SHAKTI / REMEMBER SHAKTI — Natural Elements (with John McLaughlin)

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SHAKTI / REMEMBER SHAKTI - Natural Elements (with John McLaughlin) cover
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Album · 1977


A1 Mind Ecology 5:47
A2 Face To Face 5:56
A3 Come On Baby Dance With Me 1:55
A4 The Daffodil And The Eagle 7:00
B1 Happiness Is Being Together 4:25
B2 Bridge Of Sighs 3:51
B3 Get Down And Sruti 6:58
B4 Peace Of Mind 3:20

Total Time: 39:33


- John McLaughlin /Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
- Vikku Vinayakram /Ghatam, Percussion [Kanjeera], Harp, Vocals
- Zakir Hussain /Tabla, Timbales, Bongos, Percussion [Dholak], Triangle, Vocals
- L. Shankar / Violin, Viola, Vocals

About this release

Columbia ‎– JC 34980 (US)

Recorded and mixed at Aquarius Studios, Geneva, Switzerland, July 1977

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

It was likely to have executed it with the huge influence especially partially of the music character that John McLaughlin was spent in the 70's in the 60's and done positively for the item of Jazz and Fusion. Some common denominator might exist for a lot of works and the performances that he was related since it works with Miles Davis. If he however considers it as directionality of Music at whom oneself should aim, it might be understood to consist the idea that he exactly is always involved. It is thought that the nucleus of the music character that he expresses while the form of music is advanced attended with some revolutions is always advanced attended with the universal element. The expression that he had done for the item of Jazz/Fusion that had rushed into in the 70's method might have had a reformative part. The deriving flow from the music character that Miles Davis had advocated might certainly have had the influence also by other musicians. He was challenging music from all angles in the flow that Jazz and Rock fuse gradually attended with the age always attaching importance to the nucleus. And, his universal element will have the part expressed with a consistently unspecified element. It is not a translation to which Jazz took Rock. It will be able to be said exactly that it is a moment when various elements that John McLaughlin had in the flow that repeats the derivation, dismantlement, and the restructuring of music approached the field of Rock a little.

The existence of Mahavishnu Orchestra was one of the methods of expressing the music character to which he was exactly involved in him. This directionality and the music character might have indeed shown his one-space existence. Of course, one existence was shown in the item of Jazz/Fusion. However, the idea and the nucleus that he had might have contained the element because of the connection to this Shakti consistently. There was a theory said that the unhappiness that happened to his family led to the formation of this Shakti according to one theory, too. However, the theory is not certain. Existence of Sri Chinmoy said meeting in 1970 as well-known fact anyway. And, the thought of India that he was devoting himself always at that time and the element of the philosophy. These elements might be certainly reflected in the work and consist as a theme of Shakti. However, his universal element and challenge are contained everywhere in the music character that he was doing with this Shakti.

Especially, if the composition of this album is considered, the introduction of the tune in which diversity exists a little more in the flow of the work that current Shakti announced might be given. All the parts that do not apply to the frame in India either can discover diversity as a composition of this work. The element of Mahavishnu has the part where this Shakti is certainly followed. John McLaughlin will be able ..flow that reaches the album.. to be caught as one of the results of putting out.

As for "Mind Ecology", the guitar twines round the flow of Chord with a complete anacatesthesia with the melody of Violin. The rhythm of the percussion instrument repeated at high speed contains the sound of a complex decoration and it progresses. And, a technology overwhelming Solo of Violin is offered to the listener.

As for "Face To Face", the element of meditation and the thought that flows incessantly might be reflected in the tune. Melody of Violin with anacatesthesia. And, the height of the composition power of Chord by cutting of the guitar. Ensemble constructs a good flow. Intermittent construction of melody and part of Solo of guitar. The power quietly opened continues.

As for "Come On Baby Dance With Me", the melody of a bright unison with Violin and the guitar is impressive. The construction of the technology and a complex melody might be splendid. A certain kind of sense of relief might be included as the entire impression of this album.

The element of the music character of Shakti and directionality might appear remarkably exactly in "The Daffodil And The Eagle". Their theme and thought are reflected. The extension and the idea of width as the technology might be expressed with room. The expression of the melody and the percussion instrument developed one after another expresses good thought and expression of feelings. And, the expression with the guitar has expanded width. It is exactly expressed partially of the music character that John McLaughlin thinks about. The expression not devoted to the theme and the frame method types out a good flow and directionality.

"Happiness Is Being Together" starts by a sound of Triangle and a high-speed percussion instrument. The rhythm and the melody of Latin that took it partially of the diversity of this album decided the impression of the tune. Composition of overwhelming Solo of Violin and bright melody. And, it is partial of the chorus who twines in the shape along the impression of the tune. It might be exactly an expression of the music that John McLaughlin created as uniting.

As for "Bridge Of Sighs", the melody of the theme is impressive. A peculiar melody to the rhythm that flows slowly twines. It might be an expressed melody as a part of the diversity of the album. The performance of the member intermittently expressed gives good construction. The part of the unison and the repeated mysterious melody by all members have a good flow. Ensemble is overwhelming.

The theme of "Get Down And Sruti" that is a little reminiscent of the directionality of Mahavishnu Orchestra is impressive. The element of Rock is taken a little and Groove is produced. This tune might also expand the width of the music character of Shakti. Part of guitar expressed by cutting. And, the melody of Violin that always decides the directionality of Shakti. The expression of the music that doesn't apply to the frame is exactly given. The tune places Solo with the percussion instrument and continues the quality.

As for "Peace Of Mind" that decorates the end of this album, the melody of gentle Violin and the melody of the guitar are impressive. The thought of Shakti that flows incessantly is expressed attended with a beautiful melody. It is a tune that the parts of a few ballade unite with the theme of Shakti. This tune expressed only by the guitar and Violin might have made a good flow as a composition of the album.

This album was announced and Shakti hid the shadow. However, the expression of thought and the philosophy done partially of the expression of the music character of John McLaughlin might have included a complete expression by Shakti indeed remarkably.

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