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Album · 1971

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A Rïah Sahïltaahk 21:51
B1 "Iss" Lanseï Doïa 11:46
B2 Ki Ïahl Ö Lïahk 8:20


Bass – Francis Moze
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Vocals – Teddy Lasry
Drums, Vocals, Percussion – Christian Vander
Piano – François Cahen
Saxophone, Clarinet [Bass] – Jeff Seffer
Trumpet – Louis Toesca
Vocals, Percussion – Klaus Blasquiz

About this release

Philips ‎– 6397 031 (France)

Recorded at Michel Magne studios in Herouville, 5-10 of April, 1971

Reissued same year as "1001° Centigrades"(France,Philips ‎– 6397 031)

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siLLy puPPy
The Kobaian zeuhl rhythms that came bursting forth on the debut album seem to have wrested control from the other jazz-fusion tendencies of Christian Vander and his strange new musical entity MAGMA. On their second album 1001 DEGREES CENTIGRADES, that zeuhl bursts onto the scene right away indicating that a transition was taking place from the all encompassing type of a fusion to a more focused one that was quickly establishing itself as an entirely separate subgenre within the progressive rock world. However despite the ongoing battle between the newly formed zeuhl sound and jazz, it is the jazz-fusion aspect of the music that ultimately dominates the soundscape as it still retains a horn dominated arrangement. The operatic Orff inspired female vocals haven't come to be yet and the band began the continued decline in band members due to disagreement in musical direction. On this album Claude Engel took off leaving one less guitarist two other band members left and were replaced.

I love this album a lot. It takes a lot of the zaniness of the debut but it is clearly more refined and focused. The zeuhl developments seem to add a stabilizing effect to the whole thing. The midway point between the full-on frenzy of anything goes jazz-fusion to the total loss of it is a successful formula that finds zeuhl rhythms accompanied by beautiful jazz tinged melodies that have beautiful horn passages, lovely flute and clarinet parts and of course, frantic and frenzied Kobaian language skills finding itself shouted, screeched, screamed and uttered in startling ways. This album like the debut is one of my favorite MAGMA albums and although I love their entire output it is these first two that I find the most exotic and adventurous and unpredictable. As Christian Vander kept pushing the band towards the fully fledged zeuhl that would come to be on “MDK” it caused a rift in the band and ultimately saxophonist Jeff Seffer and keyboardist Francois Cahen would leave to form Zao which would continue the musical style of the first two MAGMA releases.
It's about time Magma was included in Jazz Music Archives! The jazz influence of this group is undeniable, not to mention Christian Vander's open love of Coltrane. This was their second album, before Stella Vander (Christian's wife) and Jannick Top came in (future short-time Gong member Francis Moze was a member at this time). While still singing in the fictional Kobaian language, the Zeuhl elements are still not fully intact. What you really get here is rather adventurous jazz rock. As much as I love their next album, Mekanik Destruktiw Kommandoh, there will always be a few put off by that album's repetition. You get none of that here! Lots of wind instruments and electric piano, plus those strange vocals from Klaus Blazquiz. I also felt it was a step forward from their debut too. It's a nice and challenging album to listen to. This album was first released as Magma 2 with the silvery cover and the band's trademark logo, and quickly issued as "1001 Degrees Centigrade" with a better cover (depicting a psychedelic cover of a volcano erupting). I have to say all Magma fans are to need this album, as it's great stuff!

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