PAT METHENY — Pat Metheny Group : Speaking Of Now (review)

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"Speaking Of Now" is a forgettable and at the same time unforgettable album for Pat Metheny.

"Speaking Of Now is one of jazz guitarist Pat Metheny's most recent albums, precisely 2002. As we all know this musician is known among the jazz community as a constant innovator concerning his own sound, morphing differently from album to album. But, to my surprise, I find "Speaking Of Now" something that I've heard before from this musician.

When I first listened to "Still Life (Talking)", (by Pat) released in the late eighties, I was convinced that it was of much more recent years, because it's sound was strikingly similar to "Speaking Of Now": both of them had vocals in more than one spot, both of them are largely influenced by Fusion, as also many of his albums were. But the similarity of those two pretty similar albums, very separate in time, made me praise "Still Life (Talking)" and criticize "Speaking Of Now": on this album, I didn't hear a thing that was new to me. However, I can't deny the enjoyment I had by listening to this, in few spots quite a bit, others most definitely less. Highlight tracks include songs like the ten minute "Proof", greatly structured, and the opener "As It Is". The other songs have some high points, as well as low ones. But the thing that did it for me, the thing that turned me on about these songs, are the vocals, which give in my opinion a very precious addiction to the music.

Overall, a decent album, but nothing really special at all, something that honestly didn't do anything for me, if not some enjoyment. It is yet another Pat Metheny obscure little album that has shining moments, but nothing at all that makes it an essential listen. Forgettable in a way, unforgettable in another.
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more than 2 years ago
thanks guys, I'm glad I'm not alone!
more than 2 years ago
I had a similar feeling as well, I will say that the DVD live performance added a little more fire to the performance for me, I think seeing Pat navigate the fret board adds something as well, I always feel, Pat is real close to new age mood music. I suspect that's why it sounds good to the ears, but I always feel like I want more.
Abraxas wrote:
more than 2 years ago
I agree with you! It gives a weird feeling of enjoyment but at the same time, forgettable. Will need to listen to Still Life (talking) then, thanks!


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