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Especially, the music characters that Ananda Shankar had carried out as a reason why the music that Ananda Shankar had done was liked by DJ and the fan might have been united. Ananda Shankar had taken charge of the field of the theatrical art since the 80's. The directionality is a part that derives from the activity concerning own music and a flow. Or, the tradition and his parents having been succeeded by him might have at least influenced it.

Having given priority was true to uniting of Music in the Orient and the West. directionality concerning own Music Ananda Shankar actuallyThe expression is almost reflected in his album. And, his own music character always aimed at the consistency of the improvement and the tradition in the age.

It was time of 1984 that this album was announced. The album was put on the market as an original only in India. As for the music character that he expresses, both sides of basic Raga and Rock are expressed enough as a nucleus though there is diversity. Point of music in the 80's that it characterizes and method concerning expression of keyboard improved greatly. Or, busy in the rhythm box might also have had the part where an original music character and a little inorganic impression were given. It is possible to listen to the music character carried out after Ananda Shankar debuts as Solo enough also in this album though this album is announced in indeed 1984. It might be proof where the culture and the tradition of India were always coherent as the groundwork. Bollywood Music and India Pops are the part that becomes the nucleus as a result and derive by uniting with other music characters. And, Ananda Shankar that had already done a reformative expression might have made some route in the field of Raga Rock. The name where the album is called "2001" is given. A concept and an element Kon futuristic are reminiscent. However, it is a content along the music character that Ananda Shankar always thinks about. Music character that looks like Raga Rock and a few Bollywood. Or, Sitar Funk often described might be music for him.

It took charge of the field of broadcasting and the art more worldwide at the time after he had them announce this album. It might also have had the part that derived from his own music character and the character. This album is dedicated to his mother's Uday Shankar. Situation in which method that should be done gradually by self through expression of music that oneself does is expanded. The reformative music that Ananda Shankar did is indeed handed down from heterodoxy up to the present time as validity though the music character of Ananda Shankar was often kept at a distance because of the field of the classics music.

The melody of "Explorations" with a bright strings and keyboard is impressive. However, the tune is expressed wonderfully as Upper Raga Rock. It might be a part where the concept of this album was exactly built. The melody of the guitar and Sitar also indeed has the dash feeling.

A gentle melody advances by "Universal Magic" with coherent. The sound of the vibraphone and Sitar is impressive. Uniting an expression of feelings melody to recollect a few Bollywood Music and the rhythm of the dash feeling is expressed well.

The feature in "The Voyager" is to use On-Beat and Off-Beat properly. Playing the percussion instrument also contributes. The melody of Sitar and strings gives a little aggressive impression attended with the dash feeling. Melody with beautiful strings. Rhythm that complete percussion instrument does. The tune might also have some elements of Ska. The sound of Tabla might be very comfortable.

"The Lost Galaxy" is a beautiful ballade. Sound of vibraphone and Sitar. And, the melody of the flute to get on Chord of a sentimental guitar makes a good flow. The melody by strings also contributes to the music character that Ananda Shankar does.

In "Vibrations", the sound of strings and Tabla is features. Flavor of Raga that flows incessantly. The sound of the wind instrument passes on the tradition and the culture. The tune never contains an element Kon futuristic. However, the music character of Ananda Shankar is consistent.

The performance of technical Tabla twines round the melody with "Planet X" expression of feelings. Concepts of the album might be indeed united. It is not Spacy Raga Rock at all. However, Ananda Shankar might calculate indeed and express music. The listener will learn the concept of this album by Raga Rock.

"Flight Of Fantasy" is complete Upper Raga Rock. The melody of aggressive Sitar and the rhythm where it dashes are features. And, strings to construct a graceful sound twine and the tune gives a little elegant impression. The result has been approved as Raga rock that Ananda Shankar thinks about as a collective impression.

"The Alien"might reflect the impression of the name of a song as music. Rhythm of Groove in close relation to heavy Riff. And, it is partial of the rhythm and the percussion instrument that carves an irregular beat. The tune invites the listener to a different space with the melody of gloss. The tune including Upper Beat heads for the top.

"2001" might be a highlight of this album. Sound of Sitar of solemnity in close relation to melody of keyboard that flows beautifully. It might be a tune that should be exactly called Spacy Raga Rock. The elegant atmosphere is continued by various sounds. It might be a tune in which this tune reflects the age. The tune will progress before long attended with a sentimental melody. Sound of graceful strings and Sitar. Or, the tune is constructed in union Tabla and the vibraphone. The sound effect of the keyboard that appears at the end and is repeated gives a completely progressive impression. Sound of Upper Beat and strings. And, the guitar and Sitar explode in union at the end.

It was not possible to actually live in Ananda Shankar as a result until 2001. However, it is not because Ananda Shankar that always did reformative Raga Rock learns how to have imagined the concept and the future of this album. However, he might already have gotten Raga Rock in the future that Ananda Shankar thought about one answer by this album.
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