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  • Posted more than 2 years ago in KALI Trio To Release Second Album LOOM
    Swiss Music Ensemble KALI Trio To Release Second Album LOOM on March 19, 2021“...a cataclysmic blast of stunning and emotionally cathartic driving energy...” - londonjazznews.comKALI Trio is a Swiss post-genre band. They function as a collective, with every member contributing equally to the writing and creative processes. Their original score for Thomas Imbach’s movie NEMESIS will arrive in 2021.LOOM is the second album by KALI trio and shows the consequent development of the original style of the working band. The three Swiss musicians Nicolas Stocker (Drums), Urs Müller (E-Gitarre) und Raphael Loher (Piano) weave the various threads of their stylistic background together with relish and fresh skillfulness on their musical loom. The music, created together as an organism, is continuously charged in the four tracks and in the overall dramaturgy of the album and unfolds its rhythmic pull and its mysterious atmosphere in a subtle and inexorable manner.LOOM consists of only four compositions, but clocks in at a few seconds short of the 45 minute mark! It’s a beast in scope, but airy (literally) in feel, hence easy to inhale. Each piece plays like the equivalent of a time-lapse of a looming cloud formation – a liquid progression of shifting shapes, changing density as well as shadow and light play. By the virtue of working with subtle iterations of form and using extended swaths of time as the equivalent of a large-scale canvas, the material evokes the mechanics of trance music. The creative use of sound design and general choice of spartan aesthetics, albeit executed using acoustic instruments, emphasize styles club-inclined and tasteful. The overall effect is cinematic and mesmeric; a sonic documentation of a daydream unraveling.Although the music is emotionally gripping – defined by a dance-floor drive and a thick cinematic atmosphere – it’s hard not to notice the craftsmanship and the skill level involved in bringing these songs to life. The song “Folding Space,” for example, is based on a pattern in 19/8 that turns around on the offbeat against the quarter note. “Shipol,” on the other hand, is predicated on constantly shifting piano, snare and bass drum accents, which make the song feel as if it were performed in 7/16, and not the standard 4/4 that it is.When asked to describe their music, the band came up with: “It falls somewhere between T.C. Boyle’s prose and Tarkovsky’s dream-like images.” It makes sense! Because the point is not to wow listeners with technique, but to create an experience via deep affect.Text: Lukasz PolowczykLINE UP:Raphael Loher: PianoUrs Müller: GuitarNicolas Stocker: DrumsKALI TRIO: LOOMSHIPOL 11:25TRANSITORINESS 10:52DRY SOUL 08:09FOLDING SPACE 14:46TOTAL: 45:12All music written and arranged by KALI Trio.Album produced by KALI Trio and Manuel Egger. Executive producer Nik Bärtsch.Recorded in 2020 at Suburban Sound Studio, Winterthur, by Manuel Egger.Mixed by Manuel Egger and KALI Trio. Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound NYC.Album photo by Simon Habegger, artwork by Bureau Mia.Songs published by Ronin Rhythm Productions & Neonstars Publishing.Supported by Stadt Bern, Kultur Kanton Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern, Stadt Luzern FUKA-Fonds,Migros Kulturprozent.The press about KALI Trio:“KALI Trio is a discovery: the sound mixes and dramaturgical tension fields of this young band are impressive.” - Jazz Festival Willisau“KALI Trio forms its own magical sound with great sensitivity, catapulting the listener into other spheres and leaving plenty of room for the new.” - Debra Richards, Music Journalist LondonTo pre-order: Info: [email protected] inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (US), [email protected] Previous album: RIOT, 2019, Ronin Rhythm RecordsKALI Trio Tour 2021:25.02.: Cinema Sil Plaz (CH)03.03.: Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris (F)18.03.: Südpol Luzern (CH)März/April: TBC Beeflat Bern (CH)08.05.: Nova Jazz, Yverdon (CH)21.09.: Martinskeller, Adligenswil (CH)LOOM is the 26th publication of the label Ronin Rhythm Records, a platform for new creative music between New Minimal, Funk and Ritual Groove MusicRONIN RHYTHM PRODUCTIONS GMBH HAFNERSTRASSE 47 CH-8005 ZÜRICH TEL/FAX +41 44 272 16 [email protected] WWW.RONINRHYTHMRECORDS.COM
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer DEEPER IMAGININGS
    New Age Artists Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer To Release DEEPER IMAGININGS on November 15, 2019DEEPER IMAGINGS by Paul Adams & Elizabeth Geyer is a follow up to 2015's IMAGININGS Bringing together some of the worlds most accomplished musicians, DEEPER IMAGININGS by Paul Adams and Elizabeth Geyer is a follow up to 2015's IMAGININGS which debuted #1 on the iTunes new age chart and was the Zone Music Reporter's best Contemporary Instrumental Album of the year. It was a journey of happenstance, whimsy and the joy of sharing music and love between cultures. Elizabeth came all the way from Australia. Pravin Godkhindi played bansuri flute in India. Alp Akmaz who played the balaban (similar to duduk) is from Turkey. Former trumpet soloist and arranger David Hoffman is based in Illinois, and Gary Green of the legendary UK band Gentle Giant added gentle guitar.Adams, with over 102 million streams on Pandora has shown that walking the road less traveled can work. “We all love to create much like a painter. The choice of color and hue is from the artist's whim and is independent from corporate dictate. I was thrilled to be able to use some of the instruments I built in my earlier years as a luthier. Guitars, dulcimer and electric sitar was blended with the natural genius of Elizabeth Geyer's piano, flugelhorn and voice, used in a textural and ambient way. Her ear is stunning and her musical intuition and training in jazz blended well with my rather improvised gentle folk approach, as well as training in ethnomusicology”For Adams and Geyer, meeting Pravin Godkhindi on YouTube and Alp Akmaz on Instagram seems appropriate given today’s ease of technology. The fact that the musical co-operation was so natural shows what a tool it is to embrace and grow as the world shrinks around us. Adams comments that “there was an intuitive vibe in connecting with these musicians. A lot of freedom was encouraged. We had faith that each knew the best way to fill their role, and they really did.”  DEEPER IMAGININGS can be found on the web and all digital sites like iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CD Baby, Spotify and PandoraTo purchase:BANDCAMP Music  Amazon Baby more information, promo copies and interview requests contact:Paul Adams at [email protected]. PH:  /  Press inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 1-828-350-8158, [email protected]
  • Posted more than 2 years ago in Yagull Releases New Album "Yuna"
    NYC Acoustic Duo Yagull's New Album “Yuna” - Marriage of Piano & Guitar - Cinematic, Lyrical, Truly Intimate RecordingSet for release on December 2, Distributed by MoonJune RecordsNew York - Yagull represents an ethereal beauty that takes you on a transformative journey. Throughout the course of the band’s discography, Sasha Markovic and Kana Kamitsubo have smoothly blended the guitar and piano, respectively, to produce exquisite splendor in melody and mood. One feels the music of Yagull in a spiritual, emotional intensity that is rarely equaled. A metamorphosis occurs for the listener.“Yuna,” the band's newest endeavor, was created and recorded over a period of two years. Apart from one track, Sasha and Kana are the only musicians on the album - a departure from previous efforts. It is a truly intimate recording for the couple, and this is immediately evident as the aural gorgeousness flows over the senses. Says Sahash, “As a storyteller myself, I can attest that music is one of the great conduits for stories. Yagull has shared some personal tales within these compositions.”“Muse” is especially meaningful for Yagull. The song grew out of Kana having to deal with the turbulent emotions associated with the experiences of two miscarriages over the period during which the album was recorded. Throughout this difficult time, Kana felt a presence of a spirit - a muse - inside of her. The plaintive, simple melodies on the track exhibit the sadness of what had happened, but they also morph into an optimistic strain of respect and honor for that muse.The album's title song is closely related. “Yuna” would have been the name of the first - and then second - baby that the couple lost; hence, the muse's name is Yuna. This track is more joyful in its tribute to the muse, and the addition of a backing vocal elevates the music to a higher plane. To enhance the piece, Sasha and Kana decided to work with Ayumi Ueda, a member of Women of the World, after they heard her divine voice at a Carnegie Hall performance. “101” is a bit of a departure for Yagull. While most of Kana's compositions are gentle and often jazzy, this one is more explosive. Kana admits that the song became a catharsis for her, as it evoked an image of herself as a young woman at a time when she underwent a traumatic event. If anything by Yagull on piano and acoustic guitar could be classified as “hard rock,” this might be it. It begins with surging piano arpeggios and then develops into aggressive rhythms when Sasha joins in. Dynamic stuff! The title came from Sasha, who often mischievously dubs Yagull's tunes with non sequiturs.Finally, the band considers the song “Searching for the Moon” to be a gift, as the entire piece was composed within five minutes. They had been asked to “play something” during a photo shoot, and the tune was an improvisation. Bookending the album, the track offers a playful, yet mysterious melody that is simple in structure. It is perhaps the theme song for a dream.“Yuna” is full of other sagas, both enigmatic and wonderful. Along with the inherent lyricism of Yagull's music, there is also the occasional bit of humor. If the band's rendition of Black Sabbath's “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” doesn't make you smile, nothing will. So, sit back, open your ears and your mind, and allow the sinuous, endless beauty of Yagull to move you. It will be a profound journey, and you will come out on the other side… changed.Liner notes by Raymond Benson  Musicians:Kana Kamitsubo – pianoSasha Markovic – guitar, mandolinAyumi Ueda (Women Of The World) – vocal on track 9Produced by Sasha MarkovicTrack Listing:1. Searching for the Moon (2:32)2. Dawn (4:13)3. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (4:04)4. Muse (3:55)5. 101 (5:34)6. Fall Winter (2:53)7. Riverwas (3:39)8. Mori  (Forest Song) (4:06)9. Yuna (4:17)10. Kiri (5:08)Here's what the press has said about Yagull:“These richly evocative instrumentals achieve a transporting, cinematic quality” - TIME OUT NEW YORK“Simply beautiful interplay between two musicians” - JAZZMUSIC ARCHIVE“Tasteful intelligent music to dream away on” - MOORS MAGAZINE, NETHERLANDS“Beautiful music. Deep and well played” - ON TOP AUDIO, FRANCEALBUM PRE-ORDER AND FIRST SINGLE “MUSE” AVAILABLE NOW: purchase Yagull's music:  ITunes CDBaby with Yagull “Searching For The Moon” video: Yagull “Dark” video: EPK: inquiries: MoonJune Records, [email protected] inquiries: Glass Onyon PR, PH: 828-350-8158 (USA), [email protected]


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