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Album · 1976

Filed under Fusion


A1 Good Clean Filth 5:20
A2 Floppy Hat 2:46
A3 Wish 4:20
A4 Kinder 3:07
B1 Velvet Darkness 4:42
B2 Karzie Key 3:11
B3 Last May 1:38
B4 Gattox 4:51

Total Time: 30:05


Acoustic Guitar – Allan Holdsworth (tracks: A2, A4, B3)
Bass – Alphonse Johnson
Drums – Narada
Guitar – Allan Holdsworth
Piano – Alan Pasqua
Violin – Allan Holdsworth (tracks: B2)

About this release

CTI Records – CTI 6068(US)

Recorded at Van Gelder Studios, June 1976

Re-released on CD by Epic (1990,US)

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Specialists/collaborators reviews

As for the situation concerning time and the recording from which this album was produced, various respects might have been included. If it certainly borrowed the remark of Allan Holdsworth at that time, it will not have been necessarily a real intention for the person concerned. However, if zeal and the influence on music of the content and him of various albums that he announced are considered, this album might mean the start, the prototype, and the development of the style for Allan Holdswoth. The part of special and the part of the approval or disapproval might be involved to this album when thinking about the part of the overall music character of Allan Holdsworth and the activity and the idea. It is possible to think about it especially as work of his Solo.

Some the points thought about for the content and the recording of this album exist. Point that details started as Solo consequentially gave impression of approval or disapproval to fan and listener by this album. The part related to the content and the situation of the album to say nothing of it might be also very large.

Problem of quality of recording concerning album. And, the friction with the expressionist concerning production and the situation of the disagreement. This album was an album most unwillingly produced for "Album produced completely illegal completely disregarding my intention" Allan Holdsworth. His style, the development of the idea, and establishment are included enough Music done with the album. It also has the part where the influence of each other was produced for other guitar players.

It is a well-known fact that the method of performing Allan Holdsworth is very original. There might have been influence, derivation, and enhanced flow most in the field of Jazz/Fusion at time when this album was announced as a result. And, some respects can be enumerated further if it thinks about the feature of this album.

Santana is made remarks that it was interested in SG of the Gibson Co. that Allan Holdsworth used at that time. The possibility concerning the introduction and the expression of the tremolo arm might have been suited enough. SG of the Gibson Co. that Santana used was actually done because of Allan Holdsworth. And, it makes remarks on Allan Holdsworth. 「It was interested in the method of the arming of Jimi Hendrix. However, I thought that I listened to the arming of Ollie halsall and was going to introduce it into my performance. 」 It is thought that it was time when an original route and establishment are exactly given including relationships to one another and the influence concerning the music character.

Perhaps, the part where this album was unwilling for Allan Holdsworth is guessed that there was a situation in which the opinion of an imperfect part and label concerning the recording is not suitable. Or, it is different of the directionality of music concerning the content of the album and Allan Holdsworth. SG of the Gibson Co. published in Album Art has sold not manager's at that time obtaining the permission of Allan Holdsworth. It is said that Allan Holdsworth stopped devotion to the guitar after the event.

Some the points where the interest is deep exist when this album is considered overall. Point that this album was announced from "CTI" as result. Or, the point that a so not familiar musician for CTI is participating in the recording. It might be a point to give the impression to which this album is very peculiar as a result. The appointment of Narada and Alphonse Johnson will belong to a little special position when thinking about the history of Allan Holdsworth and the history as Solo. The composition of the done idea and the tune was being completed with the album as an impression of Allan Holdsworth already. There are a lot of opinions made that the start of true Solo for Allan Holdsworth is "i.o.u", too. The album is considered from Music respect and the special album as one concrete shape that can be caught.

"Good Clean Filth" makes the tension with a complete construction of the melody with the rhythm section. And, the player shifts to the part of ensemble at once in union. Part of heavy melody to get on rhythm to emphasize Groove. Part of tension in close relation to there. The flow to which elements of a few Funk are taken unifies the atmosphere of the session. The sound of Alan Pasqua will recollect the sound of Lifetime. Each player's individuality appears.

As for "Floppy Hat", the idea cultivated in a music character of Allan Holdsworth and various bands is expressed. This tune might have the part of the connection for the album. His creation is blocked in an expression of feelings melody with an acoustic guitar.

Becoming familiar of the theme of "Wish" might be deep for the fan and the listener. The flow that unites the melody of "The Things You See" as a flow that develops from the prototype has already been established. Groove of the rhythm section that rushes into the theme back as a composition of this tune and Solo of the keyboard will recollect the element of Lifetime. The guitar takes charge of the part of the decoration as much as possible.

"Kinder" might construct Solo with an acoustic guitar and good Chord. It is known as a theme of "Fred" of Lifetime to the fan and the listener the result. The flow of the melody of a beautiful guitar expands the expression of this album further. Technical respect of Solo is overwhelming.

The sense of relief of the theme of "Velvet Darkness" maintains a good flow and the tension. As for this theme, the part of "Shadows Of" collected to Gazeuse of Gong as relationships to one another and an idea has been introduced. Part of dash feeling of rhythm expressed as part of composition. The technology of Solo of Bass listens to overwhelming respect. And, the flow that shifts to the part of Solo that Alan Pasqua does continues the impression of the tune. It has the composition that Solo of the guitar in close relation to the repetition of the theme is good. It has the composition in which Solo that each player does can be satisfied enough.

"Karzie Key" starts with a complete technology and the dash feeling. However, the tune shifts to the part of Groove at once. And, original Solo by Violin known as another respect of Allan Holdsworth has been introduced by this album.

There might be a part of the connection as a flow of the album as for "Last May". Expression of feelings melody that flows quietly. Construction with an acoustic guitar expresses the originality of the arpeggio.

As for "Gattox", an original melody gets on complete Groove that the rhythm section does. Part of original Chord in close relation to fast rhythm that is reminiscent of elements of a few Funk. And, Solo of the guitar in close relation to the rhythm of the shuffle is overwhelming. The overall impression of the tune might have the part of Fusion.

This album might have been unwilling for Allan Holdsworth. However, if the impression of his career and the overall music character is considered, this album is not a bad content at all. However, it is also certain to give a special impression.

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