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Boxset / Compilation · 2009

Filed under Bop


CD 1 : Number Four
1.Daddy Plays The Horn (Hollywood 1955 )
2.Number Four (Hollywood 1955)
3.Darn That Dream (Hollywood 1955)
4.Confirmation (Hollywood 1955)
5.Autumn In New York (Hollywood 1955)
6.You Can Depend On Me (Hollywood 1955)

CD 2 : Chase
1.The Chase - Studio Version (Hollywood 1947)
2.The Chase (Los Angeles 1952)
3.The Steeplechase (Los Angeles 1952 )
4.Milt To The Hilt (New York 1953)
5.Homecoming (New York 1953)
6.Swootie Patootie (New York 1953)
7.Sweet Lorraine (New York 1953)
8.Goodbye (New York 1953)

CD 3 : Cry Me A River
1.Cry Me A River (Los Angeles 1955)
2.I Hear Music (Los Angeles 1955)
3.Blowin' For Dootsie (Los Angeles 1955)
4.Rhythm Mad (Los Angeles 1955)
5.Bonna Rue (Los Angeles 1955)
6.Tenderly (Los Angeles 1955)
7.Don't Worry About Me (Los Angeles 1955)
8.I Should Care (Los Angeles 1955)
9.Silver Plated (Los Angeles 1955)

CD 4 : Dexter Gordon & Stan Levey Sextet
1.Tune Up (Los Angeles 1955)
2.Day In Day Out (Los Angeles 1955)
3.Diggin' For Diz (Los Angeles 1955)
4.Stanley The Steamer (Los Angeles 1955)
5.This Time The Drum's On Me (Los Angeles 1955)
6.Ruby My Dear (Los Angeles 1955)
7.La Chaloupee (Los Angeles 1955)

CD 5 : The Sidemen Years
1.Train Time (Chicago 1941)
2.I've Found A New Baby (Los Angeles 1943)
3.Rosetta (Los Angeles 1943)
4.Sweet Lorraine (Los Angeles 1943 )
5.I Blowed And Gone (Los Angeles 1943)
6.I Can't Believe (Hollywood 1944)
7.I Know That You Know (Hollywood 1944)
8.Dickie's Dream - Pt 1 (Hollywood 1944)
9.Dickie's Dream - Pt 2 (Hollywood 1944)
10.I Got Rhythm (Hollywood 1944)
11.Keep 'Em Swinging (Hollywood 1944)
12.Stompin' At The Savoy (Hollywood 1944)
13.Bugle Blues (Hollywood 1944)
14.Jeep Rhythm (Hollywood 1944)
15.Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie ( Hollywood 1944 )

CD 6 : The Real Thing Happened To Me
1.Ain't Misbehavin' (New York 1944)
2.Keep On Jumpin' (New York 1944)
3.King Porter Stomp (California 1944)
4.Stompin' At The Savoy (Pennsylvania 1944)
5.Perdido (New York 1944)
6.If That's The Way You Feel (New York 1944)
7.I Want To Talk About You (New York 1944)
8.Blowing The Blues Away (New York 1944)
9.Opus X (New York 1944)
10.The Real Thing Happened To Me (New York 1944)
11.Groovin' High (New York 1945)
12.Blue N' Boogie (New York 1945)
13.Lonesome Lover Blues (New York 1945)
14.I Love The Rhythm In A Riff (New York 1945)
15.Last Night (New York 1945)
16.Honeysuckle Rose (New York 1945)

CD 7 : The Bopland Boys
1.The Hunt (Los Angeles 1947)
2.Disorder At The Border (Los Angeles 1947)
3.Byas A Drink (Los Angeles 1947)

CD 8 : Dexter's Mood
1.Dexter's Riff (New York 1947)
2.Wee Dot (New York 1947)
3.Lion Roars (New York 1947)
4.Dexter's Mood (New York 1947)
5.Dextrose (New York 1947)
6.Index (New York 1947)
7.Dextivity (New York 1947)
8.Sid's Delight (New York 1949)
9.Ain't Gonna Quit You Baby (Los Angeles 1950)
10.Helen's Advice (Los Angeles 1950)
11.Knocking Myself Out (Los Angeles 1950)
12.Airplane Blues (Los Angeles 1950)
13.The Rubaiyat (Hollywood 1952)
14.Jingle Jangle Jump (Hollywood 1952)
15.Citizen's Bop (Hollywood 1952)
16.My Kinda Love (Hollywood 1952)

CD 9 : I'll Follow You
1.Cherokee (Los Angeles 1947)
2.After Hours Bop (Los Angeles 1947)
3.I'll Follow You (Los Angeles 1947)
4.Bop (Los Angeles 1947)
5.Ghost Of A Chance (Hollywood 1947)
6.Sweet & Lovely (Hollywood 1947)
7.Settin' The Pace (New York 1947)

CD 10 : All About Dexter
1.Takin' Off (New York 1945)
2.If I Had You (New York 1945)
3.The Street Beat (New York 1945)
4.Blow Mr Dexter (New York 1945)
5.Dexter's Deck (New York 1945)
6.Dexter's Cuttin' Out (New York 1945)
7.Dexter's Minor Mad (New York 1945)
8.Looking For A Boy (New York 1946 )
9.Long Tall Dexter (New York 1946)
10.Dexter Rides Again (New York 1946)
11.I Can't Escape From You (New York 1946)
12.Dexter Digs In (New York 1946)
13.Mischevious Lady (Hollywood 1947)
14.Lullaby In Rhythm (Hollywood 1947)
15.Chromatic Aberration (Los Angeles 1947)
16.It's The Talk of The Town (Los Angeles 1947)
17.Blues Bikini (Los Angeles 1947)
18.Jump Call (Pasadena 1947)


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