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PANZERBALLETT is a Munich quintet led by guitarist, composer and arranger Jan Zehrfeld whose music style is best described as jazz-metal. After several years of searching, classically trained guitarist Jan Zehrfeld joined several musicians together with the idea of a jazz metal band. His idea was based around his idea that he was always angry at something, and that this music was a way to channel his agression. In 2005, Panzerballett released a self titled debut and entered into the the German progressive rock scene with rave reviews. In the coming months the band played a series of concerts, mostly in the Munich region, but also at the 15th National Youth Jazz Festival in Leipzig and the renowned Burg Herzberg Festival. A DVD then released, Live at Backstage Munich 2006. After several line-up changes in 2007, the jazz label ACT contracted the band and in February 2008 released their second read more...
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PANZERBALLETT Panzerballett album cover 4.00 | 2 ratings
Jazz Related Rock 2005
PANZERBALLETT Starke Stücke album cover 3.77 | 4 ratings
Starke Stücke
Jazz Related Rock 2008
PANZERBALLETT Hart Genossen von ABBA bis Zappa album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Hart Genossen von ABBA bis Zappa
Jazz Related Rock 2009
PANZERBALLETT Tank Goodness album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Tank Goodness
Jazz Related Rock 2012
PANZERBALLETT Breaking Brain album cover 4.00 | 1 ratings
Breaking Brain
Jazz Related Rock 2015
PANZERBALLETT X-Mas Death Jazz album cover 3.00 | 1 ratings
X-Mas Death Jazz
Jazz Related Rock 2017
PANZERBALLETT Planet Z album cover 0.00 | 0 ratings
Planet Z
Jazz Related Rock 2020



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Album · 2008 · Jazz Related Rock
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I am a pretty big jazz fan; my dad was the one who really initiated any spark within me, with his collection of over 200 jazz albums (not including his over 200 vinyl records). A friend of mine showed me the song Zickenterror, and I was determined to search them out . I got my hands on STARKE STÜCKE, perhaps one of the greatest jazz metal albums I have ever heard. Blasting off with Pink Panther , the band shows their great skill with saxophone and guitar mix. M.W.M.I.O.F.R. (don't ask me what that stands for) is great, with heavy guitar, raging saxophone, and in the end a great er- "vocal" part that accentuates the heaviness of the album. The band then does a great take on Smoke on the Water . Then Friede, Freude, Fußball (Peace, joy, football [soccer]) comes in with great melodies and funky elements. Wind of Change offers a soft jazz breather. My favorite track on the album is their take on the classic Birdland . A great more mainstream (ish) track is Dreamology with great fusion elements. A great take on AC/DC's Thunderstruck comes in with the telltale hammer-on/pull-off piece then with heavy guitar/sax duology. A funnier song with its ridiculous vocals is Zickenterror with an awesome funk part near the end. Paranoid ends the album on a softer note. My favorite tracks Are:

- Pink Panther - Friede, Freude, Fußball - Birdland - Dreamology - Thunderstruck - Zickenterror


Album · 2008 · Jazz Related Rock
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Sean Trane
My buddy Martin (Alucard) had warned me of this band a while go, but I must say that I didn’t have a chance to investigate PB before, and early this year, I held off until this month of September, because I knew I would see them on the 4th RIO festival in Carmaux. Having seen the concert, I bought their debut album immediately after the show. This strange mixture of jazz and metal music is the brainchild of guitarist Jan Zehrfeld, and the results are surprising enough, even though in concert, it came as completely similar to what I expected, although I had never heard a note (at least knowingly) from the band. The two guitar and sax attack is rather predictable once you’ve actually understood where the band is heading into, especially when the bass gets funky ala Living Colours.

This first album is definitely a first attempt, and is made almost entirely of covers adapted to the then-tentative sound of PB, if you’ll except two or three tracks. Among the covers are such diverse songs, as far apart as possible, ranging from the Pink Panther theme and Birdland (the WR hit track) all the way to Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Purple and Scorpions hits. You’ll have a hard time recognizing the Pink Panther theme from the original, and indeed sometimes you’ll get a piece of the theme to link the Zappa-meets metal lunacy of the adaptation. While the covers are relatively unrecognizable outside the main themes, it still is rather interesting to hear their musical lunacy. They tend to soften (read jazzify) the metal tracks like Winds Of Change, and harden (read metalize) the jazz tracks such as Birdland.

As for the original compositions, they rank from RIO/Avant realm (somewhere between Zappa, 90’s Crimson and some 00’s Californian prog/Cuneiform groups) to more metallic moments ala Sepultura, RATM and RCHP with some light cookie-monster barfs here and there. Generally it simply sounds way too complex, as if they chose to complicate things for the sake of being difficult to permeate. At times, the music can be fun, but, ultimately, the sheer repetitions of ultra-complex movements are saturating even the experienced ears. Overall, I tend to prefer the group’s original composition to the treatment of the covers they chose to metamorphose. Maybe PB’s merits lies in the fact that they could lead quite a few metalheads into getting acquainted with jazz idiosyncrasies (but most likely it will be a one-way street), and that attempt alone is very laudable, despite being a tad too obvious for my liking.

While PB’s music is certainly one of kind and doesn’t really resemble anything you’ve heard elsewhere, I can’t say that I’m overwhelmed by the “formula”, because that’s pretty well what it sounds like… A chemical formula of a recipe, one that isn’t immediately digestible by this aural stomach of mine, one that seems created from apparently un-mixable ingredients, and these don’t actually mesh or melt into each other very well, if at all. In concert (at least the one I saw), the group constantly changes from the metal realm to the jazz idiom, but fairly rare are the actual harmonically successful meetings between the two opposite ends of their musical spectrum. And this first attempt does only confirm what I saw in concert. While musically impressive and definitely worth the investigation, I remain unconvinced and, to be honest, a bit under-whelmed.


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