is united. A feeling of scamper that music has is comfortable.

"Nao Tem Nada Nao" is one of the highlights of this album, too. Deodato and Joao Donato affect this music as composition, too. The rhythm by the on beat. A melody of the homesickness that Brazilian music has. The arrangement of the keyboard. The obbligato of the guitar. All is wonderful. And, as for this music, a melody lasts as reprise.

"Samba Fatal" is the ballad that homesickness and the sorrow were expressed very much. The sound of a slightly heavy guitar. Progress of complete chord. A feeling of floating.

"Tiu Ba La Quieba" is progressive MPB. The arrangement of the keyboard. The melody of the song has originality.

"De Repente, Moca Flor" is music with the very melody of peace.Power of expression of translucency and a feeling of floating. And the obbligato of strings is elegant. I contribute to the role of the keyboard enough.

I let this album created form of MPB in the 70s enough and express it. Talent and the expression that Marcos Valle has are shown enough by this album. And Marcos Valle has already known the technique to adopt a factor of various music on a part of traditional music. I recommend this album for a listener loving Brazilian music with a listener loving music. Here is the music that should be handed down.


Album · 1984 · Exotica
Cover art 4.00 | 2 ratings
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Especially, the music characters that Ananda Shankar had carried out as a reason why the music that Ananda Shankar had done was liked by DJ and the fan might have been united. Ananda Shankar had taken charge of the field of the theatrical art since the 80's. The directionality is a part that derives from the activity concerning own music and a flow. Or, the tradition and his parents having been succeeded by him might have at least influenced it.

Having given priority was true to uniting of Music in the Orient and the West. directionality concerning own Music Ananda Shankar actuallyThe expression is almost reflected in his album. And, his own music character always aimed at the consistency of the improvement and the tradition in the age.

It was time of 1984 that this album was announced. The album was put on the market as an original only in India. As for the music character that he expresses, both sides of basic Raga and Rock are expressed enough as a nucleus though there is diversity. Point of music in the 80's that it characterizes and method concerning expression of keyboard improved greatly. Or, busy in the rhythm box might also have had the part where an original music character and a little inorganic impression were given. It is possible to listen to the music character carried out after Ananda Shankar debuts as Solo enough also in this album though this album is announced in indeed 1984. It might be proof where the culture and the tradition of India were always coherent as the groundwork. Bollywood Music and India Pops are the part that becomes the nucleus as a result and derive by uniting with other music characters. And, Ananda Shankar that had already done a reformative expression might have made some route in the field of Raga Rock. The name where the album is called "2001" is given. A concept and an element Kon futuristic are reminiscent. However, it is a content along the music character that Ananda Shankar always thinks about. Music character that looks like Raga Rock and a few Bollywood. Or, Sitar Funk often described might be music for him.

It took charge of the field of broadcasting and the art more worldwide at the time after he had them announce this album. It might also have had the part that derived from his own music character and the character. This album is dedicated to his mother's Uday Shankar. Situation in which method that should be done gradually by self through expression of music that oneself does is expanded. The reformative music that Ananda Shankar did is indeed handed down from heterodoxy up to the present time as validity though the music character of Ananda Shankar was often kept at a distance because of the field of the classics music.

The melody of "Explorations" with a bright strings and keyboard is impressive. However, the tune is expressed wonderfully as Upper Raga Rock. It might be a part where the concept of this album was exactly built. The melody of the guitar and Sitar also indeed has the dash feeling.

A gentle melody advances by "Universal Magic" with coherent. The sound of the vibraphone and Sitar is impressive. Uniting an expression of feelings melody to recollect a few Bollywood Music and the rhythm of the dash feeling is expressed well.

The feature in "The Voyager" is to use On-Beat and Off-Beat properly. Playing the percussion instrument also contributes. The melody of Sitar and strings gives a little aggressive impression attended with the dash feeling. Melody with beautiful strings. Rhythm that complete percussion instrument does. The tune might also have some elements of Ska. The sound of Tabla might be very comfortable.

"The Lost Galaxy" is a beautiful ballade. Sound of vibraphone and Sitar. And, the melody of the flute to get on Chord of a sentimental guitar makes a good flow. The melody by strings also contributes to the music character that Ananda Shankar does.

In "Vibrations", the sound of strings and Tabla is features. Flavor of Raga that flows incessantly. The sound of the wind instrument passes on the tradition and the culture. The tune never contains an element Kon futuristic. However, the music character of Ananda Shankar is consistent.

The performance of technical Tabla twines round the melody with "Planet X" expression of feelings. Concepts of the album might be indeed united. It is not Spacy Raga Rock at all. However, Ananda Shankar might calculate indeed and express music. The listener will learn the concept of this album by Raga Rock.

"Flight Of Fantasy" is complete Upper Raga Rock. The melody of aggressive Sitar and the rhythm where it dashes are features. And, strings to construct a graceful sound twine and the tune gives a little elegant impression. The result has been approved as Raga rock that Ananda Shankar thinks about as a collective impression.

"The Alien"might reflect the impression of the name of a song as music. Rhythm of Groove in close relation to heavy Riff. And, it is partial of the rhythm and the percussion instrument that carves an irregular beat. The tune invites the listener to a different space with the melody of gloss. The tune including Upper Beat heads for the top.

"2001" might be a highlight of this album. Sound of Sitar of solemnity in close relation to melody of keyboard that flows beautifully. It might be a tune that should be exactly called Spacy Raga Rock. The elegant atmosphere is continued by various sounds. It might be a tune in which this tune reflects the age. The tune will progress before long attended with a sentimental melody. Sound of graceful strings and Sitar. Or, the tune is constructed in union Tabla and the vibraphone. The sound effect of the keyboard that appears at the end and is repeated gives a completely progressive impression. Sound of Upper Beat and strings. And, the guitar and Sitar explode in union at the end.

It was not possible to actually live in Ananda Shankar as a result until 2001. However, it is not because Ananda Shankar that always did reformative Raga Rock learns how to have imagined the concept and the future of this album. However, he might already have gotten Raga Rock in the future that Ananda Shankar thought about one answer by this album.

ANANDA SHANKAR Ananda Shankar and His Music

Album · 1975 · Exotica
Cover art 4.05 | 3 ratings
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The blood of music is splendid talents and ability as the result. And, it is likely to have been succeeded as an expression. Ananda Shankar gave Shankar clan's important position as pursuit and establishment of the music character. He has been born in India in 1942 between Uday and Amala. Ananda Shankar that gives the degree of freedom of music as excellent lineage hits the nephew of Ravi Shankar that plays the role of the preacher of the Hindustani music.

There might be some respects if the flow that he had them often establish music in the route besides pure Raga Rock is considered. Classics musical instruments spread to India as a result will be nuclei in important musical instruments for his music character. It is thought that man who was on the register in the Benares Hindu university for five years had them absorb the method of establishing and expressing the music character enough.

And, his having often had a special part for the content of the album might be in the point for him to visit America to Los Angeles and to have absorbed the part in the West at that time. It was necessary to have absorbed Led Zeppelin and Janis Joplin that rose the name as a musician from whom Ananda Shankar had been influenced to his music character surely. The culture of those West and the melody of the Orient will have been nuclei of the music character of the album and him whom he had actually announced.

Man who had returned from Los Angeles to India had them announce the debut album as a name in 1970. His music character had been expressed enough as an original interpretation in the album though other musicians' Cover was given. And, the leap and degree of freedom might increase in this album for the music that he expresses further.

This album might have been caught because it had been put on the market only of the home country at that time beyond price as the album. Or, it doesn't stay in the expression and the recurrence of simple classics music for his music character. It is said that uniting with other genres is often kept at a distance for the musician who performs the classics music. It is said that the music that Ananda Shankar did is often criticized if it considers it from the respect. However, music that Ananda Shankar expressed it is not a translation at all that softens the classics music.

It is said that Ravi Shankar had various musicians, Rock Musician, and the exchange to hand down Hindustani and the classics music. However, music that Ananda Shankar has already established it might have given an original route by uniting of the music character and the classics music of Rock that had been absorbed when visiting America and introducing various musical instruments. Shade of meaning of name of this album. And, it means it by dedicating this album to his father. Ananda Shankar that developed an original music character might have completely established the expression by this album.

"Streets Of Calcutta" is a tune that fuses Funk overall with Raga Rock. The performance combines while giving a complete dash feeling. Sitar and the Moog synthesizer decide the impression of the tune. Cutting of the guitar supports the part of Funk enough. Or, an original melody and the arrangement are given including the percussion instrument in close relation to the rhythm. The part of the wind instrument and the sound of Tabla are also good each other. Sitar and Moog might pull the impression of this album as a result. Anyway, ensemble is complete.

Sitar and Flute give "Cyrus" the melody of pastoral Raga Rock. The melody of the scat also puts out atmosphere a little. The obbligati of the guitar and Moog also helps the element of the Orient of Raga Rock. It might be a tune from which the melody is emphasized.

A little part of Raga Rock and the flavor of the western exist together in "The Lonely Rider". The performance of Tabla that does to Riff of the decided guitar at high speed twines. The obbligati of Flute is suitable for the tune, too. A gay sound of Moog doesn't appear so much.

"The River" produces a sound the sound of Moog space. The flute pulls the melody of Raga Rock that flows gently. Part of unison of Sitar and guitar. The part of a little Bollywood music and the monde music might be included. The tune gives a graceful melody as much as possible.

Raga Rock that "Vidai" is graceful is offered. Melody that Sitar and Flute are bright. Or, the sound of Violin and Harp effectively used might be also good. The atmosphere of Raga Rock done overall has a good flow. The Moog synthesizer hardly appears.

"Back Home" has the flavor of the monde music overall. The rhythm that gives the device to the original melody that Moog does twines. Or, the stringed instrument and the wind instrument emphasize the atmosphere of the tune further. And, Solo of Sitar and Flute joins, too and the width of the tune is expanded. The composition is very calculated.

"Dawn" is offering the listener a completely abstruse flavor and an enchantment melody. Introduction of melody of native flute and experimental sound effect. The melody of Violin and the song might completely make the culture and the expression of India an embodiment by music. The part where the name of a song was expressed by music has succeeded. Expression of melody by complete Sitar. Following the classics music is completely expressed. The flow with good rhythm of the percussion instrument that twines when 30 seconds of six minutes pass is constructed.

Riff of a heavy guitar twines round "Renunciation" with the flute. Sitar twines with Tabla and the atmosphere of Raga Rock is given at once. The tune explodes attended with the part of Rock because of the part. There are a few elements of psychedelic and parts of Rock, too and it is true that Raga Rock is a nucleus. Melody of guitar and flute in close relation to rhythm of complete percussion instrument. And, the melody that Moog does is effective. The melody of Riff and Moog of the guitar is features.

"Dancing Drums" is a tune that it fuses Raga Rock with Funk. The melody of Moog that pulls the tune overall is often aggressive. The atmosphere of the tune is decided to Sitar and Flute to get on the rhythm that gives the dash feeling. The tune emphasizes the monde and Groove. It is an original tune that is including the part of the negotiation on the percussion instrument.

The music character that Ananda Shankar had already established it might have originality very much. Following a variety of music characters and the acquired free expression appear remarkably in this album. And, the popularity of this album might always be high in his work group.


Album · 1970 · Exotica
Cover art 4.89 | 4 ratings
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The element of ethno and the exoticism that derived to the style concerning musical instruments used and music might always have been taken in the item of Pop Music that centered on Rock and Jazz in the age. The music of India will be able to be enumerated in one of the music characters have been stimulated the musician in Europe and America most frequently in the situation and the flow and intensely. Or, it was not simply introduced into Pop Scene of Europe and America as a flavor of the exoticism and it is also true to have acquired the fan and the listener by an indeed original expression. The respect and the flow that contributes by the music character that derives from India for a variety of music characters and has succeeded might be included.

The classics music of India might always have valued the tradition and the style from old. Existence and meaning of Ravi Shankar to contribute to activity of music to make Hindustani known to the world. Or, one main current and derivation in India Pop and Bollywood that can be listened in recent Indian music. The activity of Sheila Chandra and Talvin Singh of it might be remarkable. Point for power and charm of music character that derives from India as the reason and shade of meaning to have a route that is more original than other regions. Or, it is guessed that it is in one of the music to which it sounds the route and the profundity of the classics music of India in the method of expressing various music in top condition.

If the dawn of the item that is called time and Raga Rock that a famous music character of India is united with Pop Scene is considered, relations and the contribution of The Beatles might be large as an important correlation. They had the experience to have gone on a visit to India from the degree of interest in the religion by all members. Especially, the India intention that George Harrison had had interest might have contributed to the following Raga Rock. The flow that studied under Ravi Shankar and spread the sound of Sitar to the market greatly contributed to scene. Or, the route of Raga Rock often introduced into the music character of The Rolling Stones and Traffic is also important together. The flavor and the establishment of Raga Rock that derives appear remarkably of course in the item of Prog Rock and Jazz Rock.

The music character that this Ananda Shankar did in the situation in which the situation of psychedelic and Hip had carried everything before one the market with the fashion since the latter half of the 60's might have a lot of points that should make a special mention very much. Technical degree of freedom of method and expression that will cultivate this debut album as result by announcement. And, it flows of Ananda Shankar's having always pursued music as Shankar clan. It is expressed very well in the content of this album. Man who had learnt the performance of Sitar in full scale in Varanasi of India was always pursuing uniting the music character of the classics music and Europe and America. The zeal is recorded in this Album Cover.

To inform the world of the classics music of India indeed, Ravi Shankar at the uncle of Ananda Shankar might have spent a lot of efforts and labors. However, the method of establishing and expressing the music character that Ananda Shankar always pursued. Something might already have been gripped in the experience of the visit to America to some degree. Experience of competing with Jimi Hendrix in San Francisco. And, it means it. from be produced this album in Los Angeles in 1969This debut album talks no entire expression of classics music that Ananda Shankar is simple alone.

If the overall work group of Ananda Shankar is considered, it might often have the different kind of element. Part of a few psychedelic and parts of Funk. Or, it might be special if it thinks about the expression in Bollywood Music in the part of India Pop Scene and Indo Prog. However, he might already have had the establishment of the music character that he was liking, the expression, and the purpose. If his of that zeal is taken into consideration, the expression has diversity. Element of India Pop, psychedelic, and Funk that can often be listened. And, it is partial where the sound of the Moog synthesizer was boldly introduced. It is in uniting the directionality of music to have to express while surely following the classics music and the music character of Europe and America. Anyway, the mistake is not found in a very important album in the item of Raga Rock this album even if the age is considered. The expression of the free music that he gave might be splendid.

"Jumpin' Jack Flash" has succeeded in the conversion of the tune of famous Rolling Stones as complete Raga Rock. Part of Riff of aggressive guitar. Sound of effective synthesizer. Melody of Sitar to get on complete Groove. And, a complete melody that the chorus contributes is harmonized. All are complete. An old sound will not feel it. A complete expression is done as Raga Rock. This is neither monde music nor ethno. It is Raga Rock that Ananda Shankar does.

"Snow Flower" is a ballade that an expression of feelings melody gets on the flavor of Raga Rock. Flow of melody of glossy Sitar. The impression of the tune has been decided to the obbligati of the synthesizer and the part of Syncopation of the rhythm. Or, the sound of the keyboard that diversity and shines. The tune has been approved as a good Raga ballade while following an original melody of the classics music of India.

It is expressed attended with an anacatesthesia and a transparent feeling that "Light My Fire" is complete. Respectfully in the music character of Europe and America along with "Jumpin'Jack Flash". mightSitar completely performs the melody. And, the work of the guitar and the keyboard that greatly decides the impression of the tune is perfect. Especially, the keyboard that announces the sound of diversity is splendid. This tune is complete Raga Rock that Ananda Shankar does.

A pastoral, bright melody of "Mamata" to emphasize an acoustic part is impressive. Melody of glossy, gentle Sitar. The rhythm of a steady percussion instrument also gives the listener the relief. The sound of the keyboard and the guitar doesn't obstruct the tune either. There might be some elements of India Pop. However, the arrangement of the tune might be good.

The anacatesthesia of "Metamorphosis" and the progress of Chord are perfect. Melody and arrangement of synthesizer that splendidly produces space. Sound of keyboard with diversity to get on steady rhythm. Complete transparency of sound of Sitar and keyboard. The melody has a little part of Pop. However, the tune heads gradually for the top attended with a complete sound of Moog. The tune keeps the quality further and makes complete Groove. The tune does to 6/8 rhythms from now on and rushes into the gaga part there further. The performance invites the listener to the abstruse world attended with a chaotic part.

"Sagar" might be a grand tune that mixes an experimental part and the part of the session with the element of the classics music of India. Sound of Sitar that expresses abstruse sound. The melody of a heavy keyboard flows there in the base. It is possible to listen to the sound of Sitar as two or more sounds come in succession. Abstruse atmosphere continues. When 30 seconds of seven minutes are passed, the tune will rush into the gaga session before long attended with the rhythm. Sitar might use pentatonic scale. An acoustic, by sound of an acoustic guitar and the keyboard good part is emphasized and it brings it close. The device of syncopation in eight rhythms and three rhythms is expressed well as a composition. The tune is profundity as much as possible.

"Dancing Indra" gives the melody that the synthesizer looks alike to the music of Arabia. And, the flavor of Raga Rock is emphasized from the part of Sitar and the unison further. The diversity of the Moog synthesizer included overall and the music scale of Arabia are features. The composition including the part of the transposition has gotten on well for the rhythm of three rhythms. I will not feel an old sound at all. It is expressed oppositely as fresh Raga Rock. The arrangement of the tune might be complete through this album.

As for "Raghupati", a complete fusion of the music character that Ananda Shankar cultivated and India Pop is given. Complete Groove and an acoustic part are accompanied from the part of the narration. The song and the chorus give complete Raga Rock. The music character of Europe and America where Ananda Shankar was influenced might be introduced as an element. The repeated song also has a little enchantment part. However, a blissout that he does and abstruse music are splendidly expressed by this tune with the music character of Europe and America.

It is said that Ananda Shankar returns to the home country after this album is announced and was involved in the music for a variety of national events and broadcasting. Or, the dance company of Indian music is organized and it is said that it was continued until later years of his life. However, it is especially true in an initial work that the work of fine quality was being offered at the term of growth of Raga Rock in the music that he was purely doing on the other hand and the work group. It is all blocked in this album. This is complete Raga Rock and the listener should consider it as an introductory chapter of Raga Rock.


Album · 1973 · Exotica
Cover art 4.42 | 5 ratings
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News that Gabor Szabo exchanged the contract with the CTI record was exactly reported 1973. CTI established by Creed Taylor was time of 1970. At that time, various musicians exchanged the contract. And, the album of the high level was announced one after another. And, news that Gabor Szabo also announced the album by CTI shooting luster further for CTI might have resulted.

It will have been an of course natural as for detailed that Creed Taylor with the exchange from the period for Gabor Szabo that had already announced some albums in Impulse at that time had embraced in CTI transition. And, it is necessary to have announced in shape for the music of had proceeded Gabor Szabo to the next step to obtain the arrangement and the command of CTI and Bob James after it had acted in Blue Thumb Records and to consent this album enough.

The name of Elek Bacsik and Attila Zoller might be able often to be enumerated as an active person by being known as a guitar player from Hungary. However, it is partial of the classics music of true gypsy music and India. It is a part devoted to the spirit of jazz extremely further as for the essence. It might be connected with the individuality of Gabor Szabo and music. Technical part, melody, and arrangement. And, the repertoire of Gabor Szabo is abundant. Or, it might be this album to require the flow that unites with the speculation of Creed Taylor so that they may agree. The flavor of the easy listening at which CTI had aimed completely gave width to the expression of Gabor Szabo.

The power of expression of Gabor Szabo is demonstrated enough in this album. It might be indeed variegated including the cover tune. The expression at which CTI aimed might become a flow of semi-exotica by this album. It can be said that a good it is situation and it is expression for both in a good meaning.

"Mizrab" is a tune that had been often performed since the latter half of the 60's. There might be a suitable perfection in the version of this album in the age. Part of intro of glossy bass. It does from the performance of the Ron Carter to a beautiful, impressive theme from now on. The tune contains the part like the session a little. However, the flow and the melody are exoticisms. Ad-rib that Bob James does is excellent. However, the performance of Billy Cobham done further through the whole volume has the change very richly.

"Thirteen" is a beautiful tune with minor chord. The melody and the arrangement of the piano of Bob James completely expand the width of the tune. In the part of the hit often visited, there might be a role to feel the flow of the tune to be grander. Ensemble extremely has the oneness.

It is a tune collected to "It' s Going To Take Some Time "Carole King announced in 1971" Music "The arrangement might have the element of the easy listening with the flavor of CTI exactly. Arrangement of complete strings. The guitar of Gabor Szabo in close relation to there is good each other. Bob James gave a good arrangement to this tune. The atmosphere of percussion and drum is also splendid. The tune has a very graceful arrangement.

It is said that "Concerto" is a concerto that Shostakovitch dedicated to the son. The part of the second movement was given and Bob James gave the arrangement splendidly. Part of arrangement and command of producer's Creed Taylor and Bob James. Part where melody of Spanish music is reminiscent from meditated intro. And, it twines with the part of Spacey's keyboard in close relation to solo of the guitar. The arrangement that splendidly changes the classics music as a part of an easy listening and Jazz/Fusion has succeeded.

"Summer Breeze" is a tune of Seals and Crofts known as vocal duo. A complete arrangement is added while leaving the flavor and the theme of former folk. The part of horn section gives a grander impression. And, the performance that Gabor Szabo does of course and the interpretation of the melody are splendid. Obbligati of keyboard in close relation to sentimental melody. The tune gradually increases the depth and the extension. Especially, chord transposed in the part of coda is very wonderful and graceful.

It might be an album that splendidly exactly unites the expression of the music at which CTI aimed, the expression of directionality and Gabor Szabo, and flexibility.

SHAKTI / REMEMBER SHAKTI Natural Elements (with John McLaughlin)

Album · 1977 · World Fusion
Cover art 3.50 | 6 ratings
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It was likely to have executed it with the huge influence especially partially of the music character that John McLaughlin was spent in the 70's in the 60's and done positively for the item of Jazz and Fusion. Some common denominator might exist for a lot of works and the performances that he was related since it works with Miles Davis. If he however considers it as directionality of Music at whom oneself should aim, it might be understood to consist the idea that he exactly is always involved. It is thought that the nucleus of the music character that he expresses while the form of music is advanced attended with some revolutions is always advanced attended with the universal element. The expression that he had done for the item of Jazz/Fusion that had rushed into in the 70's method might have had a reformative part. The deriving flow from the music character that Miles Davis had advocated might certainly have had the influence also by other musicians. He was challenging music from all angles in the flow that Jazz and Rock fuse gradually attended with the age always attaching importance to the nucleus. And, his universal element will have the part expressed with a consistently unspecified element. It is not a translation to which Jazz took Rock. It will be able to be said exactly that it is a moment when various elements that John McLaughlin had in the flow that repeats the derivation, dismantlement, and the restructuring of music approached the field of Rock a little.

The existence of Mahavishnu Orchestra was one of the methods of expressing the music character to which he was exactly involved in him. This directionality and the music character might have indeed shown his one-space existence. Of course, one existence was shown in the item of Jazz/Fusion. However, the idea and the nucleus that he had might have contained the element because of the connection to this Shakti consistently. There was a theory said that the unhappiness that happened to his family led to the formation of this Shakti according to one theory, too. However, the theory is not certain. Existence of Sri Chinmoy said meeting in 1970 as well-known fact anyway. And, the thought of India that he was devoting himself always at that time and the element of the philosophy. These elements might be certainly reflected in the work and consist as a theme of Shakti. However, his universal element and challenge are contained everywhere in the music character that he was doing with this Shakti.

Especially, if the composition of this album is considered, the introduction of the tune in which diversity exists a little more in the flow of the work that current Shakti announced might be given. All the parts that do not apply to the frame in India either can discover diversity as a composition of this work. The element of Mahavishnu has the part where this Shakti is certainly followed. John McLaughlin will be able ..flow that reaches the album.. to be caught as one of the results of putting out.

As for "Mind Ecology", the guitar twines round the flow of Chord with a complete anacatesthesia with the melody of Violin. The rhythm of the percussion instrument repeated at high speed contains the sound of a complex decoration and it progresses. And, a technology overwhelming Solo of Violin is offered to the listener.

As for "Face To Face", the element of meditation and the thought that flows incessantly might be reflected in the tune. Melody of Violin with anacatesthesia. And, the height of the composition power of Chord by cutting of the guitar. Ensemble constructs a good flow. Intermittent construction of melody and part of Solo of guitar. The power quietly opened continues.

As for "Come On Baby Dance With Me", the melody of a bright unison with Violin and the guitar is impressive. The construction of the technology and a complex melody might be splendid. A certain kind of sense of relief might be included as the entire impression of this album.

The element of the music character of Shakti and directionality might appear remarkably exactly in "The Daffodil And The Eagle". Their theme and thought are reflected. The extension and the idea of width as the technology might be expressed with room. The expression of the melody and the percussion instrument developed one after another expresses good thought and expression of feelings. And, the expression with the guitar has expanded width. It is exactly expressed partially of the music character that John McLaughlin thinks about. The expression not devoted to the theme and the frame method types out a good flow and directionality.

"Happiness Is Being Together" starts by a sound of Triangle and a high-speed percussion instrument. The rhythm and the melody of Latin that took it partially of the diversity of this album decided the impression of the tune. Composition of overwhelming Solo of Violin and bright melody. And, it is partial of the chorus who twines in the shape along the impression of the tune. It might be exactly an expression of the music that John McLaughlin created as uniting.

As for "Bridge Of Sighs", the melody of the theme is impressive. A peculiar melody to the rhythm that flows slowly twines. It might be an expressed melody as a part of the diversity of the album. The performance of the member intermittently expressed gives good construction. The part of the unison and the repeated mysterious melody by all members have a good flow. Ensemble is overwhelming.

The theme of "Get Down And Sruti" that is a little reminiscent of the directionality of Mahavishnu Orchestra is impressive. The element of Rock is taken a little and Groove is produced. This tune might also expand the width of the music character of Shakti. Part of guitar expressed by cutting. And, the melody of Violin that always decides the directionality of Shakti. The expression of the music that doesn't apply to the frame is exactly given. The tune places Solo with the percussion instrument and continues the quality.

As for "Peace Of Mind" that decorates the end of this album, the melody of gentle Violin and the melody of the guitar are impressive. The thought of Shakti that flows incessantly is expressed attended with a beautiful melody. It is a tune that the parts of a few ballade unite with the theme of Shakti. This tune expressed only by the guitar and Violin might have made a good flow as a composition of the album.

This album was announced and Shakti hid the shadow. However, the expression of thought and the philosophy done partially of the expression of the music character of John McLaughlin might have included a complete expression by Shakti indeed remarkably.


Album · 1977 · World Fusion
Cover art 3.91 | 6 ratings
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There might have been a fact that he informed them of the name worldwide as a guitar player in the latter half of the 1960's. The performance and the technology of man who had done the item of Jazz and Fusion were the methods of the expression with a strong originality exactly. However, some the parts where the music character of John Mclaughlin did not have the specific location either might have existed. It might be able to discover some respects by researching this album. The expression of the music character of him who had been done by demanding Miles Davis in the latter half of the 1960's might have been offered to the listener as an exactly reformative part. The part where a limit musical Miles Davis had been felt was succeeded to John McLaughlin in shape in close relation to the cancellation and development from Quintet. The reformative element might have been suitable for a music character at that time at the time of having done exactly as a part mainly composed of Rock by Miles Davis. In should advanced directionality in a situation at that time of John McLaughlin, it might be also true to have contained some necessities.

A universal part of the character and the directionality of the music character of John McLaughlin was emphasized further in the 70's. The performance with Lifetime of Tony Williams will have been liberating of the involved power of music exactly. The power gradually opened exactly became the flood of the sound and emphasized the part of the nucleus.

It is said 1970 meeting of Sri Chinmoy and John McLaughlin who is the spiritual guide in India. This meeting be might inevitability and a certain kind of fatal part for John McLaughlin. Mahavishnu Orchestra that had started in 1971 was a moment when the power of the music had been completely liberated further. A philosophical part and the thought of India might have been reflected in the nucleus. The deriving part from the element that Miles Davis at that time had advocated might have been related to the music character that Mahavishnu Orchestra had done. However, originality for John McLaughlin was always universal. In the situation that shifted from Lifetime to Mahavishnu Orchestra, he might have caught the directionality that had always to be done. Philosophical thought and the creation of India are gradually indeed opened. 1975 year when Mahavishnu Orchestra was temporarily dismantled might be being exactly recognized as a borderline for this Shakti by the listener.

The creation of the music that should be done for John McLaughlin and opening thought are almost expressed by the music character of this Shakti. The reflection of power, the technology, and the thought discharged from the body might exactly almost exclude the part of the extra and be expressed. All facts that appoint musician from India for election of member. And, the element that excludes the electronic part used till then. Part of relations that demand sitar guitar of custom-designed from Gibson Co. to advance music character that John McLaughlin expresses it with Shakti more concretely. And, the point to have appointed the Violin player while following the music character that Mahavishnu Orchestra had. These elements might be completely expressed by Shakti. The technology of Lakshminarayana Shankar and Zakir Hussain might be overwhelming. It is music that is exactly expressed by the element that the technology and the limit become nuclei and consists.

"La Danse Du Bonheur" advances with a complete dash feeling from the part of the imitation of the percussion instrument by the voice. The overwhelming ensemble and a high-speed rhythm might be splendid. Flood of melody of Violin and rhythm with percussion instrument that is reminiscent of Mahavishunu Orchestra. And, the obbligati of the guitar that expands the width of the tune. The technology of the band is complete.

As for "Lady L", thought of India and a philosophical element are reflected in the tune well. Unison of melody by guitar and Violin. And, rhythmically of the percussion instrument that puts fast and slow. Development with a melody that flows in the space and an intermittent part will invite the listener to the world of meditation.

"India" starts by an overwhelming technology of the guitar. The flow that appoints making the melody to make good use of the tuning as an idea is splendid. The production of the melody and the anacatesthesia to get on the calculated arpeggio has been completely passed as a tune. The involved power is gradually opened. It has the part where thought and the philosophy were completely reflected in the tune. The performance of Shakti that flows consistently might be steady.

"Kriti" progresses attended with a bright melody. The melody of the guitar and Violin produces the dash feeling. Rhythm of percussion instrument played by high-speed tempo. And, the height of the quality of the unison and ensemble. The quality will never fall.

As for "Isis", a gentle melody of Violin and the guitar is impressive. The melody of Violin has completely decided the directionality of Shakti. Ensemble might be complete. The height of the performance power of the percussion instrument can be discovered. The melody of the sitar guitar twines round the rhythm developed by a high-speed tempo well. The tune shifts to the part of Solo with the percussion instrument when about eight minutes have passed since the tune started. Offer of complete technology with percussion instrument. And, rhythmically of the continuation high-speed. Performance that puts fast and slow. Resonance of original sound of percussion instrument. Meditation continues. Solo of about six minutes might be a highlight of this tune. And, the processing of the part of Coda is also perfect.

The melody of "Two Sisters" with expression of feelings is impressive. A fantastic melody of the guitar and Violin expands the width of the element of the album. The composition pulled by the melody might be expressed partially of the directionality at which Shakti should aim.

The realization of the music character that John McLaughlin and Shakti exactly thought about at that time is expressed by the work. The music character that becomes a nucleus the element of the music of India and is united is splendidly consistently expressed.

CODONA Codona 3

Album · 1983 · World Fusion
Cover art 3.38 | 5 ratings
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Brain of ECM exactly. Aesthetics requested from this Codona for Manfred Eicher. And, the speculation comes true to the proposal to give to Collin Walcott. And, Oregon that ECM acquired at this time exists. Answer that musicians to act and work that Manfred Eicher did in the latter half of the 70's got. It might have exactly given the creation of stateless music and Jazz by uniting and one establishment. Of course, the album of Oregon announced by ECM might have had overwhelming existence and directionality as stateless music that had exactly caught the age at this time. The continuousness of the atmosphere and the anacatesthesia might have been able ..one-top.. to face it. And, musicians who had exchanged the exchange in the flow that it faces this Codona had the flow that derived further indeed with the hand of ECM.

Collin Walcott appeared in New York in 1945. The sitar is learnt to Ravi Shankar or teaching Tabla has been received to Alla Rakha. The album that existence and Collin Walcott of Oregon that ran side by side in the situation in which it faced this Codona when talking about the existence of "Codona" and the music character had announced might have produced the nucleus and the flow. Of course, there might have been a scheme by Manfred Eicher, too.

The speculation that Manfred Eicher had given at this time came true exactly. "Grazing Dreams" that Collin Walcott had announced in 1977 was a content that exactly showed existence and the technology of Collin Walcott in overwhelming shape. Of course, the music done based on the music character that Oregon had done opened the overwhelming might. Manfred Eicher saw through the existence of Don Cherry that participated in this "Grazing Dreams". This meeting develops into Codona. Codona formed by proposing Manfred Eicher might have had a real flow of World Music that had worked at each p besides the music character of Oregon.

Codona had to lower a curtain in shape to leave three albums in the activity as a result. However, the chemical reaction that Codona had done challenged the creation of music with the action not to feel the nationality exactly. The existence of the regular band , for example, Oregon and Codona that had been held for ECM at this time might have been valuable.

Therefore, the traffic accident that overcame it in the middle of the tour that Oregon had done was big shock for the member and ECM. Collin Walcott dies as a result in 1984. ECM's losing both Oregon and Codona at the same time resulted. The activity of Codona ends as a result with this album. "Ecotopia" was announced as other Oregon also added Trilok Gurtu in 1987. However, ECM parts with Oregon as a result. However, it is partial that the music character of Oregon and this Codona to which ECM was mainly done at this time pursued. It might be one result that the atmosphere of good Jazz for the music character not to feel the nationality exactly is united. The chemical reaction that Codona did was a result of the speculation of member's overwhelming creativity and ECM splendidly uniting exactly. Sound of Don Cherry that demonstrated flexibility with an overwhelming sense of existence. And, the taste of real Brazil of Nana Vasconcelos that shows a complete technology. And, Collin Walcott well versed in the music of India exists. This slight uniting was one action that exactly exceeded the frame of the session. Wonderful music for the music character of Codona to exceed the nationality was being offered. The music character that the idea of three people unites with the technology might always have had good establishment.

"Goshakabuchi" is a tune with atmosphere that looks like the melody and the folk song that exists in the culture and the history in Japan. The tune of Japan that corresponds to this name of a song cannot be actually found. Or, they guess that they created a Japanese sound and melody of the name of a song researching. Racial melody and anacatesthesia that trumpet plays. And, the sound of the percussion instrument with decorated effect. India. Brazil. Central Asia. Establishment of one music that exceeds a few Jazz and nationality. The action of the melody that unites a traditional culture of Japan in that is splendid. Expression of sound of nature with percussion instrument. And, the melody of Hammered Dulcimer expressed with the same wavelength. The tune depicts complete Groove by the appearance of Tabla. Three ensemble that does is complete. Musical instruments sing by musical instruments completely in union.

"Hey Da Ba Doom" is a flow of steady Grrove with the percussion instrument. And, it is technological of complete Berimbau of Nana Vasconcelos. And, a voice and an impressive chorus. The rhythm and the melody drawn out by a minimum unit give an intoxicated impression. One space made by repeating the flow is a creation for them.

In "Travel By Night", the melody with a mysterious impression in a steady rhythm is a feature. The anacatesthesia of the trumpet in close relation to Berimbau. And, the melody of the sitar that rides on the stream creates music as an impression without the nationality. It will have an exactly good action. A melody and a rhythm advanced as the tension is made to exist together to the anacatesthesia continue good atmosphere.

"Lullaby" starts by the melody with the flow of good harmony. The impression that the melody is intoxicated is continued. The idea that Codona has will not become weak. The continuing melody exactly removes race's boundary. The continuation of the melody that excludes the decoration of the extra creates a good flow.

In "Trayra Boia", the collage by coming in succession of the voice is a feature. Part of melody that values solemnity and space. Possibility by voice. Continuousness of harmony and tension of melody. The maximum charm that Codona has is exactly offered. The composition, the anacatesthesia, and the blissout that processes the space have a good flow. This taste of three people is expressed well.

The sitar and Berimbau make Groove in "Clicky Clacky". It might be a tune that especially values Groove in the tune collected to this album. Musical instruments such as whistles and Kazoo might be introduced. And, the melody and Groove that the sitar makes. The flow that looks like elements of a few Jazz has an interesting part.

As for "Inner Organs", the trumpet and the percussion instrument that calculates the space twine round the flow with atmosphere that looks like the hymn. A tension that may continue one space and an intoxicated composition are continued. It might be exactly understood to have created the music character that Codona transcends national borders. Enchantment voice and continuation of rhythm with percussion instrument. And, the sound of the organ that twines with the length. The tune receives the top. The flow that the member produces while continuing the tension in union might be a field that cannot be exactly done except Codona. Exactly complete chemical reaction.

The answer to the creation of the music character that Manfred Eicher had proposed might have been derived by Codona. The music that they had done was an exactly original creation though uniting and the creation of three people with an overwhelming technology were concluded by this album.


Album · 1976 · Fusion
Cover art 3.07 | 8 ratings
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As for the situation concerning time and the recording from which this album was produced, various respects might have been included. If it certainly borrowed the remark of Allan Holdsworth at that time, it will not have been necessarily a real intention for the person concerned. However, if zeal and the influence on music of the content and him of various albums that he announced are considered, this album might mean the start, the prototype, and the development of the style for Allan Holdswoth. The part of special and the part of the approval or disapproval might be involved to this album when thinking about the part of the overall music character of Allan Holdsworth and the activity and the idea. It is possible to think about it especially as work of his Solo.

Some the points thought about for the content and the recording of this album exist. Point that details started as Solo consequentially gave impression of approval or disapproval to fan and listener by this album. The part related to the content and the situation of the album to say nothing of it might be also very large.

Problem of quality of recording concerning album. And, the friction with the expressionist concerning production and the situation of the disagreement. This album was an album most unwillingly produced for "Album produced completely illegal completely disregarding my intention" Allan Holdsworth. His style, the development of the idea, and establishment are included enough Music done with the album. It also has the part where the influence of each other was produced for other guitar players.

It is a well-known fact that the method of performing Allan Holdsworth is very original. There might have been influence, derivation, and enhanced flow most in the field of Jazz/Fusion at time when this album was announced as a result. And, some respects can be enumerated further if it thinks about the feature of this album.

Santana is made remarks that it was interested in SG of the Gibson Co. that Allan Holdsworth used at that time. The possibility concerning the introduction and the expression of the tremolo arm might have been suited enough. SG of the Gibson Co. that Santana used was actually done because of Allan Holdsworth. And, it makes remarks on Allan Holdsworth. 「It was interested in the method of the arming of Jimi Hendrix. However, I thought that I listened to the arming of Ollie halsall and was going to introduce it into my performance. 」 It is thought that it was time when an original route and establishment are exactly given including relationships to one another and the influence concerning the music character.

Perhaps, the part where this album was unwilling for Allan Holdsworth is guessed that there was a situation in which the opinion of an imperfect part and label concerning the recording is not suitable. Or, it is different of the directionality of music concerning the content of the album and Allan Holdsworth. SG of the Gibson Co. published in Album Art has sold not manager's at that time obtaining the permission of Allan Holdsworth. It is said that Allan Holdsworth stopped devotion to the guitar after the event.

Some the points where the interest is deep exist when this album is considered overall. Point that this album was announced from "CTI" as result. Or, the point that a so not familiar musician for CTI is participating in the recording. It might be a point to give the impression to which this album is very peculiar as a result. The appointment of Narada and Alphonse Johnson will belong to a little special position when thinking about the history of Allan Holdsworth and the history as Solo. The composition of the done idea and the tune was being completed with the album as an impression of Allan Holdsworth already. There are a lot of opinions made that the start of true Solo for Allan Holdsworth is "i.o.u", too. The album is considered from Music respect and the special album as one concrete shape that can be caught.

"Good Clean Filth" makes the tension with a complete construction of the melody with the rhythm section. And, the player shifts to the part of ensemble at once in union. Part of heavy melody to get on rhythm to emphasize Groove. Part of tension in close relation to there. The flow to which elements of a few Funk are taken unifies the atmosphere of the session. The sound of Alan Pasqua will recollect the sound of Lifetime. Each player's individuality appears.

As for "Floppy Hat", the idea cultivated in a music character of Allan Holdsworth and various bands is expressed. This tune might have the part of the connection for the album. His creation is blocked in an expression of feelings melody with an acoustic guitar.

Becoming familiar of the theme of "Wish" might be deep for the fan and the listener. The flow that unites the melody of "The Things You See" as a flow that develops from the prototype has already been established. Groove of the rhythm section that rushes into the theme back as a composition of this tune and Solo of the keyboard will recollect the element of Lifetime. The guitar takes charge of the part of the decoration as much as possible.

"Kinder" might construct Solo with an acoustic guitar and good Chord. It is known as a theme of "Fred" of Lifetime to the fan and the listener the result. The flow of the melody of a beautiful guitar expands the expression of this album further. Technical respect of Solo is overwhelming.

The sense of relief of the theme of "Velvet Darkness" maintains a good flow and the tension. As for this theme, the part of "Shadows Of" collected to Gazeuse of Gong as relationships to one another and an idea has been introduced. Part of dash feeling of rhythm expressed as part of composition. The technology of Solo of Bass listens to overwhelming respect. And, the flow that shifts to the part of Solo that Alan Pasqua does continues the impression of the tune. It has the composition that Solo of the guitar in close relation to the repetition of the theme is good. It has the composition in which Solo that each player does can be satisfied enough.

"Karzie Key" starts with a complete technology and the dash feeling. However, the tune shifts to the part of Groove at once. And, original Solo by Violin known as another respect of Allan Holdsworth has been introduced by this album.

There might be a part of the connection as a flow of the album as for "Last May". Expression of feelings melody that flows quietly. Construction with an acoustic guitar expresses the originality of the arpeggio.

As for "Gattox", an original melody gets on complete Groove that the rhythm section does. Part of original Chord in close relation to fast rhythm that is reminiscent of elements of a few Funk. And, Solo of the guitar in close relation to the rhythm of the shuffle is overwhelming. The overall impression of the tune might have the part of Fusion.

This album might have been unwilling for Allan Holdsworth. However, if the impression of his career and the overall music character is considered, this album is not a bad content at all. However, it is also certain to give a special impression.


Album · 1982 · Fusion
Cover art 4.43 | 14 ratings
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There might be a fact to which the style of the guitar multiplied at latter term in the middle of the 1980's is established by the technical breakthrough of HR/HM. The technology and machine parts have developed into the situation in Hard Rock on one the top, too. There was often what to make Allan Holdsworth appear in the name that the guitarist enumerated in the interview etc. in the situation in guitar Scene. And, for Allan Holdsworth to keep always challenging music by the spirit of apart from others is to depend on the appearance of the spirit that understands the music at which he should always aim and always makes new music. His performance has an indeed original theory and method. Shape for fingerwork and mathematical theory. And, it is busy of tension note. Vocal nuance by repetition of arming. Phrase mainly composed of manner of controlling the fingering. And, it is accurate and a speed. All the methods that he does always exceed the category of understanding.

Point said that reason why he has nickname of "Spider Finger" made style copy melody of John Coltrane by him and established. And, the point whose his father is a pianist. The style thought out by replacing the progress of the melody and the code that the piano plays with the fingerwork of the guitar might be a performance that only he can do. He got togged up, and and, the fact started might exceed guitarist's frame as for musical instruments such as Sax and Violin and an introduction of various machine parts and an audiovisual theory get togged up gradually.

"Velvet Darkness" that recorded in 1976 and had been announced was first solo album for him. The idea that he had been warming since this time often appeared in the tune. The tune and the idea that he often live did since "i.o.u" is announced are already "Velvet Darkness". Or, it is adopted for "Igginbottom" in which he participated for the first time as a professional. Those elements were digested with own tune and the album of GONG. However, the content of "Velvet Darkness" and details until announcing were situations that were not able to be consented for Allan Holdsworth. It is said that "Velvet Darkness" is a work in the work that he announced that he doesn't admit either. The spirit of the misfortune that it keeps be an age and be apart from others for him might be proportional to the challenge and the change into music.

This factual album "i.o.u." might ..the first solo album true ..him.... finished. The fact to which he is making remarks on this album as one of the masterpieces might appear exactly in all tunes. And, his work is contained a reformative very much element and progresses taking the opportunity of this album. However, the situation of the misfortune that always happens to him besides the activity where he has walked might be a fate. A problem of machine parts and a money problem might always have annoyed him. He kept always showing deference to music and challenging in the situation and life. It is said to the content that he can consent most that it will have finished result "i.o.u". By the way, "i.o.u." has the meaning of "I owe you". He has expressed feelings and a frequent situation in the title of the album.

An indispensable musician for the back for Allan Holdsworth is participating in this album. Paul Williams that competes with Gary Husband and Tempest. A lot of tunes that he was performing for years as the repertoire of live are collected to this album. When "Velvet Darkness" and this album and are compared, the difference point and the change will be able to be discovered the performance method and how to make the sound. The performances such as GONG and U.K might have made the style of his performance certain.

Feelings of the music at which Allan completely aimed might appear remarkably in perfect "The Things You See" with progress and the anacatesthesia of a peculiar code. Guitar solo that comes in succession in the rhythm based on the rhythm of three has exploded. ..Jazzy by Paul Williams.. element contributes to the tune. This tune might be one of the masterpieces in the repertoire of Allan.

It has the element that the theme and the melody of "Where Is One" are complex and mysterious. Gary Husband offers a more complex rhythm and gives the tune the tension.

"Checking Out" has some, friendly melodies. However, it doesn't end in a simple tune. The method of harmony with the guitar and the processing of the space are splendid. Guitar solo that can be listened like RightHand is an astonishing fact. Eddie Van Halen performed and might have been astonished at t about Allan.

It is almost perfect shape in the repertoire in recent years. And, the highlight of "Letters Of Marque" to be able to amuse the listener by always changing the appearance by the various musicians' performances might be bass Solo and be Drum Solo. The composition looks like the progress of Jazz. It is live one of the tunes that always rise.

"Out From Under" will have the element of the lock and Blues. However, the melody of Vocal and progressing the tune are tunes with which the anacatesthesia overflows very much. The idea of the guitar by vocal harmony that appears on the way has succeeded, too.

Quiet atmosphere of "Temporary Fault" often appears in the idea of Allan and the composition of the tune back. The continuousness of a rapid change in the rhythm might be an important factor from Solo that the keyboard that appears only is beautiful for Allan.

This album has divided into the half by the song and the performance. And, "Shallow Sea" is a tune that he recently does. Especially, one of the important elements that decide the flow in composing of live is included. In Instrumental that he does, such a performance might be a part of the prototype by which his performance at this time is formed. The progress of a peculiar code is contained "Quietness" and "Movement" at the same time and progresses.

"White Line" would have been an important, in his repertoire at this time mysterious tune. The melody and the rhythm of the float in the tension in the space advance with some dash feeling. It might be a suitable tune that decorates the end of the album. Allan to express the music that had to be aimed without dropping the album-quality completely never had power.

This album was the first stage to accomplish establishment and evolution exactly for his music. And, it might be a masterpiece in his work. He always changes by the work, advances, and offers the listener various ideas. And, those elements are almost blocked in this album. And, "i.o.u." might be an album that has already executed and expresses Allan Holdsworth.


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