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Album · 2014

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1. Fuego [09:05]
2. The Line [05:11]
3. Devotion To A Dream [05:37]
4. Halfway To The Moon [06:23]
5. Winterqueen [04:11]
6. Sing Monica [03:03]
7. 555 [05:30]
8. Waiting All Night [04:48]
9. Wombat [03:07]
10. Wingsuit [05:55]


Performer – Jon Fishman , Mike Gordon, Page McConnell, Trey Anastasio
Backing Vocals – Bob Ezrin, Carla Russell, Cindy Walker, Joshua Guillaume, Marie Lewey, Maureen Murphy, Vicki Hampton
Horns – Charles Rose, Doug Moffet, Harvey Thompson, Vincent Ciesielski

About this release

Jemp Records ‎– JEMP1082(US)

Recorded at Ronnie's Place, Nashville, TN; Anarchy Studios, Nashville, TN; Fame Recording Studios, Muscle Shoals, AL; The Barn, VT; The Bunker, VT. "Fuego" recorded on 10/30/2013 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ

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That'll do, Phish, that'll do. The band's 2014 release of Fuego promised many fans a comeback for those in want and need of a new record. For me, at least, on listening, they delivered. Although the band seems to be tightrope walking on their guitar strings and seem to be trying harder to do a bang up job, they do accomplish just that. In fact, it somehow seems that they are trying to revive the progressive flare that the band had back in the early 90's.

The one track that I absolutely adore is the opening title track. It is extremely memorable, and the band has quite a lot of energy going towards it. From the jazz-rock highlighted opening to the downright prog rocking middle and end, this song signifies Phish's reincarnation. But alas, this song is the most memorable, because the rest of the songs follow the same path of the time-weathered sound the band had and has still. Another great thing about the album is that, for the most part, the alternative-style that they had taken on with their early-late 2000's that I never really enjoyed.

So, all in all, this album was not a flop, whatsoever. For an example of something that wasn't as satisfactory is the band Boston's release of Life Love and Hope in the year prior. Now this was an album that the band sort of shriveled up and died, mostly due to their overwhelming irrelevancy in the market. However, even though Phish may be even less known today, they're still able to make a great album to please their fans no matter what. For my rating, I'd give it somewhere between 3.5/5 and a straight out 4. But, for the sake of Phish, I've rounded it to give them the benefit. Here's to them.

'Fuego' is the twelfth studio album by progressive/jam rock band Phish. I was introduced to Phish fairly recently, a friend played their album 'A Picture of Nectar' for me and I really enjoyed it. That was the first album I heard, but 'Fuego' is the first Phish album I got for myself. After listening, I can safely say that Phish has not lost their touch after all these years.

In typical Phish fashion, this album has many different elements to the music. Anything ranging from jazz, hard rock, jam rock, and blues, creating a great progressive rock album. The opening title track is one of my favorites, beginning with some great piano and unique drumming. There is some hard rock guitar before great A capella. This song never really stays the same, changing from melodic rock parts to experimental drum/keyboard jams. Three minutes through there is an awesome guitar solo, playing over some great drumming by Jon Fishman. This song is definitely the main highlight of the album. '555' is another one of my favorites, having a great combination of blues rock and jazz. It has an awesome bassline and a really catchy chorus. 'Sing Monica' and 'The Line' are two other really good tracks, both being catchy. 'Wombat' is silly, yet pretty catchy. None of the other songs, while good, stand out to me as much.

Overall, I wouldn't call it as good as 'A Picture of Nectar'. It's still a great album, especially taking in to account the fact that these guys have been playing for many years now. If you want some good experimental rock, this would not be a bad choice at all.

Hope you found this review helpful.

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